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The ultimate list of games for kids to kick boredom

Having the kids nagging all over the place out of boredom is a nightmare parents live in a lot if not daily. And the worse part if the ones bored are the teens “eek I got one”. Kicking this boredom was easier for us when we were younger, and kids nowadays are so difficult to please.

So in this post I wanted to share with you few games that I’ve seen my kids enjoy “and even my students who are teens” enjoy in their free time.

And even better? You’ll find printable versions in my free resource library, so you don’t have to start from scratch


Activities and games to kick away boredom:

Spot it:

Spot it is a fun game that requires fast thinking. It consists of cards with pictures in different sizes. The same pictures might be repeated in other cards or may not.

Free printable spot it game

This is how it’s played:

1)all players get cards equally.

2)Once starting card should be on the table or board where they are playing.

3)The first player should spot a picture that is on the card and on one of the cards he/she has.

4)player drops his/her card and says the name of the picture spotted. “for example: pink mushroom”

5)the next player should do the same but with the last card on top “which was the previous player card” and repeat.

6)To make it more challenging, players should have set of seconds to do it or the round is skipped.


This is the classic dominos game where players should finish their cards by using whats in hand next to what’s on table. Basically, each card has 2 sides and each player should use the side available with them with the exact same side of the card on the table.

Free printable bingo game

1)All players should have equal cards to each other.

2)One card should be on the table.

3)First player should check his/her cards to see if they have a card with similar picture to one of the sides then use the card with these sides next to each other.

4) next player should do the same and rounds keep going on.

5)The player who uses all the held cards first wins


This is a nice game can be done in many ways according to the child’s interest. Basically, its counting the number of repetitions of each item on a card and writing it down.

Free printable I-spy game

1)This is a 1 player game unless you to have 2 copies of each game to make a timer competition.

2)Each player counts the number of repetitions of each item and write it down.

3)Keeps doing that for each item till all are counted.

4)You can create multiple versions of it to make it more difficult.



The classic beloved bingo can be played in many ways. It can be as difficult or easy as you wish.

These are the ways I let my kids play them.

Free printable Bingo game

The simple way:

1)each kid should have different playing card.

2)similar pictures to the ones on the card be printed and put on the table upside down.

3)Each child in his round pulls one card and show it to everyone else, then the other kids will put a sign on the same picture on their card.

4)they keep doing that till they get straight line.

The more complex way:

Following the same steps above HOWEVER the cards that they draw, instead of being pictures they be description of the pictures or a mini puzzle.

Would you rather:

This is a simple and fun game that can make kids and teens giggle and laugh over silly things. This game is simple.

printable would you rather game

1)print and cut the sheet into cards where its assigned.

2)Put all the cards in a jar, container, box, or whichever suits you.

3)Each player pulls a card and ask the other would they rather the first or second thing on the card and each one should answer giving reasons why.

4)Next player will pull the next card and do the same.

5)The player who pulls the card does not answer what is on his/her card.

Cause and effect:

This is also a game that can be funny and cause giggles according to whichever things you got on the cards.

1)Print the cards and cut it into smaller cards where marked.

2)Put all the cards in a jar or container or box.

3)Each player will pull a card and that’s the effect “for example a hole in a sock.”

4)The other players should make up or think of funny reasons why did the sock get a hole.

5)Next player pulls another card and the repeat the same process.

Tips to make the games reusable and to save some money:

Print them faded:

If you feel the games got a lot of colors and will finish the printer’s ink, then print them faded.

Print multiple pages on each paper:

If its possible and it will not make the pictures super small, then print multiple pages on one paper to save papers and ink.

Use Dry erase pocket.

I use these a lot in my classroom basically you put papers you want to write on inside then you use a white board marker on the outside because you can erase it easily.

Laminate the cards.

As a teacher I already have a laminator, and I would understand if not everyone does, However, there are many very cheap laminators that you can get for less than 20$ or 15$ “without discounts or offers.”

So, laminating the cards makes them reusable and keeps their durability longer so you don’t have to reprint them, and they will be waterproof.

Use some pouch folders.

After finishing the games, the kids tend to leave everything amess and some pieces get lost so using pouch folder can hold the pages and cards for next time.

Use waterproof cards.

Using waterproof cards can hold up the durability longer and keeps the games from losing the ink or being damaged in water.

Ofc, putting them soaking in water WILL damage them but we are here talking about small accidents.

Some tips before printing the games for the kids:

Show them the games before printing:

We often tend to think the games looks fun and appealing however our kids got different opinions. So before wasting ink, time and effort; consult your kids and make sure they will them.

Set roles and rules:

Assign rules of when and where to play the games and assign roles for who to take everything away and who’s responsible so they don’t start with “I though he took them away, I thought she would take away the box….etc”

Play with them.

Try to spend some time with your kids and play with them, it’ll encourages them to like the game and feel its not a silly game because you bothered to play it yourself.

Resource library with free printable games


Giving kids things to do when they are bored can take us to an end point where we run out of ideas.

Some games can be fun to play if they are played in different ways.

There are some tips though for moms before printing games that they find online.

Printing games can cost a lot however you can save money by:

Printing them faded:

Printing multiple pages on each paper:

Using Dry erase pocket.

Laminating the cards.

Using some pouch folders.

Using waterproof cards.

I give you the mic now to tell us which games do your kids love to play?

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