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29 Fatal SEO Mistake s That are Killing Your Traffic

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SEO mistake s kill our blogs and rank us down that our traffic will drop and that affects our page views ranking, and possibly prevents growing e-mail list.

We all need SEO friendly posts and blogs to grow our business and get us more audience.

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I started my first blog trying my best to please SEO and wanted to get my blog noticed, however, I didn’t realize I was doing huge mistakes.

I ignored the fluff many people used to convince us with of how to grow our traffic. As a result, I searched for REAL people who know what they are talking about Which is SEO mistake s as in our case here.

SEO mistakes not only can rank us down, they can also penalize us by google and that is a catastrophe no one want to go throw.

Now after learning the specific mistakes that people do “including me, I’m not innocent”, I decided to share what I’ve learned and hopefully, that will help you too.


Note: always remember things change and Google is clever

SEO mistakes that can kill your blog:

Using too many ads is a huge SEO mistake

It’s really tempting to use ads for an income source especially at the beginning, however using too many ads can affect your traffic negatively *which we don’t want, right!!”

On one hand you can use ads, on the other hand use them reasonably *once per page is decent. This isn’t considered an SEO mistake.

Adding to that, people would leave your page and that would affect your bouncing rate and ranking.

A common SEO mistake is not naming the images

Imagine giving a blind person a piece of wool and telling him I’m sewing silk.

This person can’t see but can sense and feel it’s not silk.

Google can’t see your pictures, however naming them will help you rank.

Not using Keyword related content:

It’s true that we all search for the best topics to write about and gain traffic. However, using keywords that people search for in the post, but they aren’t related to your topic is a baaaaaaaaaad thing to do.

For example, I remember once I was searching for a topic and all pins and title showed how strong the post is gonna be related to the topic.

I read the whole post to not think them wrong, sadly it had nothing to do with what I wanted.

What you don’t like to go through, don’t cause people to go through too.

Wrong keyword density is a huge SEO mistake

Yoast SEO taught me an important lesson. Using your keyword too little will show you aren’t actually caring about it.

However, using the keyword too much would harm your blog and would look unprofessional.

Let’s say if you got 10 subtitles, use your keyword in 5-7 of them

  • Use the keyword in title.
  • Use keyword in first sentence in your introduction.
  • Use your keyword in your permalink.
  • Use your keyword in meta description.
  • Use your keyword in tags.
  • Use the keyword in image descriptions.

Those uses would help as a starter.

Repeated content and sentences

When we are tempted to write long posts to hit high rank, we might go through the mistake of repeating ourselves and our sentences.

Let’s say you mentioned a paragraph about healthy food for a teenage girl.

Your first paragraph you would talk about eating healthy food is good for her and then you say: “a teenage girl should take fruits as a source of sugar such as orange juice and apples.”

Now after proceeding with your topic you write a list of food that is good for a teenage girl and include: “She needs to have orange juice and apples in her breakfast because it is healthy to take fruit as her source of sugar.”

Did you see the SEO mistake? Repeated and fluff which you can avoid.

SEO mistake of bad grammar


Writing a blog post with a lot of grammatical mistakes would harm your SEO ranking. There are free software’s that check your grammar and correct it.

However sometimes the grammar corrector misunderstands the sentence and turns it wrong instead.

Tip: when you write a post don’t publish it or revise it within 24 hours. This allows your brain to rest and realize the mistakes.

Permalink length & its affect

There are two factors in here that should be considered in your permalink.

First, the permalink shouldn’t belong otherwise it would not rank fast enough.

So for example: spell rock-us ….etc


You can make it:

It’s obvious you are talking about a mother in negative state “angry-upset-paranoid…etc”

Second, the words in the permalink should be related.

As mentioned before, if the permalink talking about methods to calm mothers

You shouldn’t talk about the baby bad sleeping pattern, or cooking recipes or or…etc

So make it short, convenient and related.

Not Updating is a huge SEO mistake

I know many people whenever they write a blog post they just leave it there not touching it again. Things change, information change and you need up to date posts.

Let’s say you wrote  a blog post about Instagram features. And as we all know the features changed and many new things popped. In a result, you really need to update your post.


