What you don’t know about the handicraft side hustle as a working mom

Ever looked at someone’s handicraft side hustle and thought: Oh that looks easy? I’m sure I can do it, but I don’t know where to start!

Starting your side hustle while being a full time working women is a good thing to engage yourself with. 

The purpose of going along with side hustle is to be more productive and creative. 

Your productivity, creativity, and persistence will lead you to the places motivation alone could not. 

The ultimate goal of learning new skills, investing your time and money is that all this struggle will pay you off in the near future.

Investing money for the side hustle

 Muddle through such circumstances well enough to bring favorable outcomes from your job as well as side hustles. Otherwise, the results of side hustle will deteriorate your physical and financial well-being, making you feel like you belong to nowhere.

Studio vlogs are filling youtube now and everyone is getting encouraged to start a home business or side hustle to earn extra income or have an income because they don’t have a job.

“Do what you love and you’ll love what you do!” always heard that but still it didn’t explain all the sides of the side hustle/business.

However, starting a side hustle that can be affected by your hobby doesn’t mean your hobby is profitable.

So what is the difference between a side hustle and a hobby?

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mom growing a handicraft side hustle

A side hustle can be physical or digital with a plan and goal of gaining extra money, which is sometimes depending on or affected by a hobby.

However, a hobby without a business mindset, plan, or goals is just a hobby to have fun.

Let’s have an example:

When I started giving crochet classes, I knew that crochet was my favorite hobby, my passion at the time, and was so ambitious about teaching people how to crochet, yet I never had people to sign up for my classes.

I thought “that’s fine, I only do it for fun!”

But when I started to realize what I did wrong and people won’t sign up unless they see that I’m serious about it. People didn’t want an afternoon tea with me, they wanted to learn, to be committed, to have something official.

So I created an Instagram account, built a lightbox “which I found a tutorial for on youtube” and started choosing my pictures and wording carefully.

I showed people what I’m capable of and what I can teach them, I set a schedule to know these classes are official and they got to be committed too.

I earned money in seasonal times, but still, I turned my hobby into a side hustle.

On the other hand, I learned a lot about handicraft side hustle with time and these are the things you must consider before starting your own.

Handicraft Side Hustle Q1: Who are your customers?

Before starting any business you should know the persona of your customers and why they want to buy from you. You will not know what to serve unless you know what they want. 

Selling handicraft items isn’t difficult nor easy, but finding who appreciates your work and not put you down when they don’t buy is important.

These days having something new and unique is a bit challenging with everything people been creating and doing. In this case, you should have a touch that makes you different and bring to you specific people.

For example: when I started my 1st side hustle, I was aiming to teach girls who were 15 years old and above.

I knew I didn’t have the ability and patience to train younger so I decided that this age is the best and according to that I chose the patterns and colors.

Handicraft Side Hustle Q2: What are the expenses?

woman thinking about the expenses of side hustle

If you chose a side hustle that costs nothing then great, although I believe some will actually require some spendings here and there.

Anyways, if you chose a side hustle that you need to spend on, then what are the expenses? Are they a lot? Are they bearable? Can you do it? Will, it hurt you financially?

Growing the side hustle and earning money isn’t that fast, so you shouldn’t spend a lot “unless you need to spend a lot and it won’t harm you” without being 100% sure you’ll earn it back.

For example, You can have the payment in advance and if it’s something physical make restrictions. This way you will spend from the money you were paid and keep the profit.

Handicraft Side Hustle Q3: Where are you spending on your side hustle from?

Always remember people are different, some got parents to help, some got a job already, some got savings, some sold an old car, bought cheaper one and had extra in hand ….etc

You need to realize that the source of money from which you are paying for your side hustle is important. If you aren’t gaining enough, then probably should choose something else.

Handicraft Side Hustle Q4: Are these spendings affecting your life?

When you want to spend money to start a side hustle “which isn’t wrong in some cases” you need to realize the fact that this side hustle is supposed to help you not trouble you.

Are you a single mom with a job? Are you a stay at home mom without an extra income? Are you covering the monthly essentials? Do your kids need anything? ….etc

Starting a profitable side hustle is great, but your life and your family’s life come first.

Handicraft Side Hustle Q5: What is your life’s pattern?

Starting a side hustle needs time and effort. For me, having a job, with 2 kids, being a single mom, and having my kids going to afternoon extra classes, butchered my time.

Yet when I wanted to give crochet classes I chose 2 days a week when my kids didn’t have afternoon classes or club, my mom could stay with them and my work schedule isn’t that bad.

Think about a side hustle that you can batch work on when you are free, or needs less time, or keep the kids busy with something to work on the side hustle.

Whoever you see having a side hustle out there is living a life different than yours so don’t compare.

Handicraft Side Hustle Q6: What goes where in your list of importance?

If I asked you to list important things for you, how would you arrange them? You need to know what is important for you and how is this side hustle affecting your life.

For me, I need to nap daily, it might silly or funny. I’m on some medications that sometimes I feel so exhausted so whichever side hustle I choose to pick up, It needs to be worked on after my nap.

People would argue about waking up early, but guess what? It’s useless if my brain is shut and I can’t work.

So nap comes before classes.

Now I got a job, kids schools, kids afternoon club, nap, online research, writing posts , ….etc

So, if I had something related to my job and needs to be done then I do it in my breaks between my classes.

I leave my kids on the weekend with my niece and family then I start batch working on my blog.

So I arrange my work according to the importance.

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Handicraft Side Hustle Q7: Do you know your competitors? Can you be better?

searching online about the competitors

When we want to start a side hustle, we probably will start doing something done by others. try to see what others are doing, NEVER copy them but have some ideas.

