Summer bucket list for mommy daughter time

summer bucket list for mother and daughter activities

Have you ever been sick of hearing the kids nagging out of boredom and looking for ideas to spend quality mom and daughter time? If summer is the time when the kids start looking for new things to do and you get frustrated looking for new ideas then pull a seat and grab a cup of coffee.

Summer bucket lists are filling the internet, but if you are here because you are a mommy of a tween girl then this list will be your lifesaver as it was mine.

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Without further ado let’s get started with the list:


Working out can be boring alone but fun if you are doing it with your daughter. Now to make it more exciting you can buy colorful shoes like and exercising mats.

And you’ll find simple at-home workout on YouTube, or dancing exercise.

2)Take a lot of pictures:

Keeping memories by taking pictures will never get old. If you like to take pictures on your phone and want to print them out, there are some phone printers and it’s amazing.

Or you can use the instant camera which all girls love using.

3) Redecorate the room:

Girls often surf the internet, YouTube, Pinterest or any platform that shows them ideas for decorating so they get excited. Try decorating the bedroom and do it slowly one part at a time. You two can DIY like Macrame or hand painted portrait, bunting/banner …etc

Also, you can decorate plain cushions or indoor plants pots to spice up the room.

4) Selling old clothes:

If you are reading this in the pandemic, then it’s difficult to do a garage sale, however, you two can start an Instagram account or free website on wix to show the clothes you want to sell and make her feel as a business owner.

5) Tan in the backyard:

Girls nowadays are obsessed with tanning, so if you got a backyard then get her a safe tan cream or spray and let her tan in the backyard. In case you don’t have a backyard then get the indoor tan which doesn’t need sun, spread some towels in the living room, play sea and waves soundtrack and put a cold drink around.

6) Make spa recipes:

Teaching your girl how to go back to nature when it comes to skin and hair care, gives an amazing experience for both of you. Know the nature of your daughter’s skin type and hair type, then surf the internet for natural recipes. If you have old jars, you can make some homemade scrubs, masks, soap ….etc and keep them in the fridge.

To make it look more exciting, print out some stickers that make them look like products purchased from stores, or use old cloth and ribbon in attracting colors to decorate them.

7) Candle making:

This is one of my favorites. You can find cheap candle making kits online, which contain the wax, the container, the measuring cup and scent. I personally purchased a lot of wax and we kept experimenting with different scents.

Few tips out of my previous experience:

Buy natural wax like soy wax that doesn’t emit harmful smoke when lit.

Make sure the scents are natural and inflammable.

Some wax is ok to be microwaveable, which makes the process easier.

8) Soap making:

Just like the previous idea, you can find soap making kits around for reasonable prices. You can purchase natural soap that you can melt in a double boiler and add scents, colors and some extra things to decorate it and make it exciting. I’ve seen some online put a small toy in the middle, you can add glitter, shell, toy….etc

The shapes of the molds give the soap a whole new level of entertainment and eye catching which would interest the girls.

9) Scrap booking:

When I learned about scrapbooking I was astonished by how amazing the ideas can be. Believe me when I say, it’s not only interesting for your daughter but also for you. You don’t have to go to the extreme for it if it’s a new hobby. In fact, you can use some of the stuff lying around to start it, and go from there until you’re ready to buy some items online.

In addition to that, you can use the many photos you took earlier to create your scrapbook.

10) Bullet Journaling:

Bullet journals are a trend now and it’s been for years. With a bullet journal you can have a habit tracker, gratitude page, diary, doodling, drawing ….etc. Try bullet journaling and keep eachother on track.

11) Learn a new language:

Learning languages can take time, which is good because you want to fill this summer with things that take time, right? You can choose a new language and start learning it together. There are free videos on YouTube or cheap ones online. I have purchased a cheap course from Udemy and it was actually good.

 “I don’t understand why Udemy has discounts that make courses as cheap as 9.99$ or 14.99$” probably check it out.

12) Make Jewelry:

We all adore wearing Jewelry and what is better than wearing ones we crafted ourselves. There are many types of jewelry that you can make. There are free tutorials online or cheap courses/books. You can also find some jewelry making kits to start with then you can buy more items to keep going.

13) Create a family signature recipe:

Just be creative and start creating something new and keep the recipe as a signature recipe for you. You don’t have to follow directions of your mom’s or grandma’s recipes. Be creative and do it with your daughter, then take photos and document the process.

14) Try origami:

The art of paper folding is amazing and enjoyable. If you both love handcrafts and hobbies related to papers, then this one is definitely a winner.

15) Paint a room:

Redecorating a room doesn’t have to include wall color change, but what if you like the decor but need to spice up the place? Painting a room together can be a lot of fun, so why not try it out?

Tip: Don’t forget to check the psychology of colors to know which one to choose.

