How to create consistent content even when you don’t have time

Create consistent content plan

Creating consistent content is a struggle many bloggers face and because of that many new bloggers give up early or take too long to be known because they don’t post consistently?

This issue can be solved easily, and I want you to know that we are all in this with you. Working for long hours and researching for days can exhaust us and make us burn out fast. However, I believe you can be successful in creating consistent content and take your blog to the next level in no time.

I remember the days that I used to exhaust myself trying so hard to create as many blog posts as I can and I burn out fast because it keeps taking a lot of time and effort and I don’t even see results so what did I do wrong?

By experimenting and trying many methods and pivoting I ended up loving content creating and I swear some days I sit and write 3-4 posts that are over 1k words easily and fast. So if this is something you want to do, then hang on with me and grab your cup of coffee’ cause we’re going to dive right into the process.

Just I want you to realize it’s not a magical formula, it’s a realistic, easy method that I followed as a working single mom of two so if I can do it so can you. And by the way, I wrote this post in less than 1 hour and it’s over 1500 words so YOU CAN DO IT TOO

What is consistent content?

Consistent content is creating content for your blog regularly following a pattern or schedule or habit to make your audience find something to look forward to.

Why is creating consistent content important?

Creating content itself is important, and creating it consistently has many benefits for your business. 

These are some benefits for creating consistent content:

One: You’ll have more pages which is good for your google SEO that helps you in ranking.

Two: You’ll be able to do more internal linking: Again it’s good for your SEO that you link your blog posts together, which keeps your audience on your blog longer and helps to show google that your content is niched and related.

Three: More posts to pin and get traffic: How many of us out there fear pinning on Pinterest because we don’t have enough posts? The more content you have, the more pins you’ll create to grow your Pinterest account and get traffic.

This post is about mistakes when creating content

Now that we know why we should create consistent content, let’s jump into my methods and tips to the easy content creation:

Decide on the number of posts:

Planning or setting a goal of how many posts you want to post within a week/month …etc will keep you in check to create content consistently. That’s why you should try to be realistic and think about a number of posts you want to publish every week.

Create a content calendar:

I have posted about creating content calendars alot before and I can’t exhaust enough how important it is to have one. Content calendars help you in having an overall idea of what posts you’ll be writing about during a period “1 month-3 months-6months”

This post is about content calendar

Adding to that, creating content calendars helps in having an overall image of what types of posts you’ll be posting do you don’t do promotional posts in a row or lsit posts in a row ….etc. you can spread the ideas in your calendar so you make sure you cover all types of topics.

Create posts templates:

There are many bloggers who offer free posts templates however I ended up creating my own after trial and error. So the beauty about having a blog post template is to fill in the blank and go, which is easier than starting over every time.

An example of things I include in my blog post template:


Defining the problem

Reasons for the problem

Solutions for the problem

Expected results when following the solutions

Tips as an expert


Once I created this template with adding a few tweaks here and there, I created content consistently for the longest time and It seriously took a big burden off my shoulders.

Batch search your keywords:

Most of the people I see struggling on FB groups are complaining about how long it takes them to search for keywords which I find weird. It’s obviously a frustrating and long process when you research keywords for each blog post individually every time you want to post. As a result, I started batch researching for my keywords and choosing which to include in my blog posts that I filled into my content calendar.

In this way I don’t have to waste time researching every time I want to create content, all I need is to write my blog post.

Create consistent content plan

Fill the templates with H2 and H3:

Now that you created templates, make multiple copies, name each copy with the titles of the posts, then fill in the headings and subheading “which are the H2,, and H3” to make them ready for when you want to write the blog posts.

We pour a lot of energy when we are working on something and focussing on it so if you fill in the heading in different templates while you’re researching then the loop of thought won’t be cut by ending 1 post and thinking about the other.

Use a timer:

As humans, the element of urgency makes our brain work faster and try to finish ASAP and that’s why putting a timer next to you will help you type faster and progress more than you planned for.

Type in any break:

As a mother and a worker I get busy alot and distracted more than you think, but for me I like to write my blog posts on google docs, so when I’m out or have a lunch break at work or waiting for my kids to come out of school, I open the post from the docs app and start writing. It is saved on the cloud and will find it whenever I open the doc on my pc.

Use voice to text feature:

I know many people know about its existence, yet they don’t use it. It is a powerful feature that you can find on google docs and word.

Now imagine yourself in the kitchen with your headset on, talking, and the speech is turned into a text on a doc. Wherever you go back to your pc, you can easily edit it because the main part is already there, which is the text.

This will help you stay more consistent and you can do that even while watching over your kids playing, doing laundry or even cooking.

Write related blog posts in batches:

Now this is a trick I learned and I love doing. Whenever I think about a blog post I always think about other posts that are related to it so I can write them all in one sit.

These are some examples:

How to be happy by doing physical activities

How can these types of food boost your happiness

Guide to essential oils that keep you stress-free and happy

Ideas for girls’ party theme

Games and activities for an epic girls’ party

A shopping list for hosting a frugal girls party

List of side hustle that start with $0

List of side hustle that start with low budget

Which side hustle is suitable for you “full guide”

You see how these posts are related and each can be 1 long post but I Divide them to have more content.

Don’t seek perfection:

I know and I believe that the longer the blog post the better, but if creating very long blog posts is going to burn you out and delay the content, you’re posting on your blog, then start simple and edit it later. Posting a blog post doesn’t mean it’s over, you can always go back to edit and add to it then re-promote it on FB groups or Pinterest.

Schedule your posts:

I know we all know that blogs have a schedule feature, but how many of use it? If you can have one site to create multiple blog posts, then schedule them to be published according to your content calendar. You don’t have to stress out trying to post whenever you need to publish and go through the frustration. 

Let’s say you want to publish 1 post a week and you were able to write 4 blog posts ahead of time, schedule them to be posted once a week and stay the rest of the month promoting and working on the following month.

Create consistent content plan

If you jumped down to the end, then these are the tips for consistent content creation:

Decide on the number of posts

Create a content calendar

Create posts templates

Batch search your keywords

Fill the templates with H2 and H3

Use a timer

Type in any break

Use voice to text feature

Write related blog posts in batches

Don’t seek perfection

Schedule your posts

Now then, what are the reasons you aren’t creating content consistently and which from my tips helped you out?