Can you do better? Can you do similar but different idea?

Handicraft Side Hustle Q8: Is your choice upgradeable? 

It’s great to reach this far and choose a side hustle, but can you upgrade it later? Can you do more or better?

Let’s say you’ve decided to sell stickers that you made at home.

Probably you start with 1 picture duplicated on 1 sheet of stickers.

Then later you include multiple shapes “drawings/photos” on 1 sheet

Then maybe start doing customized stickers for your clients ….etc

As a result, you can change your prices, raise, and upgrade your packaging and so.

Handicraft Side Hustle Q9: What are your short term and long term plans?

Before starting a side hustle, you need to know your short term/long term plans.

Is this side hustle seasonal? Will you do gift wrapping from December till Christmas then stop? Or are you going to do 1 seasonal gift wrapping hustle every quarter of the year?

Are you planning on keeping some of the money when you succeed to upgrade the hustle and turn it into business? Or are you going to hustle for short while then stop?

Write down your plans and think before starting.

Handicraft Side Hustle Q10: Do you have assistance?  

As I said above, I got someone to help me with my kids sometimes, however, having a side hustle means that I should consider if I have assistance or not.

Let’s take the stickers shop example, on some seasons, there will be a heavy load on sticker shop owners, that’s when they need someone to help them. If you have them at home can you have someone to come over and help? 

Do you have someone to stay with your kids?

Can you afford to pay for a babysitter?

You should consider all the possibilities and the moments you can have an assistant or batch work in advance.

7 Tricks To Manage Your Day Job And Your Side Hustle

Pursuing A Side Hustle

All the working women out there who are seeking side hustle can surely have some prior notion for future endeavors in their minds. To achieve those self-set goals, they may desire the following outcomes from the efforts they put in.

·  To Gain Empowerment

Any working mother or even if a single girl doing her day job is most likely to pursue a side hustle to gain empowerment and autonomy in prospect. Nobody would command him and set blueprints for him to follow. He may want to be a leader, not a follower.

·      To Be Their Boss

With time women want to attain permanent job security by being their boss. Such working ladies intend to launch entrepreneurial ventures to have freedom of money. Because of course, your side hustle will surely replace your nine to five job one day.

·  To Follow The Passion

Someone following the passion is more likely to follow the dream. Who dreams big can achieve big. It all starts with the dream. If we say it as passion, then one may want to excel in her nine to five job by taking additional courses and gaining new skills and knowledge in his job.

How To Manage Your Side Hustle?

A woman prioritizing work along with side hustles is a good notion for society to prosper. All the empowered women appear independent of the world financially. But she has to manage the house chores, serve the family, do the nine to five job and, also engage in life hustle is easier said than done.

To manage the side hustle, one must be aware of the challenges that come along the side hustle. Her mind should give her crystal clear approaches to follow while being in a rush. The journey might be different for everyone. As everyone other girl is having her physical and mental capabilities, financial difficulties, and much other personal stuff. But, if managed properly, it will gonna be worth it in the end.

Have a look at some tips and tricks to manage your side hustle.

1.    Manage Your Time Effectively

If you are proceeding with a project, even one or more of it alongside your job, then the first thing that one might encounter is the lack of time. Focus on how you invest time so that it should not be wasted, nor you have to do overwork on the cost of your physical health.

Do not forget to make time out for yourself. Also, adhere to your self-care routine tasks. It would be difficult for you to get things done if you compromise on your mental and physical well being.

2.    Identify an Area of Your Interest

It would become difficult for you to drag yourself in anything that does not excite or inspire you. You won’t be able to maintain your focus on whatever thing that does not have your keen interest. Make sure that you have relevant expertise in your area of interest. Success only comes when you are good at something.

3.    Mark Your Competitive Advantage

Competitive advantage is the term that does not only refer to one or more organizations competing with each other on getting paying customers. Every one of us is different and has his competitive advantage, which is entirely different from the person sitting next to him.

Like for instance, a woman who has a competitive advantage of creativity should hone herself in graphic designing. In contrast, the one who has command over stitching can engage with the textile industry.

4.    Build Enough Confidence

When standing out from the crowd, you must be confident enough about your plans. If you focus on what other people are doing, then it would not make any difference between your path and theirs. Keep the focus on your everyday goals. You have desires to fulfill and dreams of making true.

Success does not come overnight. The failed plans and not so good outcomes should not put you in despair. Rather you need the confidence to look at failures with the idea of trying something new.

5.    Self-Set Goals

Set achievable goals for yourself. Those should be according to the availability of time and what your mental health allows you to do. Quality, not quantity, should be the measure of your tasks performed.

6.    Think For Long Term

Being a girl, your priorities are shifting so, the planning made in this regard should be long-term. You have to face the world bravely and pursue them to stand by your side in challenging times. This could only be done when you dictate to others about your plans so that no one can mock you.

7.    Keep Positive Vibes Around

Know that energies are always contagious. Surround yourself with people who are ambitious, more open-minded, and career-oriented. They will help you find new grounds for your dreams and not putting a full stop to them. Vibes have a great impact on a person’s mood. And the girls are more likely to get affected by such nuances.

Final Thoughts

Working women have to struggle for work-life balance in our society. Adding side hustle to it makes it more challenging to cope. However, the side hustle added by choice will prove fruitful in the long run. Managing side hustle is a way to gain desired outcomes. All they gather is persistence, determination, and intrinsic motivation, even when the odds may not be in favor.

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Do you have another point that we can add up here for mommies who wants to side hustle?