creating content fast and easy

How to create content fast and easy + video tutorial

Well, hello there! It’s really nice to see you here wanting to know how to create content fast. I know that the title is weird, but I wanted something that expresses the feelings when I read some myths out there and see how it brainwashes people.

So here I wanted to share with you how content creating can be easy and efficient. You don’t have to go through a lot and get frustrated with creating content for your blog.


Some of these myths are:

Creating content takes alot of time.

Creating 1 blog post takes hours.

Searching for keywords is taking most of our time.

You can’t write a well-researched blog post in less than 3 hours.

Well, I’m not saying research doesn’t take time. The problem here is that people put themselves through the same process repeatedly, which becomes time-consuming and makes it hard to create many blog posts in a short time.

And that’s why I’m crushing the myths about how hard creating content is.

But who am I to talk about it with such confidence?

Well, Hi nice to meet you. I’m Athba, I’m a working single mom of 2 girls and I started an online business and created content for my social media and blog.

I am an author of several books and let me tell you this story.

When I wanted to write my second book I sat in front of my laptop and started working from the first word till the last one “yup I wrote the entire book in ONE DAY” and this book equals 8 meaty blog posts.

I don’t advise you to do the same. I had to use hot towels on my shoulders and back, but yeah.

If I could write a well-researched ebook with no fluff at all in one day, then why wouldn’t you?

The thing is, the same methods I’m going to share with you here are the ones I used to write my eBook. After all, the ebook is just a combination of useful blog posts hugging each other under one cover, right?

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Now let’s start with the method, shall we?


Before trying to write any content you should know what you want to write about like seriously you have to know. You can’t sit there and think about writing content when you don’t know what to start with. 

Once you have a clear idea of what you want to write about try to divide it into sections:

This is an example for language teachers “which is my actual profession”

Main idea: writing about language teacher career

Section one: dealing with students “high achievers/ low achievers”

Section two: Teaching tools and methods

Section Three: DIY tools to help language teaching

And so on. So from this example you see I knew what I wanted to write about and what are the sub topics I want to write about.


Once you get an idea what you’ll write about here comes the research. Researching for content ideas can be from many places:

Social media: see what teachers’ Instagram accounts are writing about or discussing. Use the hashtags to discover ideas, check Pinterest for pins about trending tops, check twitter and what others are talking about.

Of course I’m still using teaching as an example, but you’ll do the same for your niche.

Now go to google and search for the trending topics you found on social media, and see what suggested keywords or “people also ask” section. 

Click on each question and more will pop-up. Now copy these questions and the keywords into a google sheet file or google docs “I prefer the google sheets.

Keep doing the same for many keywords to have a good amount of questions.



When I try to create content I never create 1 blog post a time, I always try my best to create at least 2 related blog posts “specially when you first start”

So I look at the keywords and questions and see what I can relate to when writing blog posts.

Let me give you an example:

Pillar posts: 

Teaching English as a second language challenges

In this post I can talk about the difficulties in general, tips to improve in general, dealing with students in general

List post:

List of tools/websites to help you diagnose students levels

This post will be just listing which helps ease the difficulties teachers face.

FAQ’s post: 

How to diagnose and improve low achievers performance

Here it’s part of the pillar post and can relate to the list post which was about the tools.

DIY post:

 How to decorate the classroom to grab your students’ attention:

Now here the intro can be about how diagnosing the student’s performance shows the level of interest in the subject and the role of classroom decoration and environment affects/help with that. 

Also, it goes back to being one of the teacher’s problems that they face “and mentioned in the pillar post”

 See how I came up with 4 blog posts related to each other easily, which makes the questions and keyword research efficient.


Now the structure of the blog post should be broken into 3 main parts




The three parts are broken into smaller parts as the following:


Catching sentence

Mysterious information

Personal experience


definition/explanation of the problem

Reason of problem

Solution of the problem



Summary of the post

Call to action

Now the keywords and the questions you researched for earlier come in hand

Make your paragraphs start with the questions from “people also ask” from google search and answer them

Make sure the questions are related to the topic and the more questions you use, the more things you can write about.

You can change the questions into statements to be subheadings for your post.

Create templates of multiple posts at the same time “create different documents and paste some questions in each document then answer them. Add an introduction and conclusion to each document, then revise and edit them the next day.” 

If you can’t write all the blog posts at the same day, then create the templates and save them for whenever you can write them “answering the questions to form a post”

Let it rest, so do you:

Trying to revise or edit the blog post the same day won’t bring out good results, so try to let it stay without editing for a day or two.

After the rest day, read it out loud and see what you can add or change. Do all the changes and editing and there you go at least 2 blog posts written in 1 day.


Sparkles and fancy stuff:

Search for free stock photos to add to your post, or probably jokes, memes or quotes.

Create a few Pinterest pins and a featuring photo for your post and those are the additions to spice up your post.

keep the rest of the questions and keywords for other blog posts you want to write about later.

You can watch my video here to see how I do things fast:

To conclude this:

Creating content doesn’t have to be difficult and doesn’t have to be time consuming

Knowing when and where to spend time on will save you a lot of time.

You only need to work clever, not hard to create epic content that your audience would crave and be viral.

Now tell me how long does it take you to create content for your blog?