Activities for teen girls in winter

People in their teens should always be active. They always want to do something. If you want to keep them active and have fun during the winter, we should think like teenagers. Here are engaging activities you can do with them during the winter season.


Snowman is one of the most popular activities during the winter; it can not be emphasized. Family members can get together and create different types of snowmen. Moreover, you can create it in different sizes.


This game is about taking a sled and sitting on it and rushing down the iceberg. This game should be done very carefully. Your teenage girl will love this as it is a bit of Thrace.

3.Snowball fight

Snowball fight is another activity that many people enjoy during the winter, including the teen girls. The game involves hitting each other with snowballs of various sizes. It can also hide under trees and start attacks. Snowball fight is an enjoyable game that can be done by the whole family or with friends.

4.Build a snow castle

It is an action that should be taken with some caution. If it is made in a small size, it will not be so obvious. However, if you are building a large one, you have to be careful about its strength. It is also possible to engage in this activity as a team.

5.Make footprints/ look for animal prints

You can photograph the footprints of various animals that have wandered in the snow in your backyard and ask others to recognize them. Teen Girl also can include images of those animals and their footprints in a booklet.

6.Snowy Art

You can use your snow-covered garden for this. It requires a few bottles of spray or syringes, scoops, eyedropper, food colourings and water. Divide the water into several parts, mix the pigments and draw different patterns on the snow. Draw different images. Your teenage daughter can create a variety of shapes in your backyard.

7.Reading a book with coffee

What a wonderful experience is reading a novel that you love having a cup of hot coffee in the winter. A place that looks out of the window may be more suitable for this.

8.Musical night

This will also be an excellent experience for your teen girl. Everyone in the house joins the fireplace in the living room, playing musical instruments and singing songs to warm everyone up.

9.Cycling through the snow.

Cycling will be a new experience for your teenage daughter. Ordinary bicycles are not used for this, and there are bicycles specially designed for this purpose. Most ski resorts rent these bicycles. So this is an activity that needs to be done very carefully, and this will be a new experience for your teen girl.

10.Ice skating

The ideal age for ice skating is teens. Please choose a suitable place for this near your home and make it suitable for skating. This can be started with the help of a group of peers or family. Since this is just for fun and not to compete, this is the perfect time to learn skating without stress.

11.Snow tubing

Snow tubing will be a fantastic activity for your teenage child. This activity involves sitting on a giant rubber tire and sliding down a slope. Snow tubing is an enjoyable sport, and people of any age can engage with it.

12.Take a winter hike

While this requires some preparation, the body must be able to withstand it. If your teenager likes to climb mountains, winter mountaineering can be a unique experience. On the other hand, if this is their first experience, you can start with a lower mountain.

13.Arrange a slumber party

Here teenage girls of the same age come to spend time in a friend’s house. There they can do some activities and make their experience wonderful. For example, they can watch a slightly scary movie, observe the surroundings at night.

14.Photo scavenger hunt

This is a fun game, and you can use it to refresh your memory. Plants, unique buildings, as well as places can be photographs used for this. You can show these photos to friends or family and ask questions. The one who correctly identifies what is becoming the winner.

15.Winter camping

Winter camping is a different experience. This is different from camping in other seasons. Camping in winter can be a bit of a bittersweet experience. However, you can do this as a start in the garden or somewhere near your familiar home. Winter camping can teach them a lesson in how to live life in a challenging situation. However, this will also be a fond memory for your teen.


Because of the winter, we can do this as an indoor activity. You can visualize how snow falls on your garden, how the mountains are covered with snow, and how many people walk here and there in the snow. To do this, choose a tranquil, quiet place in your home.

17. Cooking Challenge.

This can be done with other teenage girls or family members. So, participants must prepare a delicious meal individually. Everyone will be given a separate time limit. At the end of the competition, everyone enjoys the food together, and the winner can be given a homemade prize.

18.Ice Fishing.

This is an enjoyable activity. It is a pleasure to walk on the lakes, make a hole in them, and fish in the water during the winter. However, ice fishing should be done with extreme caution, and it is essential to participate in this activity under the supervision of a skilled person or an adult. When you catch a fish, you will feel a sense of victory.

19.Video game competition

It is good to invite a couple of peers home or do this activity with someone at home. Here, a little prize can be given to the winner.


This is an excellent activity for your teenagers who like to explore landscapes in winter. Special snowshoes worn for this purpose control the body’s weight and make it easy to walk on the snow. So there is no sinking in the snow. You have to wear these and take a stick and participate in this.

Its your turn to share with us some activities to try this winter.

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