How to help your daughter with her remote learning:

Help your daughter with her remote learning

Due to the COVID-19 outbreak, all the world’s intuitions are closed for the previous few months.

This has given the parents a chance to improve their daughter’s skills, especially daughter’s skills, for those whose kids are learning virtually and are attending a blend of online classes.

If you are looking for tips to enhance your daughter’s remote learning of your daughter, then you are in the right place.

But before heading further, let us first discuss what remote learning is:

Remote learning:

Remote learning is a way of understanding where students and teachers are not physically present in class.

Instead, information is transferred through several technology tools such as online meetings, video conferences, online lectures, or recorded video lectures, etc.

There are many debates about whether it is suitable for students or not, but almost all of them admit that it is more informative. This has given a chance to the new generation to learn technology in a completely new way.

Furthermore, remote learning provides access to education for those who otherwise may not have other opportunities.

Parents struggle a lot with remote learning. To make it easier for you, we have gathered some information that may be helpful for you.

Setup tools:

A lot of people on the web allow students to learn online without any physical contact or pressure.

As a parent, it is your responsibility to provide your daughter with all the necessary tools they need. Education is a field where one should never compromise.

Try to give them at least a pc and a connection to the internet.

Give a dedicated space for learning:

Being a parent, it is your foremost responsibility to set up space in your home where your daughter become used to.

Dedicate an area that is quiet and away from the things which could distract your daughter. Buying an extra study table would be a luxury.

Set a timetable:

Set a timetable and try that your kids get used to it. Do not impose it, be patient so they do not feel like school.

Your timetable must be according to the standard of your kid. It should contain a specific time in a particular subject. Make sure that they get used to it.

Breaks are also crucial for a mind to rest. An ideal timetable should contain a break after every 30 minutes. The break should be a maximum of 5-10 minutes.

The break should be simple, with some deep breathing exercises. This will help your kids to be motivated and focused on their studies.

Stay in contact with teachers:

Teachers know the things about their students that parents do not. They have the experience which most of the parents lack.

Try to stay in contact with teachers; it is necessary to keep your kids on track. If you notice any new behaviour at home, be a parent, try to make sure that the teachers know about it.

 This extra contact is essential, especially if they are not seeing their students. 

Smooth the path:

If you are a parent, try to smooth the path for your kids. Spend some time studying the issues and difficulties of tech, and make sure your daughter does not face it.

This will ultimately help them in saving their time. You can only enhance their tech knowledge if you guide them on how to do it. It is essential as now you are their only mentor.

Try to be patient and learn as much as you can to ease the path for your kids.

Ideas to focus on:

Focus is the thing that makes a man perfect. Being a parent, if you want your kids to learn faster, then make her/her focus on that thing.

 You should ease their path and keep them away from all the distortions. Focus is the root of fast learning. Your child’s learning capability depends upon his focus on the way he/she is attempting to do.

Not particularly in remote education, but in every field of life, the focus is vital. Here we have a list of ideas that you can do to enhance the focus of your daughter:

Reduce distractions:

Kids distract mostly from toys and games etc. So, try to keep them away from your kids. In the case of a daughter, girls often get distracted from dolls, tv shows, and many other things of this sort.

Being a parent, you know what the things that distract the attention of your daughter are. So, try to keep them away during her online classes or while doing homework.

Noise is also included in it.

The workplace that you choose for her should be quiet and away from all the distortions.

Create a daily plan:

If you are a parent, you must stay in contact with the teachers. Discuss the syllabus and the week’s workload and create a daily plan of studies for your kids.

Make sure that your kids follow it strictly. However, the plan that you design should be a proper one with all detailing, as discussed above.

This will help your kid to focus on a particular subject at a specific time. Apart from this, please make sure to be patient if your kids aren’t following the daily plan that you designed for them; no worries!

Just be patient and treat them politely.

Don’t impose it on them; they will get used to it as time passes.

Stay present:

You must make sure If you want that your kid focuses on his or her studies by being aware of what he is doing. Try to stay present with her during his learning time.

It’s essential for focus. Ensure that he gets all the attention he needs to concentrate on focus on what he is doing.

1If no one is near, your kid might distract from anything that gives her attraction. If your kid has any doubt regarding the lecture or homework, make sure that you know it and try to remove it.

Don’t try to teach; just help her understand. It’s the main thing that most parents do wrong. They try to teach her like a teacher but don’t allow her to know as a friend.

Be a friend, not a teacher. Otherwise, she may get exhausted and lose her focus. Apart from this, there are some other plans that you should practice improving your kids’ learning capabilities.

Focus on Physical activities as much as possible:

Yes! You heard it right. Physical activity is necessary even with remote learning. Your kids need a break during their hectic routine, and make sure that they do not come close to any item related to technology in this breaky.

 Limit their screen time and try to involve them in as many physical activities as you can. If you have resources and you can afford it, creating a play area for your kids would be a luxury for them. Talking about a daughter, make sure to design some healthy activities for her during her routine depending upon her interest.

Being a parent, you know what your daughter loves the most, arrange the plan accordingly. Physical activities are vital for average growth and metabolism, which is necessary for fast learning. 

Make time for reading and Math practice:

Daily reading is very beneficial in improving vocabulary as well as in enhancing learning skills. Provide your daughter with the books of her sort. Tales stories will do the job for her. Make sure that she read at least a page daily; it helps a lot.

During remote learning, understanding is the main issue that most parents complain about their daughter. Daily reading will help to remove it. If your daughter is not talkative, then you must make sure that she reads a page daily. This will help her to understand the concept and the language better.

On the other hand, Math is a subject that needs daily practice. Math cannot be learned; it requires training. Make sure that your kids practice it daily. Math seems to be boring, but some facts make it attractive.

Try to find it and ease the path for your daughter. There are a lot of sites on the web which make math enjoyable to understand.

You can consult it for ease and comfort. However, these two things are vital for enhancing remote learning skills.

Stay as positive as you can:

 Being a parent, you are the only mentor of your kids in this pandemic. Try to be as positive as you can. Kids mostly look up to their parents to discover how to react to new or unpleasant situations.

 In the case of a daughter, make sure that you encourage her to be herself, encourage her to be healthy and positive. Parents are the inspiration for their kids.

Be strong and make sure that your kids, especially your daughter, be proud to be your daughter. These are some things you must practice and enhance your kids’ learning skills and make sure there is positive and robust growth.

Now do you have any tips for your daughter’s remote learning that you can share with us?

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