Fun fall bucket list for teen daughters and tweens

Fun Fall bucket list for teen daughters and tweens

Fall is the perfect time for all things: pumpkin spice everything, hayrides, and scarves. This fall bucket list can help you plan your fall season. Whether you want to read scary books, make candles with fall scents or create a mandala- this list of activities is sure to keep your teen busy!

Fall bucket list for teen daughters:

1. Backyard party

– host a fall party for your friends

– have everyone bring pumpkin pie, iced coffee and/or apple cider donuts to share as well!

Here’s a guide how to throw a backyard party EPICALLY

2.Bake a pie

– make pumpkin pie or apple pie with your family

– invite friends over and have a fall baking party!

3. Make pumpkin spice latte

Create the perfect recipe by mixing coffee, milk, spices like cinnamon and nutmeg. Sweeten it up with some caramel sauce to top it off! You can even try out other fall flavors.

4. Go on a hayride

– have a fall picnic at night, with hot chocolate and s’mores.

– bring your friends along to spread out on the hay bale seating!

5. Family game night

– play board games like scattergrams or pictionary with your family

– make it extra fun by adding fall themed categories to the game!

-I created a list of printable games for fall that you can find when you sign up and get access. You’ll get (dominos, i-spy, and bingo)

Learn how to choose the best game to kick away kids boredom

6. Fall photoshoot

– take outfit photos of your favorite fall scenery

– dress up in cozy sweaters and cute boots to create the perfect fall look!

– get the perfect outfit together and try taking some fun fall photos in nature, or find an amazing spot indoors for beautiful shots as well. You can even try playing around with different poses and ideas in your yard.

7. Fall scrapbooking

– collect fall leaves, acorns and other natural elements

– try your hand at creating a scrapbook with handmade paper!

8. Make a signature fall drink recipe

– get creative with your fall beverage options by mixing coffee, hot chocolate and apple cider!

– try to make a drink that combines all three. (Pumpkin Spice Latte anyone?)

– add whipped cream or caramel on top for an extra sweet treat!

You can also create some fun iced drinks like lemonade blended with a few cinnamon sticks for a fun twist.

9. Make apple sauce

– make apple sauce – mix apples with other fall ingredients like pears, cranberries and pumpkin puree to create an apple pie filling without the hassle of baking!

10. Redecorate the room for fall

– create a fall wreath to hang on your bedroom or front door

– decorate with red, orange and yellow leaves for an autumn look!

-DIY vases to hold dried flowers with dried leaves and feathers.

-If possible, purchase new beddings with fall colors (normally IKEA sells some for every season)

11. Make makeup swatches

– create fall themed makeup swatches by matching eyeshadow shades to different fall leaves

12. Update your fall wardrobe

– go through your closet and find the perfect cozy sweater or graphic tee for warmer weather!

– also make sure to pack your fall boots for the next trip you go on!

13. Doodle daily in October till Halloween 

– practice drawing different autumn leaves each day and create a piece of art at the end of October. You can also use this as an opportunity to practice sketching other fall items like a pumpkin or scarecrow!

I love this guide about building a daily drawing habit to doodle

14. Make candles with fall scents

– mix wax, oils and wicks in jars for different colors and smells that reflect the seasons. You can even try mixing up your own recipes of soy candles at home!

-make small candle motifs out of air drying clay that you can paint any way you want. Once they’re dry, pour in some wax to set, then add a wick.

ove any fall related essential oils combined with apple

15. Make a book club to read scary books

– read scary books like “IT” by Stephen King, or watch the movie to get in the fall spirit!

I found some manga and illustrated books that my daughters enjoyed but weren’t fall themes.

Young adults books I used to read and can give to my teen daughter

16. Make a mandala in fall colors

– create a fall mandala by drawing or painting leaves in different reds, oranges and yellows, use yarns in different fall colors and enjoy creating it from scratch.

17. Go thrift shopping for plain sweaters

– find oversized sweaters to wear as pajamas this winter! You can also layer these over some of your favorite tops so you’re cozy all season long.

– look for oversized sweatshirts and baggy tees that can be transformed into DIY sweaters with some needlework practice!

18. crochet or knit scarves and shawls for fall

– create fall themed scarves and shawls using yarn in autumnal colors like red, yellow and orange. If you can match them with a beanie it would be great.

A tip: if your daughter can’t crochet or knit, you can either let her learn online (unless you can teach her) or buy the kids loom kit for scarves and hats (they work too)

19. Visit farmers’ market

– visit a local farmer’s market to pick up apples, pumpkins or gourds for decoration! You can also find some fresh produce including butternut squash, which is great for making soups and purees.

20. Start a donation campaign with your friends to give back!

– make sure to donate things like coats, hats and scarves for those in need this fall season! You can also fundraise money that goes towards a chosen charity of the month – or you may even want to try making DIY items that are fun.

21.Do an indoor camp for girls!

– decorate a room with streamers and fall colors, make pumpkin snacks, sit around the fireplace and tell scary stories.

Make a fall playlist with some of your favorite songs! Try to think back on all the fun memories you’ve had in past seasons and choose things that remind you of those moments.

