Be a Happy Mom with This Superfood list

When I first started getting comments on how much food I eat, I used to reply with confidence” Food makes me happy!”


 To be honest I did not know if what I said was scientifically approved but that what I really felt.

And this food I’m talking about is any food. I heard of comfort food but never knew why they called it that “If you know please tell me in the comment”

One day as curiosity started to grow, with my cheek balloon big munching my food, I decided to search for proves that food makes us happy.

Guess Whaaaaaaaaaat??!! YES, IT DOES. Well, not all of it but there are types of food that make us happy.


At that time I was thinking about following a healthy lifestyle and getting fit, so I tried to eat these types of food and inject them into my meal planning to be healthier and check it out “like seriously food is LOVE I’m sure it will make us happy”

Everything at first is difficult but with time, I got used to it and even now without trying to be healthier I eat the same types.

If you didn’t read my post about being happy with essential oil here


Disclaimer: This post contains recipes of food I personally tried

I’m not a nutritionist and I didn’t study that field

I made my research and found these types of food fit me perfectly

If you have any allergies or health problems, you can adjust to your preference or ask a doctor

What types of food make us happier?


Brazil nuts

Brazil nuts are one of the best sources of the mineral selenium.

Guess what do people with low selenium suffer from?? BINGO

  1. Depression
  2. Irritability
  3. Anxiety
  4. Tiredness
  5. Feel lazy

Sounds familiar? It is to me I’m not gonna lie.

But hey it is yummy, easy to eat (doesn’t need cooking) and can go alone or with something.

Oily fish

Now now if you see moody people with low temper, negative or depressed guess what they need? OMEGA-3

Aha!! And do you know why? Because mood is something in the brain and 60% of the hard part of our brain is fat. And 30% of it is from omega-30

So feed the squishy brain, and let the happiness rain << and ahm it is true, really, search for it or WAIT I did the search ?

That is being said, you can feed your brain omega-3 from salmon and sardine.

The reason why it is healthy for the brain is that when the fats make the brain cells flexible, it will send signals properly and lowers the stress.


This is my beloved baby <333 I never knew that I could love oats that much. To be honest it was the first that I started with when I changed my lifestyle and food.

So basically, Oats contain a low glycaemic index, << which is high in other grains

And it takes it’s time when releasing energy into bloodstreams.

And that my friends are why blood sugar and mood are stable.

<<< imagine someone massaging you hard and fast and suddenly, or someone massages you gently slowly and gradually.

Yupp that’s what oat does to us. Plus, it has selenium too << uhh-haaaa mood-boosting buddy


Bananas contain the amino acid tryptophan as well as vitamins A, B6 and C, fiber, potassium, phosphorous, iron, and carbohydrate.

So much of what our body needs to be healthy.

But where is our bestie serotonin?

You see this little B6 buddy over there? Yup it converts the tryptophan into serotonin <<< we all know by now who is this right???

This will lift your mood, help you relax, chill, sleep better …etc <<< tried it myself.


These orangy little beads of happiness are complex carbs (just like banana – o – nana)

help increase the brain’s production of the feel-good serotonin. Which will give us calmer, happier state of mind with less anxiety. <<< YaaaaaaY

They also help to stabilize your blood sugar levels, keeping your mood even.

It also presents us to new friend which is “Folate” which is linked to depression.

Chicken and turkey

Chicken and turkey breast also help increase your intake of the amino acid tryptophan, which the body uses tryptophan to make serotonin – <<< This dude is everywhere isn’t he??

And that’s what keep the mood calmer and relaxed

Lean poultry also contains amino acid called tyrosine <<< welcome to the party

which can help reduce symptoms of depression and help you avoid feeling blue in the first place. <<< story of my life

Did you know that tyrosine is used to make adrenaline the hormone? So yeah it is truly associated with depression.


“If (Popeye The Sailorman) song is in your head now then HIGH FIVE”

Yes, this muscly green leaf is powerful. Basically, it keeps your vitamin B’s high and stable which helps in keeping you in a healthy stable mood.


