An epic backyard camping adventure

Epic Backyard camping adventure guide

Backyard camping can be both exciting and stressful if not planned well. How many of us think about backyard camping then changes her mind because of the frustrating to-do list? I’M GUILTY!!!


How many of us have been under the kids’ nagging when they are bored and wanting to go on an adventure, but we can’t afford to do it out or away from home?

I feel you, and you are in the right place if you are planning for the next backyard camping epic experience. Don’t forget to grab your cup of coffee because this post will be meaty with everything you need to know.

What is a backyard camping?

kids in backyard camping experience

If you are new to the term, then welcome on board and this term is actually what it says, setting a camp in the backyard of your house to have a camping experience without leaving the comfort of your home.

Why do people do a backyard camp?

People do a backyard camp for many reasons:

One: if they missed something or forgot to grab something, they are a few steps away from getting it because they are at home.

Two: In case of emergencies or accidents, it’s extremely easy to tend to these accidents and react fast.

Three: Its safe in case it’s a lockdown or quarantine (by the time I’m writing this post its covid lock down)

Four: Spice up from the stay-at-home experience where kids are bored all the time.

Five: It doesn’t need booking or reservations, because it’s a “let’s do it now” experience and for free.

Find many camping theme printables in the resource library

Camping theme printable activities

How do I prepare for backyard camping?

Preparing for backyard camp doesn’t have to be stressful, in fact it can be fun, planning before that is the key to success.

So planning the backyard camp can follow these steps:

First thing to consider is medications:

If any family member has a regular medication, then that should be around you all the time.

Decide on the type of tent:

What tent are you taking? Is it a camping tent? Do you have an area where you can put a teepee? Is it a fort/castle made of blankets and sticks?

Know the number of people camping:

How many are you camping? Does the tent fit you all? Do you need multiple tents?

Consider the type of food you’re having:

kids having a barbeque in backyard camping
Barbecue in backyard camp

Are you having small meals pre-made for the camp? Are you going to have a barbeque? Are you going to take the ingredients with you and each one will prepare his/her own meal?

Think about changing clothes:

When it’s time to change to PJ’s, is the tent enough to change inside or do you need to go inside the house to change into pj’s?

Inflatable pool can be a good idea too:

If you don’t have enough resources that are camping related, then a pool can give them extra fun time.

little girls at inflatable pool

How can I camp at home without a tent?

camping without a tent
camping without a tent

You can camp by creating a mini fort with clothesline and old bedsheets if you want and create a fake campfire, however being exposed to the open place when it’s time to sleep isn’t 100% the same, neither does it give the camping experience.


How do I make my campsite cute?

Adding colorful lights:

Some small colorful lights would give the camp a whole different look, especially at night.

Using some of them in jars and putting these jars on the floor would also give a nice look.

Lights in jars

Pillows and cushions:

Don’t underestimate the power of pillows and cushions, if they are colorful, decorated or in different shapes, then they’ll spice up your camp.

decoration with colorful fabric pillows


When kids are around when camping, you can use bunting to give that camping feeling, especially when they like to roleplay some characters they admire from stories or TV shows. Or even as decoration in general.

colourful flags bunting decoration in summer camp

How do I make my tent cozy?

Choose colors that are calming at night.

Spread pillows in the tent.

Grap quilts or knitted throws.

How can I make camping more fun?

Activities are the key and remember “SCREEN FREE”

One: do a scavenger hunt for things around.

Two: grab some board games they crafted themselves.

Three: make a DIY time to learn how to do a dream catcher “if girls” , beads crafting or jewelry making.

Four: some games that are related to camping theme “I got a ton of camping theme games FOR FREE in the resource library” such as dominoes, spot it, I-spy, truth or dare….etc

I have a post about fun games in details

Five: If possible, make some achievement badges and give them if they did some activities or jobs you assign to them.

Six: Read books in the dark with flashlights on to give some goosebumps experience.

Seven: play a background theme of nature sounds or music that would get the kids active.

Eight: If you have a projector then watching a movie using a projector and big hanged old white bed sheet would give an amazing experience.

Did I mention the free resource Library to get free fun camping themed games?

Camping theme printable activities

Is camping in your backyard safe?

Yes, if you follow these safety rules:

1 keep any flammable items away from the kids, fabrics, or anything that can burn.

2 keep the electricity away.

3 Don’t use sharp tools around and try to cut anything you need to cut in the kitchen or indoors before taking it out.

4 Use insect repellent.

5 if its summer keep the kids hydrated and use sun cream

6 Make sure that no one has access to your backyard other than you “in case of thievery or intruders.

Tips for the first time campers:

kids camping in backyard

Keep a list of things you want to do ahead of time.

Keep in mind what your kids like, but also add some new experience to them.

Try to keep it simple and use what’s available around before buying anything.

Nothing is perfect, so don’t seek perfection and enjoy the experience.

Be patient when the kids cause mess because that means they are enjoying their time and they appreciate your effort.

Take it as a vacation for you too and enjoy your time as much as them.

Camping theme printable activities

Hey you skipped to the end? No problem that’s a summary:

Backyard camping can be an amazing experience and fun for both you and the kids.

To plan a backyard camping check your list of “food-decoration-essentials-medicines- type of tent- games”

You can take your camp to a whole different level by using “some lights – cushions – inflatable pool – nature music or sounds- buntings”

There are many activities to do when you are camping in the backyard, such as

Board games


Scavenger hunt

Outdoor pool

Watching a movie

Reading stories with flashlights

Now then, if you had a backyard experience, give us extra tips to improve our experiences, please.

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