What if you have content in you but don't know how to create it?

Ever wondered how would it be if there was an easy system to teach you step by step how to create content and thrive in the online world?

I know how you feel

  • You are frustrated with all the content creating tips and don’t know which one to follow.
  • You don’t want to spend money on expensive keyword tools.
  • You think that people won’t read your content or won’t like it.
  • You don’t know what to write about or which one of the many ideas you got to choose.
  • The writing process itself looks complicated and frustrating.
  • Having time to write is a whole different issue.
  • You’re sick of voice over presentation courses and need to see step by step guides.

Don't worry, I got your back

And remember you aren’t alone who feels this.

Because i developed a system just for "you"

The exact system that I follow to create viral content easily and fast.

Just imagine yourself

After applying the tips and method in the course


The specific audience and what content you want to create for them.



Full year of content ideas that people want to read from KW’s using free methods.



The exact system I followed and get yourself known, and viral without sweating or taking long time

Play with templates

that are provided in the bonuses section so you don’t start from scratch.


I Introduce to you:

From Blank to Content Bank


  • A self-paced course to teach you how to find the content you like to write about.
  • Effective simple and free system to find viral keywords to write about easily.
  • Identifying the different types of keywords and categorizing your ideas in a content calendar. 
  • Step-by-step tutorial {write with me} to show you how I exactly I write my blog posts.
  • The amazing method no-one talks about to add more quality and count to your content without making it full of fluff.
  • The easy method to revive older posts and make them go fancy and viral again.

What's in the course:

Chapter 1

What is content? what are the types of content? Audience persona? Finding a niche you love?

Chapter 3

What are the different types of posts? Categorizing keywords. Categorizing content ideas. Generating ideas and titles without tools. filling content calendar spreadsheet. what to do if the KW's are highly competitive?

Chapter 5

How to make the content more interesting? How to add words to your posts without any fluff? Bonus training: creating amazing graphics to add to your post. Bonus: Pinterest pins templates.

Chapter 2

Paid vs free keywords. Google keywords vs. Pinterest Keywords. What are the types of keywords? How to find ideas for keywords you wish to write about? Finding keywords without tools.

Chapter 4

Batching Ideas to write about. Write with me: blog post (3 different videos) Write with me seasonal blog posts (3 types ) Plan and write with me pillar posts. Formatting the blog post. Mistakes people do when they write blog posts.

Chapter 6

Examples of successful blogs (2 blogs aren't about blogging), What to do when you need to blog about different blog topics? Repurposing content for instagram? Reviving old blog posts? How much content should I create?

And let's talk Bonuses:

  • 47$  PDF ebook that has A LOT of nuggets about the program

  • Blog posts templates to fill in the blank and you don’t have to start from scratch  Worth 27$

  • Content Calendar to fill in with your ideas just like the one I’m using in the course “I did the work so all you have to do is fill it” Worth 17$

  • Two video tutorials how to create printable (part of my printable course) worth 37$
  • 2 coaching videos of how to search for content faster and how to create content fast. Worth 47$

  • A workshop That I used to sell for 79$ is yours for free!

  • Pillar post planner template worth 18$
  • Pinterest pins templates worth 27$
  • All updates are for free (priceless)

But who am I to teach you that?

Hi! I’m Athba, I’m English teacher and content strategist. As part of my degree and profession, writing different types of contents was a must. And from there I started learning creating content related to online marketing, business and motherhood. Just like you now, I was lost between all the methods, tips, and  theories and god knows how much money I’ve wasted on tools and methods to teach me how to find keywords and write content but everything flopped. I was nearly going to give up until I started self teaching myself and experimenting which led me to the system I’ve developed in this course. Although the value in the course worth more than the price, I wanted to help new content creators or frustrated content creators who are stuck. If I can teach 10 years old kids how to transfer their ideas and dreams into amazing pieces of content, then I can help you too. Let me walk you through the same path I took and celebrate together your success.

So what's the investment?






Is this a physical product?

No this is a digital product that you’ll have access to once your payment is complete.

When can I access the course?

Once the payment is complete you’ll receive the login details and be able to start immediately. and the course is yours for ever with free updates.

Is this a monthly subscription?

No this is a self-paced course with videos, tutorial, texts and worksheets to follow up and implement the step by step methods at your own pace.

Is there a refund policy?

Sadly for the nature of the digital product there isn’t a refund policy but I’m sure you won’t need it as the course is loaded with information that you won’t need anything else.

Are there payments plans?

Sadly for now there is one payment plan which is in full, but for the content in the course and the bonuses, others would charge at least the double.

Where can I buy the course?

Once you click on the button below you’ll be redirected to my woocommerce shop and from there once you pay you’ll receive the login details and confirmation.