Best Apps for writing an ebook

writing an ebook using apps

Thinking about writing an eBook? But wondering how will you find the time?

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You’ve children; you have a house to clean, dinner to cook, and many more responsibilities. And blogging is on top of all these responsibilities. It’s difficult to combat such a massive job without neglecting your kids, between networking on social media and pinning on Pinterest.

So for busy moms with busy schedules who want to write an eBook, here is the guide of the best Apps to writing an Ebook with much hassle.

For eBook apps, there are several choices out there – but which is worth it? We have come up with the top options. First, let’s get into the benefits of eBooks over printed, then we will look at the top apps and programs to write an Ebook.


Benefits Of Ebooks Over Printed Books:

  • One Device, Many Books
  • Accessible Everywhere
  •  Easily Updates
  • Shareable Content
  • Read Aloud Feature

Best Apps for Writing eBooks

1. Pressbooks

Price: free (with watermarks) to $99 per book

Platform: cloud

Format: PDF, epub, mobi, XML

Pressbooks looks a lot like WordPress, but they’re running from a different platform. If you’re familiar with WordPress, you shouldn’t have difficulty finding out how it works. You can add and edit chapters, alter or add sections, and so on. Note that Pressbooks is free to download, but to delete the watermark that appears on your e-book, you need to switch to a premium edition (starts with a one-time charge of $19.99).

2. Zinepal

Price: Free to $14 per month

Platform: cloud

Formats: PDF, Epub, Mobi

Zinepal helps you to convert blog posts to the material for your e-book. You can start from scratch, too. Please note that the free account will place a Zinepal connection at the bottom of each page of your book. A Zinepal Pro account starts at $14 for a single e-book with no Zinepal branding and additional features, including Scribd printing.

3. Adobe InDesign

Price: $19.99 per month

Platform: Windows, macOS

Formats: PDF, epub, indd

If you’re familiar with the Creative Adobe Suite, it should be simpler for you to use InDesign. Otherwise, you would need to go through some tutorials before using this method. InDesign is a more sophisticated way to build an e-book, and it’s mostly if you want the graphics and all the style elements in your e-book to look polished and professional. You need to apply to Adobe’s Creative Cloud plans to download and use InDesign. Single software subscription to InDesign starts at $19.99/month, charged annually or $29.99/month, paid monthly.

4. Scrivener

Price: free 30-day trial, $40 (Windows), $45 (Mac)

Platform: Windows, OS X, iOS

Formats: PDF, epub, mobi, HTML etc.

For writers who write novels and screenplays, Scrivener is an advanced writing program. You need to enter your material just like you would a normal book to build an e-book. When done, use the Compile function to export it to e-book formats such as MOBI, EPUB, and Kindle. It’s not a very easy operation, but there are great tutorials on doing it online. There’s a 30-day free trial to try Scrivener, after which you’ll need to buy the App for $40.

5. Vellum

Price: free to download, $199.99 to export books

Platform: macOS

Formats: Mobi, epub, PDF

Vellum is a fantastic program developed with elegancy and accessibility in mind to build eBooks and PDOs licensed by Apple, Kobo, and Amazon. While other software solutions, some even mentioned in this guide, are much cheaper for you, Vellum is special. It creates not only professional but also handsome text-centered eBooks. You can select Vellum if you want to make such an elegant book as a Penguin edition. Everything was taken care of by the developers. It is easy to use and import from Word effectively.

6. Reedsy Book Editor

Price: free

Platform: cloud

Formats: Epub, Mobi, PDF

We suggest Reedsy’s editor for a Layman editor, converting it into a correct epub. It was Reedsy’s goal to create a marketplace for online writers and publishers. Without the normal pain of following up version numbers and much more, their platform gives great collaboration possibilities. This ethos is a cloud-based publication platform: you can write a whole book or copy it and paste the book when it’s finished.

7. iBooks Author

Price: free

Platform: OS X

Formats: PDF, epub, iBooks

The iBooks Author is an e-book editing software for the exclusive selling of books on Apple iBooks. The format only fits on your Mac and iPad. Although this may sound limited, bear in mind that because of the transparent retina display, some readers tend to read on their iPads, so making your iBooks Author eBook is going the extra mile for your potential readers.

8. Kitaboo

Price: free

Platform: Windows, OS X, iOS

Formats: PDF, epub

Kitaboo is an interactive eBook developer. It is a virtual publishing cloud-based network where it is possible to create and publish DRM protected content.DRM guarantees that the content is protected from piracy.

Using the Kitaboo authoring platform, you can either create an eBook from scratch or use their translating service to turn your digital manuscript into ePUB files. To make it more fun for your fans, Kitaboo helps you to add immersive features such as videos, audio, pictures, spelling words, etc., to your eBook. Using this App, the content you produce is platform agnostic and is available on all major operating systems.

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To summarize:

Now that you have a good idea of the different apps for creating eBooks.

There are several other resources for making an online or off-line eBook, but these are some of the most popular ones that are recommended.

Of course, if you wish to make your eBook published in more than one format and as many marketplaces as possible, you can use more than one app mentioned above.

The trick is first to pick and master one tool, then move on to other tools and see which ones fit your main tool well.

Can you suggest professional apps that can help in writing an ebook easily?