5 common content creating mistakes to avoided

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Content creating is the #1 thing any creator regardless of the platform depends on.

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Ever thought, “how do content creators have all those ideas for tens of content to fill the entire year or even more than a year when you stand clueless?”

Well, high five, you aren’t alone, and I know how the frustration feels. Trying to create enough content to fill the content calendar can be hectic and frustrating at first, However, when you get the hang of it, it’ll be so easy and faster.

Well, that doesn’t mean we don’t fall under the temptations of creating a lot of content ASAP which leads us to do mistake, because we all do mistakes.


Before starting in case, you don’t know what’s a content calendar and why is it important let me explain:

         Content calendar is basically a plan or schedule where you plan out what content you are going to publish within a certain period or dates. Some fill a content calendar for a full year planning 1 blog post every 10 days = 52 blog posts and they say every Tuesday I will publish a blog post…etc

Now many content creators need and must plan the content in advance to not have content block or writer’s block, however filling 52 ideas with keywords for a full year “once a week” sometimes be frustrating “the thought alone is frightening.”

So people go to seek methods to find content yet fall for these 5 common mistakes.

What are the mistakes content creators do?

Content creating mistake 1: The wrong way of being inspired.

When you search for topics or content to be inspired, there are many ways that this can go wrong:

Some will write 99% similar content to people they got inspired by just because the topic is on demand and that inspiring person been having success.

Some will try to be totally different to avoid the previous point, which ends up with some content that isn’t tested to be successful.

Some get inspired by successful content that isn’t strongly related to their niche, which would hurt their SEO.

Content creating mistake 2: The extreme topic branching out of topic.

When niching down the content you will create it sometimes becomes difficult to find content ideas, so to avoid the writer block you can combine the main niche with couple sub-niches.

However, some people end up using a lot of sub-niches that they jump out of the key point the content was created about.

Content creating mistake 3: Ignoring important data when searching.

As a content creator I know that we search for content ideas via many methods including Pinterest/Google/kw tools/You Tube/Instagram…etc.

That’s a good way, however, let’s say I wanted to find Ideas from YouTube and I searched and saw there were many videos and content about my topic.

However, the important step here is to check the view, likes, comments because these details are the ones that shows if this type of content wanted or not.

Content creating mistake 4: Using auto title generator.

When many gets stuck, they go to auto-title generator, to get titles or content ideas. I assure you out of 300-500 you’ll find 10 or fewer ideas because these generators are designed in a way where you provide a KW, and they’ll fill it in the blanks of previously created title template.

So, this will waste your time and will disappoint you.


Content creating mistake 5: Working hard, not clever.

Working on your content is the key thing about content creation, and everyone starts with enthusiasm, wanting to create as much content as possible in short time when seeking perfection.

This will lead to be exhausted by the amount of time and effort you put into this content creation, and most probably you won’t reach any point while exhausting yourself.

So how to avoid these content creating mistakes?

Content creating tip1: Brainstorm the right persona of your audience and their pain.

If you don’t have the exact idea of who is your audience, then you won’t be able to know their exact pain points and you won’t know the sub-pain points.

Content creating tip2: Batch work your content creating plan.

Instead of working anonymously, batch work your content, make days for KW search, days for YouTube search…etc

Content creating tip3: Divide the work on different days or times.

Don’t do everything in one day, each day do small task and these small tasks will build up.

Content creating tip4: Make a schedule and use timer.

When you create schedules and write down what fits for you, you can go by the schedule. Also, using timers when doing tasks helps in avoiding distractions and help with focus.

How long will it take me to make a full content creating plan?

That depends on your life routine and the effort you pay to create this plan. As I said working smart is better than working hard.

When you know where to search and organize your times and days according to your schedule, you’ll end up creating your plan for the full year fast and easy.

It just needs a bit of understanding of the process and a bit of practice. Once you know what you’re searching for and who you are serving, the ideas will flow, and the content plan will be full faster than you think.


In conclusion: 

Every content creator needs to have a content calendar for the content creating process.

Creating content in advance is a must to focus on other things rather than thinking what to post about however this might let us make few mistakes.

The wrong way of being inspired.

The extreme topic branching out of topic.

Ignoring important data when searching.

Using auto title generator.

Working hard, not clever.

Don’t be discouraged and terrified when reading these points, learn how to avoid them and you will do just great by working clever not hard.

Now it’s your turn to give us a tip or common mistake that you wish we avoid.

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