Best ebook cover ideas To attract buyers

Writing an ebook for a passive income is great idea, and I really know what process you go through to write your amazing ebook. However, many people judge the book by the cover, which makes aware that the book cover is as important as the content itself if you want to sell the ebook.

Let’s be honest, many times we buy a cake cause the look is appealing and attracting, regardless of the taste being good or bad. Your ebook is your cake and the cover is the frosting.

If this sounds confusing or stressing, then let me tell you this, creating an amazing ebook cover is as easy as drinking water. I will help you here to create your next ebook cover that your readers would love and attract buyers all the time.

The elements to add on your ebook cover:

Clip arts:

They come in a form with background (jpg) or transparent background (png). you can use them on a plain 1 color background or mix and match it with other cliparts


If you are a person who prefers to use plain covers then consider using different fonts with different colors. Using fonts can help attract the attention of the readers and make them buy your ebook just by getting attracted by the fonts and the look of it.

Emotional words:

Knowing your target buyers, you should know their pain point and by having this information you can use an emotional word that can touch their feelings.

Scene Creator elements:

I’m sure by now you’ve seen many photos online where there are some scene creator elements on a plain background or wooden, marble background. These elements can be used on a plain background with your ebook title, perhaps add a border or not.

Stock image:

You can buy stock images or use royalty free ones online to use as your book cover with catchy title. Make sure that the image is royalty free “so you don’t get yourself into legal troubles with the photo owner”

Your photo:

Many people use their photos on the cover to personalize it and make themselves recognizable to their readers/costumers.

Hiring an artist:

I have hired an artist to draw specific art for my ebooks covers to personalize them and make them look unique. This can be costly for some but I invested in my ebook knowing the income I’m going to make will pay off the investment and more.

Tips when creating your ebook for free:

create a cover with colors that go with the idea of your ebook:

if your ebook covers a topic that require people to take strong actions or exciting topic, then try some bright colors with (red,yellow,orange tones)

If your ebook is covering relaxing topics or helping stressed people, try using colder tones such as (light blue, light purple, beige…etc)

If your ebook is covering topics related to motherhood, pregnancy’s, kids and children, try using some elementary colors or pastel cartonic like colors.

Searching for more color combos and shapes meanings can help you too.

Choose stock images related to your topic

I know i said earlier you can use royalty free stock images, which is free and cool, however, you need to make sure they are representing the idea of your ebook. You want to use an image when people look at it, they’ll guess or know what your ebook is about.

Define your niche before using scene creators:

If your ebook is a recipe book, use some ingrediants scene creators.

if your ebook is about art, then use some brushes, paints, splash of paint, canvas scene creators.

if your ebook is about schooling, use notes, pencils, school books …etc

Try to use scene creators as close as possible to your topic. people who are looking for a recipe book won’t buy one with floral cover.

Tips for asking an artist to create your book cover:

Ask them for the art itself as a png too:

when I asked an artist to draw the elements for my ebook cover, i asked for the art with a transparent background for many reasons:

  • I wanted to use it in my future course mock up. I wouldn’t be able to use the ebook size image on a screen mock-up.
  • In case of renaming the ebook or wanting to change the background, It wouldn’t be possible to do so with pre-made ebook cover.
  • I wanted to use it on my pins and in my posts to attract my buyer’s attention and interest.

Revise and never accept any illustration without being 1000000000000% convinced and happy with the look, because you are paying for it.

Ask multiple artists before deciding on one to compare prices and styles.

To summarize:

There are many ways to create ebook covers which can be free or affordable, study your budget before deciding on one way or the other.

Different topic fit best with different color shades if you are going for color theme for your cover.

Investing in your ebook cover by asking an artist is a great idea however you should follow precaution steps before receiving your end result.

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