How can chores gamification and time blocking go hand in hand

Chores gamification and time blocking can go hand in hand to get your kids to do their chores in the time you ask them to do. We all know the feeling of asking the kids to do their chores, but they are either lazy or do the chores AGES after we ask them. There isn’t a magic formula or a secret recipe to get the kids to do chores, but we can go around it by using methods to attract their attention and make it more enjoyable so they would do it willingly.

Now before you start wondering what is gamification or what is time blocking, let me explain those two things first, then we can hop into the main subject.

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What is time blocking?

Time blocking is dividing your day into blocks of hours to fill these times with certain tasks and be committed to finish them within these time blocks

What is gamification?

Gamification is using the elements of a game to apply it on a group of people to add challenge or fun to certain tasks.

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Now, what does the first have to do with the second?

Now then applying gamification on chores is basically turning chores into games and I’ve talked about how to do this in previous posts. However, in here I’m going to mention few basic elements to explain the method

Why do we use gamification for chores?

Turning chores into games makes them more fun to do:

I mean, even we don’t like to do traditional chores, right? But what if the kids experience the gaming atmosphere while doing chores? It’ll be more fun. They should know it’s an obligation to do the chores, and gamification is just a way to spice it up.

Kids nowadays are addicted to gaming and love challenges :

All kids love gaming one way or another, and that’s why gamification makes it easier and more fun to do.

Competing to break records in game serve the purpose of encouraging them to play the game “which is chores in our case”:

The challenge the kids go through in a game to be the winners can be done in the gamification which makes it when they compete between each other “when you have multiple kids”

How to apply chores gamification on time blocking?

Create a schedule and divide it into time blocks that you see suitable for your kids’ abilities:

Knowing the abilities of your kids will make you aware of how long they need per task. Consider the age and the physical abilities before assigning times to finish chores.

Create a game you want to apply and explain to your kids which chores to do for each game element:

Once you divide the hours of the day into time blocks, decide which chores to be done in each time block. From there choose which game you want to apply the chores gamification “tetris, monopoly, pokemon cards…etc”

Color code the time blocks and the game missions so your kids can relate which chores to do within the time you’ve set for them:

As mentioned in the previous point, once you decide on a game and specify the goals, you can color code the game. Let’s say you got 2 morning time blocks (6-8 & 8-9) before they go to school.

If the 6-8 time block is light blue, then color code all the chores you want them to do into light blue.

And so on for all chores.

Give the kids the chores cards and from the color they know when they should do each chore.

Any late chore should result with a penalty that you choose “but they’ll do the chores nevertheless”:

Making your kids understand that the gamification system is just to make their chores easier and more fun, however, the chores should be done either ways and if they didn’t do it through the game, they will lose the fun from the game and still do the chores traditionally.

Reward who does the chores before the end of the time block:

All games got rewards and chores gamification shouldn’t be any less.

Rewards should cover 3 parts:

1)    They shouldn’t cost a lot.

2)    The child should desire them.

3)    They should be emotional and valuable.

In the end it’s nice to give them something they want BUT they shouldn’t forget that those chores were something they must do, and it’s not an extra on them.

Analyze your kids’ performance and adjust the time blocks according to their abilities:

After a period check if your child was struggling or fine doing the chores, did he/she need more time for certain chores? Did he/she procrastinate because there was plenty of time? 

chores gamification actionable plan

What if my kids don’t want to play?

Explain to them that you are paying the effort to turn the chores into games because you love them and want them to enjoy their time all day long. However, if they chose not to play or follow the gamification system, then that’s fine and they will do their chores normally as always in the time you decide and they should finish before the time you put in.

How much time should I give my kids to do the chores? 

You are the only one who can answer this question. By observing the performance of your kids you’ll be able to notice if the given time was enough or more than needed or they need more time. 

Trying new things needs at least 2 weeks till the kids get used to it then you can judge.

Tips for applying the gamification on your kids:

Make sure the games are fair not equal:

If you have more than 1 child, make sure that their games aren’t equal because different kids got different abilities so each game should be at the level of the kids’ abilities.

Leave place for adjustments and changes:

Gamification shouldn’t be finalized by the first version you create, and you shouldn’t give up when there are flaws. As a result, make sure that you adjust according to your kid’s needs.

To sum this up:

Gamification is a great way to make children love doing chores.

Time blocking teaches children how to be committed to finishing tasks in time to stop procrastinating.

Applying gamification and time blocking on chores will make kids do their chores in the designed time while having fun.

Now tell us your tricks in making your kids want to finish chores faster without procrastination?

chores gamification actionable plan

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