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From Chores to Score Bootcamp

An introduction to the chores gamification system and how you can apply it on your kids.

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Disney Mommy Hustler

If You always have been thinking about having some cash injection but didn't know which side hustle is best for you, then this quiz will give you the exact formula a Disney princes hustler would follow!

New Book! From Chores To Scores!

A step-by-step guide to apply the gamification system on your kids to do their chores willingly.

Ditch the old methods of asking your kids to do their chores. no more nagging, no more stress or impatience when your kids don’t do their chores in time. In this book you’ll learn everything about gamifications, how can it make chores enjoyable and a step by step guide to create your own game that your kids will LOVE and follow to do their chores willingly.

Don’t worry if that’s your first time hearing about gamification, all you need is available in this book and you’ll need nothing more!

Hello I Am a Mommy Blogger

Athba Alsallal

Hello, I’m Athba. I’m a working single mom who have been able to raise kids alone, work, deal with epilipsy and grow a business from home. I want to help other moms have more comfortable life with their kids, enjoy their life to the fullest and chase their dreams successfully. If I can do it, so can you!

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