Ultimate Email Course Guide Part:2

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Well well look who’s here. I’m so happy that you made it up till here. Congratulations, If you’re here that means you are determined on creating the email course which is great. Don’t let anyone put you down because I can see that you WILL DO IT and you see the light at the end of tunnel right?

In this part, we’ll lastly cover how to create the body of your email course. Are you as excited as I am for this part? OHH RIGHT YUPPIE!!

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As much as people love following previous models to make content or courses, I love to make my own model to make it unique and has a touch of me.

For each content I make I put the selfie method where I can see it clearly. It represents the following:

S: Simple to understand and reach them fast.

E: Entertaining for both me and my audience.

L: Lovely colours used in my content or lead magnets.

F: Follows an organized pattern.

I: Intelligent way to solve a problem.

E: Encourages the reader to crave more of my content.

The elements in my method might be like ones in other methods but tbh I loved making it easier for me to remember XD

Anyway, now that’s been covered I know you are thinking of why I’m bringing this up because I want you to pinpoint the essential elements when creating your email course.

Now then before creating your course, you need to know the different types of e-mails and you shouldn’t fall in the mistake of using the wrong type in your course.

What are the types of emails?

  • Useful

When it includes information that is useful for the reader in general

  • Educational

Focuses on one topic or problem, knowing that the reader is facing. The educational e-mail should include a way to take the reader from point a to point b by a process. This process is the solution that you’re offering.

  • Entertaining

This is normally included in the newsletter. People send a funny story or a moral or share memories etc. This is to get the reader closer and build stronger bonds with the reader by making it more personal.

  • Community building  

Have you ever received an email that ends with an invite to a Facebook group or follow an Instagram account or Pinterest account? Well, these social media platforms are built on communities. Many use the email list to build their community.

  • Bottom of funnel

If you make a product (which I’m sure you would love to do it AND YOU CAN) you’ll need to send emails that support your product funnel. This can make a chain of e-mails to make the reader end up buying your product.

These videos from youtube are helpful too:

Setting SMART Goals – How To Properly Set a Goal (animated)

SMART Goals – Quick Overview

But for now, our focus will be on the educational emails.  

Why should my email course consist of educational emails?

  • People build trust in someone who solves their problem

It was mentioned above that educational emails solve a problem or answer a question. People take their course because they want to solve their problem.

  • Trigger your audience’s big “HOW”
  • Draw a road map from a-b
  • Give a solution
  • Win them
  • Learning is a human nature instinct
  • People crave educational emails the same way they crave going to college or library or watching educational TV programmes.
  • You offered to be a teacher

When you offer an email course you actually told them “I’m your teacher. I’ve got teaching abilities and I can hold your hand till you reach your goal”

Teachers are educators > educators need educational content> your email is the content

How long should it take me to create the email course?

  • Progress over procrastination

Finishing an email course in 1 month because you’ve been procrastinating isn’t counted as actual 1 month of creating the course.

It’s your 1 month of procrastinating without noticed progress.

Check out this post to be more productive with appliable tips

  • Quality over quantity

Creating an email course of 7 days for sure will take longer than creating a course of 5 days. But did you really need to divide your content on 7 days? Did you fill your email with valuable content or just useless sentences to look professional?

  • Real-life distractions
  • A mother of a baby or more can’t work as much as a single person indeed.
  • Having a job takes out of your time and energy.
  • Having an active social life affects that too
  • Other factors
  • How fast are you in typing?
  • How good are you in the language you’re presenting your course?
  • How much time do you take in designing your opt-in?

Everything mentioned above makes the time needed to create an online course vary from one person to another.

Tip: When creating an email course, set a timer for each email and try to finish typing this email within the time you give to yourself.

What lead magnets should I include in my email course?

This is probably one of the most common questions asked by anyone who wants to create a lead magnet/ opt-in and include it in their email course

First answer these questions:

  • Is it supporting my idea?

