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Decluttering 44 things NOW for a healthier life!

Decluttering is essential in anyone’s life. Many times I don’t understand why I feel moody or upset or even sick sometimes. It might not sound as bad as it affects us but believe me, CLUTTERING DOES AFFECT US NEGATIVELY.

I know you are caught up with life, duties, motherhood, work, kids, schools, …etc. But you don’t have to declutter everything at once.

as a single mom and a blogger, decluttering might be time-consuming although I’m following my guide in being a productive blogger

Before we jump into the items that you should declutter, I want to share with you simple tips to make your decluttering experience less stressful.

Juicy tips for better decluttering experience:

You can find the list in my resource library with many other resources <3

things to declutter list

Declutter the room that you use more often.

You won’t feel that you achieved something or motivated if you spent the day decluttering and ended up with a cluttered messy room that you’re supposed to feel most comfortable at.

Check your bonds with the items

As the Konmari decluttering method directs us, check your bond with the item: (Does it give you joy being around you? Is it beneficial? Did you use it in the last year?)

If you’re wondering what “gives you joy” means: It means that if you looked at the item do you feel happy seeing it around? Does it sparkle your heart when you see it?

check out: Marie Kondo’s KonMari Method: EXPLAINED!

Declutter Papers weekly

We all got those papers around, bills, papers torn, lists, magazines, newspapers, brochures….etc. Keep a track to declutter these weekly. God knows how fast these build up.

Cleanse your closet

You need to purge the closet. I know How you feel when you open the closet and feel” this will be in fashion again, this will fit when I diet, this reminds me of a nice moment, this is good and clean why do I throw it away”


Just purge them, I assure you that you’ll end up with 3-4 pants and 4-5 tops you keep wearing. <<< I’m not innocent

Junky drawers need a purge too

Every single time you open a drawer your head spins RIGHT??? I know the pain. These drawers need decluttering, you don’t need them all, believe me.


Gift bags and wraps are not cute to keep around

Keeping gift bags or wraps won’t be other than a pile of mess and dust. Unless you reuse them for giving away gifts then sending them to the recycling bins.

You don’t need housing accessories around

Well, it’s nice to have housing accessories, but you don’t need much hun!! minimalize them and that will take away a big part of the clutter.

P.S. I purchased a fake plant from IKEA for my desk maybe 3 months ago because I wanted my desk to be pretty IT’S STILL IN THE SHOPPING BAG <<< getting up to put it in the donation box.

Let The kids help you

A big part of clutter happens because of the kids. Give them roles and lists, check on the parts they’ve done and that’ll help you finish the task better.

Declutter as you clean


Many times when we clean we put aside things we don’t need just to move them out of the way and make the place look cleaner but it doesn’t.

when you are cleaning and you saw torn box or paper, last week’s magazine, tissue, …etc just declutter them as you go.

It makes your weekly tasks easier.

You can find the list in my resource library with many other resources <3

things to declutter list

Declutter with the windows open


The fresh air boosts happiness, lifts your mood and makes you feel relaxed and comfortable. most of the time when you declutter or do a housing job you feel like you are in a prison or it’s heavy-duty.

I’m sure if you started decluttering with the fresh air, you will feel motivated to finish the task.

Declutter with calming sounds around

Play some nature themes around you, waterfall, birds, breeze anything “they are plenty online”

With the windows open and the sounds around you, won’t feel stressed or bored while decluttering.

Inspiring podcast is another option

If you don’t prefer nature sound, try listening to a podcast to motivate you. It’s a good move that will improve a part in your life and the motivation will help you work better.

Get rid of the clutter IMMEDIATELY!!

If you wanna throw it away, donate it, garage sale it ….etc do it as soon as you declutter.

Keeping the clutter around will give you the feeling of revising yourself and gives you the temptation to get things out to use them again.


Now then let’s start with the things that we can declutter

There are many more things to declutter but I like to start simple and grow from there.

44 Things to declutter TODAY:


Uncomfortable pillows

Old bedsheets

Torn bedsheets

Wire hangers

Old/damaged blankets

Old/ damaged curtains


Socks with holes

Socks without 2nd pair

Clothes weren’t worn for a year

Old Uncomfortable shoes

Broken/unused jewelry


Expired skin/hair product

Expired sunblock

Old Towels/bathrobes

Worn-out/torn towels

Nearly-empty bottles


Water bottles that leak

Any tool not used over a year

Containers without lid

Extra mugs/plates/pots

Old frozen food

Extra shopping bags

Living Room:

Books you finished/ won’t read

Puzzles with missing pcs

Old remote control


Magazines/ newspapers

Home Office:

Old insurance

Dried out pens/markers

Old notebooks/tax paper

Old/broken electronics

Phone books

Manuals you don’t need


Unused yard products

Broken toys

Rusted tools

Unused cleaners

Extra repairing tools for

Items you don’t use


Old documents you won’t use

Old stock photos

Outdated pintable’s

Previous years planner \calendar

Movies/TV shows

See its not as bad as you think. Now then, How to make sure you stick to this decluttering system and get things done?

Make notes:


You either write your goal for each day of the week “If you’ll take a week to declutter” on your task board.

Or write each task on a sticky note and take out every task you have done.

Set a positive mindset:

Don’t think about it as a duty, always think about the benefits you’ll get from decluttering.

Keep pictures around:

Most of our actions are emotional, looking at pictures of tidy places will get us motivated to actually do it.

Keep encouraging posters around:

Choose motivating words, print it and stick it around to encourage you to keep moving.

Stop when your body screams:


Don’t continue decluttering when you’re exhausted because that will stop you from working again, and you’ll keep thinking about the exhaustion and pain you won’t though.

Take before and after Pictures:

It will help you feel the progress and work harder.

Turn off any distractions:

Turn off the TV, put your mobile on flight mode, take your laptop away, don’t wear a watch.

Put a timer:

Put a timer and tell yourself “in 30 minutes I’ll finish this side of the closet, in 40 minutes I’ll finish the under bed drawers …etc”

In the end, I wanted to conclude this by reminding you that you are capable of decluttering anything you want, you can do greater things and always remember it’s for your health and your kids.

Now tell me, do you have any tips to make the decluttering experience better?


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