Decluttering People for a Healthier Life

Decluttering people is as important as cluttering your home because your peaceful mind is the home of your happiness. I remember when I used to live in stress and anxiety because of people in my life, yet I did not want to kick them out of my life afraid of what people would say about me. Growing up and seeking peace became my priority now, as with inner peace I can live my life to the fullest and give my kids the mother they deserve.

I never regretted decluttering my life from the toxic people, and I’m sure whenever you do the same, you’ll ask yourself “Why haven’t I done that long ago?”

What does declutter people mean?

            Declutter means getting rid of whatever piling up in your life without positive affect on your life. Decluttering people is getting rid of the people who have negative impact on your life. Negative impact can be in various ways including shadowing your moves in silence.

Why should we declutter people?

Decluttering people to avoid drama

            Many people nowadays are addicted to causing drama, and I’m sure you’ve seen a lot. Drama can be in different ways including trying to be the core of attention to satisfy the inner ego.

            You don’t need those people and getting rid of them will give you peaceful mind and better mood. Imagine someone keeps asking you: “Why didn’t you call me today? Why did you go there without me? Why Did this friend invite you without me?”

            Or bragging around people about how good they are and how helpful they have been. I’m sure you had the UGH feeling inside you but stayed silent to end this conversation.

Decluttering people to quit bad habits

            Many people start adapting bad habits when they are around the wrong ones. Non-smokers can start smoking. Caring parent can start being careless. Being at home early to be with kids can be changed to stay out late.

            Those people who affect you should be gone as soon as possible. Yourself, your happiness, and your kids come first. They obviously can’t satisfy themselves, so they take wrong ways to do it. Affecting you makes them feel better because they aren’t alone.

Decluttering people to cleanse toxicity

            Irwin describes a toxic person as anyone who is abusive, unsupportive, or unhealthy emotionally—someone who basically brings you down more than up. “You may begin to feel dependent on him or her for their opinion, doubting your own,” she says. Source “

               Feeling independent is the worse feeling and no-one should go through this feeling and drown in weakness. Any person who thinks or makes you think you can’t stand on your own is wrong.

            And always remember we are all strong, we just find our strength in the right moment.

Decluttering people To have your “My Time”

            Haven’t you felt that you want to have time for yourself alone, with no phone calls, no visits, no outdoor activities, just you alone. Some people don’t let you have this time because they either want to visit or call or message and asks why you aren’t replying …etc.

            You deserve to have your time, and no-one should interrupt it at all. If these people never stop taking away this time, then they don’t belong in your life.

Decluttering people to stop the fear of being judged

Long have I drowned myself in misery and sadness doing things I didn’t want to do or accepting things I didn’t want to accept for one particular reason. “what would they say about me? I don’t want them to say I’m bad person.”

Well if they can omit all the goodness in you and say you’re wrong or bad, then by all mean let them do it behind your back when you walk away. No-one deserves to fear being judged or go through this endless tunnel of stress.

Decluttering people to save your kids

            Your kids get affected by toxic people around you in many ways. Your kids might adapt These people’s habits under the understanding that you are ok with it.

Toxic people might judge your kids and put them under stress. Adding to that if you did adapt wrong habits, that’s going to affect their happiness or even safety.

            As a result, you must get rid of these people and save yourself and your kids the trouble.

So how to Declutter people work?

Be straight forward

Best thing in life is being honest. It might sound difficult at first but believe that you are strong enough to tell people you don’t want to contact them anymore. If they cause a fuss then just end it there once and for all. Remember YOU come first.

Delete or block their number from your phone

Don’t let them stalk your (online/offline) status, your story or any step you do. Just block their number and delete it. Not difficult and the relief will be rewarding.

Delete them from your social media accounts

People (especially toxic people) have a habit of stalking others on social media. They like to be nosy and get stories to talk about. Feel free to block them and delete them. It gives you peace of mind.

Put them in their place if they stalk

Some people are stalker. They come to your house or follow you or call from different numbers. Tell them you’re going to report them if they didn’t stop. Do it if you needed to.

Get rid of memories

If you have any pictures or gifts or shared belongings, then get rid of them. It makes space for better memories and healthier activities.

How would you feel after decluttering people from your life?

            At first it would feel strange. You will feel different and maybe sometimes forget that these people don’t belong in your life anymore. Bit by bit you will start getting used to it and feel relieved.

            Although you will think you might have done something wrong, the relief you’ll live and peace will get you stronger and prepares you for the next time toxic person tries to ruin your life.

Few tips if you are second guessing if you did the right thing.

            It’s normal and in human nature that we second guess our actions if they were right or wrong. It’s ok, don’t worry, you are not alone in this. I have few tips for you

Try something new

            If you were with a toxic person and decluttered them from your life, you might feel abit of a change in your day-to-day life. Try going somewhere new, or new hobby, or watch something new on TV. Experience the beauty of living toxic-free.

On the other hand, if you are the type of person who likes to eat when stressed “psst you’re not alone” you might consider checking this list of superfoods to make you happier and stress relieved.

Remind yourself of your value

            Toxic people are like parasites in your life, they will make you feel lost without them. Remind yourself that you are great alone, and you deserve to be valued and respected.

            Count the good things in you and believe me you got A LOT and see how you’re worthy of being wanted.

Remind yourself why they bothered you

            If you are second guessing that you did wrong by getting a person out of your life, then remember how bad it was to be around them and how comfortable you are now. Remember the annoying things they used to do, and remember what you did was for your own good.

To conclude that:

Remember that decluttering people is as important as decluttering any extra thing in your life. We all need to declutter toxic people to live happily and peacefully.

You are strong by your own without drama, being judged or adapt bad habits.

Your kids are safer in a healthier environment when there aren’t toxic people around.

Don’t second guess that there was a chance you have mistreated them. If you decluttered them, then you are fed up.

Cutting any connections will make you live your day peacefully.

Always remember you CAN do it and when you do, you’ll wish you’ve done way much earlier. You deserve to be happy.

Can you share a story of toxic people you face, or an extra tip?

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