You don’t want to register for a course to learn how to draw and end up with a podcast about how to knit!!!

  • Does it help my reader to reach their goal?

Is it a road map? Does it include tips? Can they keep it around to help them remember pinpoint?

  • Is it simple?

I know we all want those fancy multi shaped page with pictures printable, but tbh I normally look at these and close the page sometimes if they are hurting my eyes, I end up deleting them.

Think also about another factor: they need a shortcut, such as:

(Go straight on for 12 miles then take right and you’ll reach your destination)

Isn’t the same as (Take first right, then go around the park, then you’ll see blue house, then fallen tree then take 2nd left the….) ughhhhhh NO

Make it SIMPLE

  • Is it Ink friendly?

Let’s be honest, we got things to pay for and ink isn’t THAT cheap when you think about how many pages you want to print.

  • You can make the outlines of your shapes coloured with white filling.
  • You can make 2 versions (coloured & B&W)
  • You can switch between ink-friendly and not friendly opt-in’s so people can choose what they prefer.

Tip: Keep a track of your audiences’ downloads and you can actually ask them in the final email if they liked your pintables or would there be a way to make them better.

  • Is it time-consuming?

If designing an opt-in will take way much longer than you planned then look for something else, don’t pull your course back because you wanna show your readers you’re good at designing something.

  • Will it make my content richer?

Some opt-ins make the content richer and some don’t.

  • If the lesson has a lot of emotional words and trying to keep a touch on your reader’s heart, try a podcast so they can hear the variation in your voice and get affected by it.
  • If your course will make them go through a technician process and you KNOW they might face difficulties, then a cheat sheet of what to do in case of …. Will be handy
  • If your course is teaching them something on KB, device, programming, designing …etc, then a cheat sheet of shortcuts is handy.
  • If your course teaches them a process, then a checklist will be handy.
  • If you are suggesting activities or encouragements …etc then a spreadsheet to put on the bulletin board or fridge is nice and handy.

You know your content and you know what to offer.

What are the elements of my emails?

You to have few elements to win your readers.

  • Greeting (in your unique way)

Hiyoo, hayoo, woohoo, hey there, hello, hi, …etc whichever represents you and make your reader feel closer will work.

Remember you ARE building a relationship with your readers.

  • Friendly questions

Ask them about their day, how they’re doing and how was your previous email

Ensure them that things will get easier by time.

  • Introduction of today’s lesson

Go to any class or kids or to someone who wants to learn, they will ask first “What are we learning today?”

Your reader needs the answer before they ask.

  • Educational part

Begin writing down the lesson (don’t give lectures) and make it to the point.

  • P.S. them

You only P.S. dear and close people so this draws your readers closer to you and make them wait for your next email impatiently.

Tip: Learn from experts. Sign up for different niches email courses and get use to the pattern. Acquiring talent is better than learning it.

How do I stay motivated??

I motivate myself in different ways

  • Setting a goal plan and keeping it close

In our nature achieving goals heart tickling so keeping a goal plan close to you and check where you’ve reached so far will keep you going.

  • Praising myself

I write praising words, love letters, design stickers to encourage myself to keep going.

  • Rewards

I got small goals rewards and big goals rewards:

  • I can buy myself Starbucks coffee with cheesecake as a small reward after publishing a full post of over 1500words with pin images and opt-ins
  • I go to fancy restaurant with friends fully dressed up and take photos if I finish creating a course.

Tip: brainstorm what are the things that you like and list them into categories regarding to price, importance, liking, difficulty to get …etc and classify your rewards according to them.

To end this topic

  • Always remember you are different than everyone else so don’t try to copy others.
  • Your learners, readers, audience trusted you with their time and addresses, take advantage of that by proving you deserve it.
  • One day, you were where your readers are now, answer their questions the same way you wished your questions were answered.
  • Your reputation for future products builds on this course, make it count.
  • You can’t bring back time, make yourself proud when you look back at the time you spent creating this course.

Any questions?