Another example. You wrote a blog post about 7 activities for pre-school kids. After 3 months you can add 3 more activities. After 6 months you can add 1 more activity.

Or you can update your Gif << if you like using ones like me>> to more trending ones.

People mostly do this SEO mistake and don’t even realize it.

Tip: In your permalink don’t include a number so you can change the amount of points in your blog post without breaking the URL.

Interlinking to not related blog posts

We all want our visitors to stay on our blog as much as they can. So to ensure that we use links to our other posts in the one we are writing.

Now these links should redirect them to posts that are related to the ones including the URL.

You can’t include a link to a post about “6 TV shows for women under 30” in a post talking about “Benefits of breastfeeding for women”

So your interlinking should be related and convenient.

A huge SEO mistake of over outbound links

When google want to check if your website or post is deserve ranking up, it’ll check if you are outbound linking to other websites.

If you include many links to other websites that will affect your ranking. It’s as if you’re saying: “I’m not good enough for people to read my post but these people are better than me.”

So be realistic so 1-3 outbound links are enough. And google will accept only 1 outbound link.

Irrelevant title to the content

I think this one is obvious. Nothing more annoying than clicking a link to a post because of the title and ending up in post that has nothing to do with the title.

Like seriously you don’t wanna enter apparel shop and end up in a shop which sells only bags??!!

Ok, the bags are apparel bet the shop owner needs to say its bags shop.

Ignoring the different headings (H1-H2-H3)

Google wants the posts to be user-friendly and that includes making the post as comfortable to read as possible for the readers.

So having these headings makes it easier for the reader to skim and easier for Google to break down the bulky paragraphs of text.

Super easy SEO mistake to avoid.

Including reference

Trying to be clever and give information out of the blue to get more readers is tempting but adding reference to what you are saying is necessary to make sure your post isn’t vague.

If you got information that you read somewhere then search for it. If you found it online then check if they are true.

If they are true you either include piece of the evidence by whoever said its true, this person should be trustworthy or expert” or you can link to their page.

Tip: make sure you don’t copy their words literally, so you don’t go through legal issues.

Your posts take different theme or writing style

Many people use guest posting or buy posts. It’s fine to have guest post as long as you mention that in the post.

You include a link to the writer’s website and small information about them.

However, getting other posts with different writing styles will raise many !!! above your head. So it’s better to make sure not to copy someone’s work or edit your posts to be in the same style.

SEO mistake of the length of sentences

Your sentences need to be inappropriate length to help your SEO in the ranking. Very short sentences show you as a newbie, very long sentences are confusing.

So if you think that you can break your sentences into smaller ones but not very small then go for it.

Annoying pop-ups

Isn’t it annoying to have a pop-up several times on the same page? Even you won’t like it. So if you think that this is the best method to collect emails then you are wrong.

Personally, if I got too many pop-ups while reading the post I close them no matter how good they are. And if the pop-up doesn’t have a close button, I close the whole tab.


Too many pop-ups shows google insecurity and annoys the readers which are against what google want.

The full-screen pop-up is a huge SEO mistake

Having too many pop-ups is on one hand and the full-screen pop-up is on the other.

Ever thought having a full-screen pop-up can harm your website? No, you didn’t. well, it does.

Come I’ll give you a hug “emergency hug”

So remove that and believe me you only want a faithful committed audience. You don’t need EVERYONE to be your clients.

And whoever wants to be with you, will look for signup page.


Using the fluff to advertise for a product

I remember the day when I was looking for a topic and the link showed up saying “my friends used the methods and now they “the result that I need” .

So tempting and I desperately wanted the result so I clicked, I saw that the link had a podcast. Cool, I can listen while doing something else.

I wasted over 20 minutes of my life listening and at the end, the person said “If you want to know these tips, my book is !!$$”

I had the worse punch in the eye!

Seriously?? At least include half of the info in a post THEN advertise for the product.

So don’t do the fluffy posts with text no one wants to end up saying ”My product will help you” If you want to, then use a product landing page.


Or include some of your tips and advertise for a product that gives more info in details.