You can also include songs from movies or other TV shows that mention certain items like Halloween candy, pumpkin patches or costumes!

22.Go to a backyard campfire party

– make smores, tell ghost stories and roast marshmallows in a fun fall atmosphere!

play some camping nature sounds or fire sounds on your device.

23.Make a gratitude list

– write down a list of things that you are grateful for and look at it every day to remind yourself how lucky you really are.

24.Create a “weekend barbeque” routine using fall spices

– add pumpkin puree as a sweetener to your favorite barbecue sauce

-include fall spices like nutmeg, cinnamon and cloves in things like roasted vegetables or baked goods. You can even try making popsicles with ingredients that have those flavors!

25.Have an autumn bonfire party

– roast marshmallows and make smores while sitting around a bonfire. You can also include fun fall activities like bobbing for apples or telling scary stories!

26.DIY autumn mood board

– create a fall mood board by using things like leaves, pumpkins and different fabrics. Try choosing items that represent your favorite times of year!

I found that using IKEA’s cheap photo frames work wonderfully for them.

27.DIY fall theme board game

– create a fall board game with things like playing cards, dice and little pumpkin tokens!

28.Go on a road trip in fall

– pack up the car and take a road trip to go apple picking, visit pumpkin patches or go see some fall foliage. Don’t forget to play fall music, take your instant camera and journaling kit.

29.DIY customized mugs for fall

– use your favorite fall colors to paint mugs that you can sip hot beverages from this winter! You can also use stencils to write your names on them.

30.DIY fall polymer accessories 

– Let her create a set of fall themed accessories by using polymer clay to make different items like pumpkins, leaves or even scarecrows!

turn them into earrings or bracelets when they dry by attaching chains and beads.

31.DIY Halloween costume with your teen daughter

– create an amazing Halloween costume together, or try a fun idea like going as sisters!

If you both can’t sew, then hot glue with fabric swatches and beads can work too

32.DIY Hair accessories with your teen daughter

– use fall colors like orange and yellow to create hair accessories that your teen girl can wear this autumn! Big bows or scrunchies in oranges and greens.

– create a fun fall hat with yarn, buttons and other sewing materials to keep you cozy this autumn season!

33.Renew your daughter’s old boots for fall

– look through your teen girl’s closet and find things like boots that she doesn’t wear anymore. Refresh them with some DIY embellishments or patches!

34.Play with your teen daughter fall video games

– find a fun fall video game and play it together, or create an epic gaming session by playing different games that mean something to you both! or farming games where you can see fall. p.s. “We play animals crossing new horizons and stardew valley on the Nintendo switch. Decorating for fall and Halloween is AMAZING in games.”

35.Go on a money saving challenge with your daughter

– sit down together and plan out a budget for things like groceries, entertainment or even gas! Try to stick to the limits you set.

36.Create a list of goals and include a photo when you do them

– create a checklist of things you want to do in fall, and take photos when your teen girl accomplishes them!

– take pictures of yourself crossing things off your list to encourage each other!

37.Decorate school supplies with fall colors

-Let her try using fall colors like oranges and greens to decorate pencils, notebooks or other school supplies. She can also use things like mod podge to protect your design!

38.Do a fall gift swap with your daughter

– plan a secret gift swap with your teen girl to make new things together, or buy some cheap gifts and draw names for an easy game!

39.Have a DIY beauty challenge with natural ingredients

– create a list of DIY beauty challenges like making your own lip scrub or face masks. Try to do one challenge per week and post progress in the comments!

Don’t forget that the ingredients should be fall related such as pumpkin puree. Cinnamon, oats…etc

40.Craft fall themed stickers to decorate planners

– find a fun fall theme to create stickers for things like school and work deadlines, or events. You can use different colors as well!

41.Craft fall themed badge buttons

– use a variety of fall colors to create badge buttons, or try using things like leaves and acorns!

Tip: there are some badge button makers for kids/teens which are cheap to try their skills, your daughter can have a set with a friend and they create buttons to attach to their school bags

42.Decorate cushions for fall

– buy a plain pillow and decorate it using fall colors like oranges, yellows or browns to make things more cozy!

attach some leaves looking beads or iron some words cut from vinyl.

43.Draw on a plain mouse pad or coaster

– buy a plain mouse pad or coaster and draw on it using things like pens, paint markers or even Washi tape! You can use stencils, but the imperfection is the fun part.

44.Practice writing in a fall script font

Go on google searching for “fall fonts” try to learn how to recreate them in your writing with your daughter.

To conclude this:

I hope this blog post has helped you to find some fun activities for you and your teen daughter, or even 16-year-old girl.

We all need a little extra help sometimes!

I really enjoyed writing about fall themed things that are super easy.

Fall is a time of year where we get to be creative and enjoy the beauty that surrounds us.

It’s also a great opportunity for your teen daughter to bond with you over things like home decorating or crafting!

Whether she wants to make fall themed accessories, snacks, decorations ,or even DIY hair accessories- there are plenty of activities that can bring her closer to you during this exciting season.

How about you share something your daughter enjoys doing in Fall season?

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