How to Be a Productive Blogger

Do you sometimes feel you aren’t a productive blogger and can’t do it anymore? Blogging isn’t your thing? And you reached a level where you don’t even care about what it cost you in the first place.

Many of us do, I did! But I push myself forward because I know exactly why I started, what I wanted, and I don’t want one day to come when I regret that I didn’t keep it going.

What is putting you off and depressing you?

Well, the answer is supposed to be in your heart, but I’ll list the obvious reasons which affect most of us.

We are overdoing things

We all want to post as many posts as we can, and we want it done as soon as possible.

So, what do we do?

We go on the posting marathon: we post as much as we can in a short time as if we don’t have something else to do <<< which we do. Then we end up exhausted, overwhelmed and depressed.

That’s wrong!

We do things without rest

Well when we are writing a post or searching for resources, we don’t give ourselves breaks. We just type and type and type so we end up drained and dead.

The results aren’t we expected

We want things perfect, that super-viral post of 1500+ words and our pins everywhere so we try typing to reach this goal, stuffing this post with fluff.

If the post ends up with 1499 words, we collapse of sadness

If the pins don’t go viral, we collapse of sadness

If comments sections were with 0 comments, we collapse of sadness

We miss the happy moments and regret

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Putting all this effort on a blog post to support your family but you actually don’t have time for your family.

You miss happy moments.

Staying next to someone who needs you will get you overwhelmed

Thinking about this post you didn’t finish and ran to the grocery store to get necessary things makes you overwhelmed

Then next time you get up and notice everything you’ve missed will put you down from blogging.

You want to do everything, but you don’t know how to do anything

Because you want to do everything at once, you try to write, edit, design pins, put those pins up, need a freebie, which outbound link to include………….

You don’t know where to start and where to finish.

This is a nice short video about productivity

So, what are the tips to be super productive in blogging?

Nothing is easy at first but there’s always a start point.

Productive Blogger Tip: Make an editorial calendar

At first, I didn’t know what’s an editorial calendar but when I figured out, oh my… it’s a lifesaver.

You can’t go with the flow blindly if you didn’t have a solid plan.

Your editorial calendar will help you work with an organized system, when to research, when to write, when to edit, when to design, when to publish and so on

It will help you know where you’re standing and where you’re heading.

Productive Blogger Tip: Prioritize your work

This is kind of related to the previous point yet slightly different.

If you don’t know which task to put first in the editorial calendar, as a result, your calendar will be useless.

Write down your tasks and things you want to fill in the calendar

Choose highlighters or a way to classify things

For me: Pink is urgent, orange could be pushed “next week but not more”, yellow is “whenever this month”, green “anytime fill-up

So, for example, you don’t want to post about: Last-minute Christmas gifts under 5$ on the 26th of December

People won’t be there to read it anyway and no they won’t pin it for next year because new ideas will be out there.

Productive Blogger Tip: Divide the task into parts with breaks between them

It is important to know that the human brain loses focus after a while of working on a certain task.

If something needs to be done in an hour, take a break of 5 minutes every 20 minutes.

The break should be away from your working place, so you can feel it for real

There are many ways to enjoy this break:


  • You can have 5 minutes’ walk
  • You can do a face scrub, and apply a face mask in the first break then wash it on the 2nd break
  • You can listen to your favorite song and dance
  • You can have an emergency hug and love expressing moments
  • You can make a cup of tea/coffee/juice with a cookie or treat
  • You can play with your pet
  • You can do some stretching

Just take those 5 minutes in a way that will charge you

Productive Blogger Tip: Divide your work on the days of the week

Put a task to be done on each day of the week, for example:

  • Researching on Mondays
  • Writing on Tuesdays
  • Editing on Wednesday’s
  • Freebie and pins images on Thursdays
  • Hit publish on Friday’s morning
  • Your work is done until next Monday

Productive Blogger Tip: Enjoy your weekends

This is kind of related to the previous point

If you noticed; I actually didn’t mention the weekend days in the schedule, and even chose Friday morning to publish because the weekend is there to enjoy it.

If you’re treating your blog as a job, then jobs got weekends as breaks.

Take advantage of that and celebrate posting a post this week.

And to be honest, losing the fun in life will put you off blogging.

Productive Blogger Tip: Make templates for everything

If you don’t want to buy templates online for freebies or emails or whatever, the best choice is to make your own template


Make pin images templates and copy the file if you were on canva to edit it for each blog post.

Change the description or attention-grabbing title to suite your new post.

This will help you make the pins faster every time

Blog Post

Open “Word” or google docs to start typing

Make a template for the post so you just copy and fill it every time

Make sure you divide it into (intro – question/problem – self experience – solutions)

Head points should be size 16 and text is size 12

Subheadings could be size 14 id available

Opt-in / freebie

Create a template on whichever platform you’re using as a freebie designer

Set branding colors to make your printable standout

Put your blog’s address in the bottom

Save it as a draft to edit it later

Example: You make a simple checklist template

Freebie 1: back to school 101 tools checklist

Freebie 2: Easter escape room preparation checklist

Freebie 3: The ultimate Christmas gift checklist for the new teacher


I can use the same template for different purposes without working from scratch

Productive Blogger Tip: Reuse what you got

You don’t have to create a new freebie every time, if you got an old freebie you can link it to your new blog post and recycle it ?

Productive Blogger Tip: Set a deadline

In human nature, we love to break records and test our limits

If you set a deadline you will find time and energy to hit the record and finish the task

Productive Blogger Tip: Turn off distractions

Most of the time we find ourselves falling behind because we got distracted by something around us.

Turn all these things off and focus on your work

Productive Blogger Tip: Put a timer

I remember I heard this advice from multiple successful bloggers. Put a timer to do something and try to finish it within this time.

It worked!!

I’ve put a timer of 15-20 minutes for each email I write for my email course and guess what? I finished the whole course FAST even in less time for the last email.

Put reasonable time within your capability, I’m not a native speaker so sometimes try to find better English words for my posts or emails.

Productive Blogger Tip: Get yourself a blogging buddy

If you’ve got a buddy at the gym won’t, you exercise better and be more enthusiastic about going to the gym?

We hate feeling we’re alone doing a certain thing so having blogging busy will lift your spirit up and makes you wanna work better and more.

Productive Blogger Tip: Make an outline then scratch of whichever you’re done with

Just as I’m doing right now literally?

I have a blogging diary where I write my ideas and posts outline.

Every point I’m writing here I scratch it off my list.

It helps me in seeing the end coming and knowing I’m almost done with my post <3

however, outlining the blog post digitally works too.

Productive Blogger Tip: Keep your goals somewhere you can see them

If you remember at the start, I told you that sometimes when we are overwhelmed, thus we forget why we started and give up easily.

Having your goals around you, when you sleep, when you wake up, on the fridge, phone reminder, bulletin board next to your office, will help you in keeping up.

What extra tip can I offer?

Productive Blogger Tip: Treat your blog post as a date

I used to do this when I was in school and got finals, I take a shower, dress up, wear make-up, put on perfume and start studying.

It helped me A LOT

Try doing it when you feel down and unproductive.

Finally, remember


You’re not in a race

Don’t lose your stamina at the start then give up after couple og posts

Quality over quantity

Learn from others don’t copy them

You aren’t the other bloggers, they got different time, circumstances, abilities….. etc

If they can blog that doesn’t make you bad

To take some of the overwhelming away, don’t launch your blog before publishing 5-10 posts.

Now tell me What’s your super powerful way to stay productive in blogging?