3 themes for an extraordinary girls party

Hosting a girl’s party can be overwhelming, especially with this new generation of girls who don’t know what they want themselves. However, as a mother, with testing and brainstorming, I found 3 ideas for party themes that the girls of different ages enjoy. 

Planning the girls’ party can go easier and less frustrating when you already know what you want to do and what’s on your mind. So always remember, planning a girls’ party ahead of time can save you time and frustration.

3 Themes for an extra ordinary girls’ party:

1)Fairycore party:

I know that the first thing that would come to your mind would beTtinkerbell, and you’ll immediately think that’s a theme for little girls only. However, I’m going to share with you a few ideas that match this theme.

I personally fell in love with the theme, so did my girls when we saw people playing “Animal Crossing New Horizon” and decorated their islands to look like fairy lands, and believe me, all people who were astonished are older than our kids.

Fairy core theme can be done by including these elements in your party:


Yes, mushrooms are part of the fairy core theme and its so magical when its set in a forestry  theme corner “with grass and greens …etc”

Having stools decorated as mushrooms can give a fairy core theme.

Tree Logs:

Fairy lands are full of trees and wood which would result in having wood logs in many places. Trying to decorate some small tables to look like wood logs would make the fairy core theme amazing.


Fairies are known for leaving sparkles behind them where they fly. So try to cut some sparkly papers and stick them on juice boxes, candies, popcorn bags ….etc


Fairy lands are full of grass and flowers, especially the shades of pink/blue/purple. Try to include flowers where you can to give that fairy touch.

Fairy Circles:

This is an element I’ve seen a lot when watching islands decoration on animal crossing, they create fairy circles with mushroom looking stools or flowers and rocks then hide some gnomes here and there. It looks so magical and lovely.

Farm House:

Farm house theme is one of the amazing themes anyone would enjoy, even us mothers. It is simple to turn the party into a farmhouse theme by adding few elements that are simple and found everywhere.

Wooden planks: You can use cutting boards or extra wooden planks to distribute around the place and place some items on them. 

Baskets: Use some baskets to hold tissue, spoons, cups, bread, candies…etc you can use the baskets you’ve got at home or buy cheap ones to add to the decor.

Flowers: a farmhouse theme can only be completed by adding the lovely flowers around the place to make the décor pop and the feeling of the theme gets stronger.

Grass and branches: If you are hosting the party indoors, then use some indoor grass and drop a few branches here and there to make it look more realistic.

Clothesline: YES!!! Clothesline in nude colors or brownish and hang old white shirts with welcoming words and some flowers to add to the theme and vibe.

Checkered tablecloths: Covering the tables with checkered tablecloths makes the theme pop and makes it more realistic.

Dresses with aprons and wavy hair: You can check with the parents of the girls can wear dresses with aprons and make their hair wavy to match the theme.

Retro style:

Who doesn’t like the retro theme and the popping colors with many shapes and lines. Hosting a party that goes around this theme would jazz up the atmosphere and makes the girls more active and have loads of fun.

To host a party in a retro theme, these are some elements:

Unmatching patterns: I’m not saying 100% unmatching but let’s say some patterns with lines, some with dots, others with stars….etc. We know retro style for having these elements as decorations for digital products, clothes, papers, cards…etc

Popping colors: You can easily know if the thing is retro from the popping bright colors even if they come in combo with black and white. Try to include some bright colors and add some black and white embellishments.

Cassette players and CD’s: Those 70s and 80s days with the cassettes players and huge cd’s. If you can find an old cassette player, then spraying it with some bright paint and putting it in the corner would be an impressive addition.

Saggy clothes and colorful sneakers: Many of the kids nowadays like to wear saggy clothes and hats to look like the ones from the 90s. Wearing these clothes with colorful sneakers can make the party look like from the 90s.

You can also wear 70s or 80s style dresses if the theme is representing a time before the 90s.

How to make the party pop even more:

Make the invites match the theme.

Inform the guests about the theme and ask them if possible to wear something that goes along with it.

Play music and create dancing competitions that go with the theme.

Try to find at least 1 type of food or drink that matches the theme and include it.

If you can include a picture with the invitation that gives an idea of how the theme is going to be then do.

Don’t forget to dress up too and party with the girls.

You can invite the girls’ mothers and have some parents’ corner to pass some time with them and have fun.

Remember not to stress out to make the party perfect after all, the goal is to have fun and make it unique and different.

As a recap:

Hosting a girls’ party doesn’t have to be overwhelming when planned properly.

There are different party’s themes, but these three can be unique and extraordinary.

You can look back up to check some elements to host a fairy core theme, a farmhouse theme, or even a retro theme party.

Try to include a few small details to the party “music, food, clothes,…etc” that would make the theme pop up.

Which of these themes did you prefer and which elements would you add to make them even better.

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