16) Backyard camping:

I have an entire blog post about backyard camping, don’t forget to check it out. However, I’ll share with you a few things in here. If you have camping tents, or teepee, or even putting chairs in parallel lines and through a bed sheet above them, it is worth it. Prepare some snacks, games, music or barbeque. These things make the experience amazing and exciting.

17) Doodling:

It might sound simple, but doodling has a big effect on the mood and makes you chill and relax. Try doodling in a bullet journal or printout a page with many squares and do (30 days doodle challenge) and see how it goes.

18) Yoga:

Yoga is an amazing exercise, not only for the body but also for the mood. Doing yoga together will bring calm and chill for both of you. To make it more exciting, try to match your yoga outfits and mats.

19) Learn a new dance:

Have you ever watched some dancing competitions on the TV and felt like “How do they do this?” I know I did. Learning a new dance is an exciting way to spend your time in summer with your daughter and let us take a moment to appreciate the burned calories.

20) DIY a home decor:

I might have mentioned that in redecorating the daughter’s room, but I wanted to spot the light at the different ideas of DIY home decor. You might have seen a lot of “IKEA hacks” out there or “Before & After refurbishing furniture” ideas.

You don’t have to go so far in doing enormous projects but you can start small by decorating small things like vases, cushions, bins, containers…etc and go from there.

21) DIY games:

Board games are getting old, but what if you took time to DIY your own games? If you want to be fancy and print out the cards and pieces then go ahed, however, you can totally DIY them with things you have at home and write the directions yourself with the help of your daughter.

22) Try new hairstyles:

Pinterest is full of hairstyles tutorials. I know that you must have some “comfortable” way of tugging your hair or doing it. As a way of having fun, try some new hairstyles with your daughter and match each other. You can rate the difficulty or adjust it to your liking.

23) Watch a new TV show with a foreign language:

I do watch anime and I prefer them in English, but watching them in Japanese with English subtitles gives the show a whole new level. Try it out with TV shows, movies or even anime “there are good ones”

24) Eat foreign snacks and rate them:

I saw my daughters ordering some Korean noodles, and it surprised me with the packaging and look. When I asked a friend, she gave me a link to a shop that sells Korean snacks, which was cool. Try new foreign snacks and record yourselves rating them.

25) Try copying a restaurant’s recipe:

Our kids crave restaurants ALL THE TIME, and so do we “guilty” so why not try to copy some restaurants’ recipes and see how it goes.

Tip: you can take it to the next level with the serving methods “for example: putting the chicken wings or fries in small baskets from dollar store just like chillies, apple bees…etc”

26) Role play people from the 60’s or 70’s:

It sounds weird, but I promise it’s fun. Dress up like ladies from these years, try to copy the makeup and hairstyle. Copy the way they walk, talk, eat and drink. It’s hilarious and makes a change.

27) Learn a new handwriting/typography:

To be honest, I’m obsessed with the different fonts and using amazing fonts in my freebies or printable. However, if you can try to learn how to write differently, copy a typography or a font you like. It takes time to learn and makes a change.

28) Play a video game or a game on phone:

I tried to play “Among us” with my kids and niece, it was hilarious and they were so excited about playing with me. Try to do the same, and if you don’t have a console to play a video game, you can always find games for mobile for free.

29) Indoor camp:

Now if you read the part about the backyard camping but you don’t have a backyard, then indoor camping is the way to go. Having a tent from the camping section in stores, teepee or just throwing sheets over chairs can make the experience fun. Read books, gossip, make up stories or watch a movie. Don’t forget the smores.

30) Escape room:

You can find many escape room templates online or you can purchase one. Having escape room experience at home is amazing and children of all ages love it “we love it too”. The beauty about the escape room is that you can make it according to your kids’ preference, like if they like maths, or poetry or science….etc

Add a bit of humour and enjoy the experience.

31) Pin badge making:

This is a bit advanced and needs tools. There are many cheap pin badge makers online “I personally have a bigger heavy duty one when I had a business” but you can go for the affordable one.

The pleasant thing about it is that you can draw on the paper you want to use for the pin badge, then create them. Pin them to an old shirt or piece of cloth to showcase them in any room.

32) Rock painting:

I saw many rock painting ideas and they are AMAZING. You can paint on rocks or write some positive quotes on them, then keep them in a bowl or somewhere around. Painting on rocks can be fun, exciting or calming. Play some music and choose colors according to your mood, then enjoy the new craft.

33) Nail art:

Who can avoid watching all these nail art videos on Facebook? They are filling the internet. You two can start experimenting with new colors and shapes to see how it goes and what works or doesn’t work.

And that’s it for this list. 

To summarize the topic:

You don’t have to spend your summer in boredom and with the kids nagging around.

There are many ways to enjoy summer, and this list of activities can make a lot of memories for you and your kids.

Don’t be afraid to try new things or experiment with your daughter to spend quality time with her.

Now then tell me, do you have more ideas to add so we can try?

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