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9 Activities to Throw an Epic Girls Party

Girls’ party can go totally epic or tragic. It is easier to find things to do with your daughter as a mommy-daughter time activity, but throwing a girls’ party is a bit scary.

I remember when I was young and was throwing girls parties, it was fun thinking about being around my friends in my house, proud that I’m giving them time to spend in here and chill out of school.

Sadly, all my images collapse whenever my friends arrive and things totally go wrong.

Groups of girls sit separately away talking not interested in other groups, and my cousins aren’t tagging along with my friends.

By the time every time I try to throw a party even my birthday party, people stopped coming even without an excuse. I felt so sad and down. Mom tried her best to offer the best food and decorations, but no one was coming.

I never understood at the time what things I was doing wrong.

Now that I’m a parent and I have the crystal-clear idea of what was going wrong. We were seeking unique activities that would match our up-to-date era “what was going on and was the trend at the time”

And that was a hard lesson I learned by experience, too late for me but never too late for throwing a party for my girls.

I think another factor was me being a teacher of girls age 11-15 years old. I started getting an idea about what they enjoy and what they love.

I do activities in class to experiment and get a clear idea about what attracts them most.

If you are frustrated about throwing a girls party which is budget-friendly then I got your back


So I made a list of activities that girls love in their parties that they will crave and love.


Activities to throw an epic girls party at home on a budget

Nail Polish Competition:

All girls love nail polish <<< Rare don’t like my little one LOL

So all you need is:

Nail polish




Give each pair of girls a basket with the tools and give them time to be creative

When they’re done; make voting for originality – neatness – cuteness

Reward the winners with pair of dollar store nail polish or treat of choice <3

List Other Uses for…


This is a really simple game and exciting if you choose funny or awkward items.

All you need is to name an item and divide the girls into groups with pens and papers if you like “I use whiteboard and markers, less mess and reusable”

I set a timer and I give them a word then I ask them to list other uses for this item.


List other uses of bubble bath – comb – sticker paper – hair tug …etc

Not costly, can be as difficult or easy as you want, and adjustable to any age.

Convince Me To Buy….


This is a game to teach them how to use polite tricky words to convince you to buy something no one would buy.

Give them the option to choose their business titles “Each group of girls will pretend they have a business which needs a title”

Then give the list of things and ask them to work on trying to let you buy it

Give them these:

Sock with a hole

Cut hair tug

Half-empty shampoo

Broken coloring pencil

There are a lot of ideas and to be honest, we have these things at home around so no money needs to be spent.

Just be creative and have fun listening to them being cheeky trying to get you to buy things.

Complete The Scene…..

This might need a tv, iPad, laptop or any device to play a scene of a movie.

The trick here they need to complete the scene out of their imagination NOT WHAT ACTUALLY HAPPENS IN THE MOVIE

If they made up a completion which has some part of the actual movie then they loose


Play Frozen scene when Elsa tells Anna “Enough” and she splashes ice

The girls should tell you what happened next but out of their imagination

Such as: “Anna got excited and scooped some of the ice into her cup and had it with a can of coke”

So, see they can’t say something actually happened in the movie.

Complete My Story…

This is a bit similar and different to the one above

It can be done in 2 ways

1st method:

In this method, start any story out of your head then choose someone to complete it with a sentence or two and then she chooses someone else to complete it with a sentence and choose a third one to complete it ….etc


You: Last Friday I went camping with three of my old school friends. …Emily!

Emily: While I was packing I discovered that all my clothes were in the laundry. … Samantha!

Samantha: I rushed to the Laundry and noticed that they were missing. …Suzi!

I hope you got the Idea.

2nd Method:

If you have pictures from magazines storybooks, internet, schoolbooks…etc

They shouldn’t be related.

You divide the girls into groups with 1 paper and 1 pen/pencil for each group

Show them 1 picture, and the first girl should write the 1st sentence within 30 seconds then fold the paper.

The other girls in her group shouldn’t look into her sentence.

She passes the paper and pen to the next girl.

You show them the 2nd picture and the 2nd girl should write the second sentence of the story and fold the paper then pass it to the next girl.

You show them the 3rd picture and the 3rd girl writes a sentence and folds the paper…..etc

In the end, each group should read the story and see how funny it ended up.

Debating On Beauty Products….


This is when the voices get LOUD

Grab any products around in the house “face cream – lotion – soap – canned food – …etc”

Raise a debate between two teams why this product is to go with or against.

You can give them time to think and raise the debate and the team who has more points or can reply to the other team points.

To make it funnier you can call it “In The Face”

Design My Apron…..


If you have old aprons and some trinkets here and there with glue

Give each group of girls some materials and the apron and ask them to redesign it.

You can do it with other items “pouch – backpack – shoes – makeup bag – old sunglasses”

Nailed it/ Chopped Competition…


If you watched these TV shows you’ll know the stress they go through and the fun part in them

Give them time and ingredients to bake or decorate food to make it look like a photo you show them.

Make the other girls vote

Tip: you do the oven related process for their safety.

Nailed It | Trailer [HD] | Netflix in case you don’t know the show

Build It With LEGO….

We got those LEGO blocks that we step on and give us that exploding pain from nose to head XD

So collect the LEGO give the girls a word or a picture and let them build it with LEGO

Even we love to play with LEGO every now and then <<< Admit it

This will take time and they’ll enjoy it.

How to make the party budget-friendly?

Use material available at home

As I mentioned before (socks – shampoo – magazine – LEGO …etc) all from things at home

Use dollar store items if needed

That’s the cheapest option

Throw the party with someone else

You can throw the party with a friend of sister and invite your daughter’s, and her daughter’s friends so you can share the payments …etc

How to make the party more exciting or memorable?

Use an instant camera

Take photos of the funny moments and silly ones with an instant camera “ Give the attendants pictures of them in a funny situation with your daughter’s signature”

Use a registry book

Put up a registry book with glittery markers and stickers and ask the girls to write their opinion or a memorial words


That concludes our party sadly but to recap on what’s mentioned above:

Girls’ parties can go wrong or right depending on your choices.

It is always easy to make any girls party fun and memorable

You don’t have to spend a lot to make girls parties fun.

Enjoy the party yourself too because you deserve it


Now then tell me an activity you like to make for the girls in a girls party?

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