Remember when we said the brain contains fat and the more omega-3 we take the more flexible the brain cells are and in a better mood you be?

The same goes here!

Your brain in specific and your whole body as a whole needs to stay moist and that will keep all your cells including the brain functioning easily.

When we’re dehydrated, it can really affect our ability to concentrate.

Tip: Keep a water thermos which has measures to see how much you had and how much left you need to drink.


Sooooo what’s your favorite one? I love rice crispies, corn flakes and Frosties.

Do you know why the cereals are advised to be given to kids? Because they contain calcium. And with calcium the brain is healthier, the bones and teeth are stronger.

Besides calcium reduces stress.

Dark chocolate

Do you know that feeling of looking at a chocolate bar with hearts flying all over the place out of your eyes?

This love has a reason.

Dark chocolate does lower stress and depression. People who eat small portions of dark chocolate daily, are less stressed, happier, more focussed and tend to not crave harmful sugar. <<< I tested that on myself and my whole department at work

That’s because dark chocolate can cause the brain to release endorphins and boost serotonin levels. <<< you cheeky little sero sero

After reading all these types of a superfood, now what?


I’ll give you some recipe’s that I personally made up when I was trying to eat healthier, and to be honest I ended up enjoying them and continued eating them regularly

Breakfast or Dinner

Boom Boom Oats:

Half cup of oats

200-250 ml milk (I used soya and sometimes low fat)

Sweetener (I use stevia)

Dash of cinnamon

Half a banana sliced


Stir the oats with the milk, sweetener, and a bit of cinnamon

Make sure you keep stirring so it wont burn

Once it thickens pour it in a bowl

Sprinkle some cinnamon, put the banana slices on top and BON APETITE


It’s self-explained: half a cup of cereals + cup of milk and sweetener

Turkey Wrap:

Whole wheat tortilla wrap (I used oats wrap too)

Turkey slices

Feta cheese

Tomato / cucumber / lettuce


Spread the turkey on the wrap with favourite viggies

Put some feta cheese then toast it in a grill



Chicken Breasts

Chicken breast

Spices as a favourite (I use powder spices to not add calories, like fajita or tandoori)


Cherry tomatoes


Garlic cloves

Salt and pepper


Rub the chicken breast with the spices and let it stay for at least half an hour

Sauté the onion, garlic, and spinach, + salt and pepper

Add the cherry tomatoes at the end so they won’t lose all their texture

For the chicken, you can either sauté it with the veggies or grill it separately on a grill or in the oven

Tip: add olive oil or 2 spoons of yogurt to the chicken and cover it with foil if you’re putting it in the oven so it won’t dry

Salmon Hug:

Salmon slices

Thyme or rosemary

Salt, pepper, garlic slices


Lemon juice + 2 spoons olive oil


Mix them all and rub them on the salmon

Put them in a foil and seal it well

Put it in oven or a grill

If you put them in the oven, half the time make a cut in the centre of the foil and try to open it a bit


Milk Shake:

1 banana

Half spoon peanut butter (optional)

1 cup of milk

Half a tablespoon oat

Half a tablespoon dark chocolate powder (or shredded chocolate bar) << (optional)

Mix them in the blender and you can add some cubes of ice

Add sweetener if you prefer

Note: it was awesome post workout drink specially when I used almond milk

Banana coated with cocoa

It’s self-explained

Milk half a bar of dark chocolate in a double boiler

Dip slices of bananas in the chocolate

Wat them as a snack with your coffee.

Bon Appetite

Well I hope this post was helpful and you all stay forever happy.

Just remember I’m not a nutrition or studied that field

I’m a simple person who searched and tried these recipes without facing any problems

Make sure to ask a doctor or check if you got any allergies

This is a video about food that makes you happier

Your turn:

Tell me a recipe or type of food you really feel happy after devouring it?


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