Out bounding to not real sites

Well, it’s necessary to outbound to other websites but if you link to websites that don’t have any connection with your post then you are wasting people’s lives.

Where’s your table of content?


Having a table of content is professional and necessary, it’s easy too.

It shows how professional you are and easier for the reader to jump from one point to another.

Multiple posts with the same content

Now, this post is about SEO mistakes. If I find more ideas or discovered more points then I should add them in this post “remember revising posts!”

It’s wrong to start a different post about SEO mistakes that are nearly similar. That shows that I made 1 research and I’m dividing it into multiple posts to fill my blog.

Tip: For this post, I can relate to other posts talking about plug-ins that help you with your SEO, and another post about the best places to put your ads …etc.

Not having a mobile-friendly site is a huge SEO mistake


I remember when people told me “Athba I’m reading your blog on the mobile, half the words eaten, and it hurt my eyes” well oops sorry.

Your posts should be mobile friendly and that has a full SEO topic about mobile SEO << I’m not even kidding.

Is your keyword in the description tag?

I know once you finish your post you just want to click on the publish button cause OMG it’s exhausting << for this post it took me 4 days.

But it’s really important to mention your keyword in the meta description because that shows google what your post is about and if it’s worth ranking.

SEO mistake of lacking bullets and numbers

We go back to the point where google wants your post to be reader-friendly and as comfortable for the reader as it could be.

So adding bullet points and numbering are important to rank you up.

The social media connection and follows

Don’t fall under in the trap of walking on the red carpet of social media fast, for you will end up losing Google’s trust because of a tiny mistake.

This mistake is having too many unreal followers, or not using social media at all.


If you don’t want to use social media it’s up to you, regardless of how important it is nowadays.

However, if you decided to use one platform “which I highly advise focusing on only one on the start” then add only this.

Means: Don’t start Instagram account, twitter, FB just cause the blog has buttons for them. You either use them consistently or not have them at all.

Lack of consistency is a huge SEO mistake

Blogging is to offer content that helps others solve their problems or to find answers. If you aren’t consistent in blogging, Google won’t trust you.

Imagine this: You are the owner of a big company and you have a worker who is a hard worker and amazing.

A big company needs to have business with you and need some of your employees to be the bridge between the two companies.

Now you like this worker but he has a slight issue, he isn’t committed to handing work on time because of his consistent absence. Would you choose him?

It’s the same, google won’t rank your page and encourage others to follow you when you’ll disappoint them and be there once every long while.


Word count is too low

We all know that no one wants to waste their time on a post full of fluff.

But when you offer a post about “Mommy fashion” in 500 words, while someone else offers the same topic in 2000 words, their blog post has a higher chance to rank.

If you can’t write many posts a week, then do your deep research on a juicy post.


A huge SEO mistake of chunky paragraphs

Look at this post, I’m not showing off, but this is an example. I tried my best to not have chunky paragraphs.

Paragraphs should be 3-5 sentences each “I personally prefer 3 and if a sentence is too long, I choose 2 sentences.

” If your paragraphs are long with a lot of words, the reader will feel tired and lose track multiple times then leave.

Choose your words and if your paragraph is too long try to break it into points or steps.

Using Inappropriate words

 Know sometimes our feelings get over us but we need to control our temper. Inappropriate words affect the quality of your post, and if they go too far then your blog might get blocked.

If you wanna talk about a topic that bothers, you then do this:

  • Don’t write the post in one sit.
  • Take breaks between every time you write and stop.
  • Don’t post your post after writing it immediately.
  • Revise your post the next day or the day after.

Try to post it when you’re happy and calm it helps with the positivity

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5 Dumbest Mistakes Entrepreneurs Make With Their SEO by Neil
Patel is a rocking video check it out

In the end, always remember it’s easy to please Google and SEO but its easier to fall in mistakes.

  • Research your post ahead of time.
  • Pour your heart into it.
  • Give people what you wish to receive.
  • Be consistent.


And always remember there’s always a place on the top for all of us.

Now then tell me which of these mistakes did you catch yourself doing and how will you solve it?