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Hello my friend!

This is an application page for the eBook I have written for mothers who are willing to read and kindly provide their testimonials. 

Before applying please make sure you read the CONFIDENTIAL DISCLOSURE AGREEMENT

 Just to make sure you are aware of the full testimonial steps.

That being said let's Hop on to the FAQ's section shall we?


Most frequent questions and answers

You are signing up for a testemonial request. You will recieve My eBook “FOR FREE” in exchange of giving me your testimonial about it.

Once you opt-in for the testimonial page you will recieve a confirmation email. once you confirm your e-mail my email service provider will deliver the ebook as a pdf copy for you immedietly.

As soon As possible. As this product going to be launched on December 2020, I’m hoping to get your testimonial before mid-December.

However I do understand life pop-ups and unexpected events, however I would like to recieve it BEFORE CHRISTMAS.

It is a legal agreement that you won’t use my product as yours or any of the materials in the product for your personal or business benifit. the product is all yours and you alone but you aren’t allowed to share it, resell it or use the content in a freebie, ebook, ecourse without the permission of the author.

Not at all. This form is only for beta testers. The only emails you might recieve are updated version of the book, tutorials if provided and answers for any question you have.

However you are more than welcome to join our email list via opting in to one of our freebies. But, rest assured we are spam free family and would never bother any family member. <3

I will use it inside the book and on my sales page. It will include your name and website too.

If you don’t feel comfortable including your picture that’s fine. however a real name and preferred website are best for showing it’s a real person.

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