Hello! Let me introduce myself.

I am a working single mom, an ESL teacher and certified trainer by BETA since 2016. 

I’ve always had passion about writing and reading, and when I was searching for a side hustle through something I loved, blogging was the best option.

I’ve always been passionate about bringing activities and fun into as much in life as possible.

I found the gamification system and applied it on my students who are between 11-15 and IT WORKED! then decided it’s a good idea to apply it on my kids to do chores! And this is where my ebook was born!

Adding to that, the lockdown and what we’ve been through for 2 years were more than enough to turn our kids discipline into chaos.

And before I know it, my both daughters became teens!! and OH MY GOD dealing with them isn’t as easy as “super nanny” and “Dr. Phill” say.

With trial and error and experimenting with new methods to get closer to my daughters while living our best lives, I found that sharing what I know on my blog might help other mothers!

If I can do A LOT as a single parent, with full time job AND epilepsy, so can you gorgeous!

Let’s bloom together!