Hosting a girls’ sleepover party and surviving it

hosting a girls’ sleepover party

Hosting a girls’ sleepover party is a survival mission that moms get frustrated about before and during the party. Of course, we can call it a sleepover or slumber, but both mean the same. If you have not hosted a sleepover party before then this post is for you and you’ll have a full idea of what to do and what you need.

In my opinion sleepover parties are good opportunity for our daughters to learn how to be responsible, be social, building friendly personality and you get to know her friends closer.

Adding to that, sleepover parties are cheaper substitute to taking the girls out for few hours to have fun. Also, the items you use for the sleepover party can be saved in boxes for next time.

Preparing extra night clothes:

If you can afford getting sets of PJ’s so they all look the same then its great, otherwise keep few clean PJ’s or clothes in case a girl got her clothes dirty and didn’t grab extra.

Prepare important bathroom items:

When you are hosting a sleepover party then you should prepare and provide important items to make sure all the girls can stay safe and hygienic.

List of things to prepare for the sleepover includes:

Bath bag. 

Hygiene kit.

Face Wash. 


Body spray.

Hair pins.

Hygiene products if they are on their periods.

Clean towels.





Teepee if preferred.


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Be cautious about the medications:

If any girl you are hosting has medications, make sure to keep them in reach but safe “cool place or in the fridge.”

Set reminders to make sure the girl doesn’t forget taking her meds.

Pack your mobile phone and its charger:

Provide chargers for different devices around in case the girls wanted to charge mp3 player or ipod or ipad ….etc.

Keep the chargers in a safe spot and make sure they don’t over-charge their devices.

Keep extra money:

Keeping a bit of cash around in case the girls wanted to order something later would be handy. Make sure you don’t host the sleepover when you are very tight on budget.

Provide info about the sleeping arrangements:

Provide the parents of the girls you’re hosting with the sleep arrangement “activities, movies, games, food, time to sleep….etc” they need to know the nature of the experience in case it doesn’t match their life style.

Pack some party food:

Make a list of snacks and meals for the girls to eat when you are around or not. Make sure to consider what the other girls are allergic to so you don’t end up with tragic situation.

Make sure to provide some games:

Remember to provide games to the sleepover. Games like board games, singing games, friendly quiz games are fun to play in a sleepover. You can also bring an MP3 player so you can listen to your playlist and have a memorable time.

Want to spice it up even more? Let them DIY the board game that they wish to play.

Make sure to capture moments:

Keep an instant camera around to take photos of the girls and keep memories. You can make a scrapbook for the sleepover party.

Parents’ permission is important:

You need to ask the parents ahead of time if they would allow their daughters to stay at your place. Also ask them for a list of medications the kid takes or allergies or rules.

Activates to do in a sleepover:

Hosting a sleepover can be frustrated sometimes as you want your daughter to enjoy her time with her friends yet keep her good reputation that she is a great host, and this is where the activities come in hand. Few are listed below:

Indoor Cinema:

Make sure when you allow the girls to watch a movie that their parents approve of the genre. You can create cinematic atmosphere by turning off the lights, throwing pillows and blankets on the floor, preparing popcorn and coke.

Make fancy things to eat:

Allow them to help you in preparing the snacks for the sleepover and put it in containers for when they feel hungry. Also prepare some snacks for them so they can have them while playing or doing an activity.

Play board games:

Playing different types of board games is also one of the ways They can enjoy a sleepover party. You can also make the loser of the game perform a dare or tell an embarrassing thing about herself to other friends. This way, the game will become more competitive and enjoyable.

Here are some of the Board game suggestions that they can play at your sleepover:

● Monopoly

● Risk

● Scrabble

● Ludo

● Battleship

● Checkers

● Clue

● Chinese checkers

Supervised Girl’s gossip:

Girls love gossiping but as a parent who wants to put that under control, make it a game, write on cards some names/locations/descriptions then the girl who pulls a card starts making up a story/gossip about the provided info.

Practice Yoga:

If you can provide mats let them all have a YOGA session or even on a towel to teach them how to chill and relax. Play some nature theme to make it more realistic.

Let them have a Pillow Fight:

Be the judge and let them have a pillow fight under your supervision to make sure they don’t hurt each other.

Nothing beats a good old hot chocolate:

Knowing that you are hosting a girl’s slumber party then you know they are too young for tea and coffee. Hot chocolate is the king of the hot drinks for all ages.

You can try putting a tray with different additions “marshmallows, chocolate chips, syrup…etc” so the girls add them to their drink as preferred.

Polish your nails:

Girls love nail polish and specially when ads on Facebook, YouTube or Instagram pop up showing how to polish nails….etc so why not grab few girly nail polish colors from the dollar store and let them experiment different looks.

Girly Spa:

If you are sure that the girls you’re hosting don’t have any allergies or skin problems then probably making natural face masks can add a bit of excitement to the sleepover.

Night walk with flashlights

Encourage the girls to have a walk with the flashlights however under your supervision.

So, you think you can dance?

Try a dance contest by copying dancers on YouTube or let them create their own moves. Make sure no one gets hurt in the process.

Watch Sunrise:

If you are ok with the kids staying all night up till the morning, then let them watch the sunrise otherwise you can wake them super early to watch it.

Now how to survive this sleepover as a host mom:

Keep a list of contact info to reach any parent easily and give them your contacting info too.

Prepare snacks and put them in the fridge in case they got hungry while you are resting so they don’t wake you up.

Print some of the essential rules on papers and hang them.

Make sure you set strict rules and keep them clear.

Rules for Sleepover:

Here is a list of some of the rules for a successful sleepover and slumber party.

● Set a “light out” time for the sleep over.

● Don’t have drinks containing caffeine. 

● Set an appropriate volume.

● Share snacks with the whole group.

● Be soft-spoken.

● Don’t waste food.

● Don’t get carried away.

● Don’t break anything.

● Make sure to have a low volume after 9 pm.

● Keep your valuables like mobile, tablets, and other digital devices in your bags.

● Don’t hurt anyone physically.

● Don’t neglect any of the friends.

● Stay inside after 9 pm. 

● Don’t dirty the house.

● Don’t make too much noise while playing. 

● Select one room for all your sleepover activities.

● Be on time for the sleepover.

● Clean the room before going to bed.

● You should not hurt the house pet if the host’s parents have any.

● Put dirty clothes into the designated basket. 

● Don’t go to bed wearing dirty clothes.     

● Don’t hit on the face while having a pillow fight.

● Don’t use abusive words or language while speaking to your friends.

● Respect the host’s parents. 

● Tidy the bed after waking up. 

Did you skip till the very end? No problem that’s a summary:

Hosting a girls’ sleepover party is a survival mission that moms get frustrated about before and during the party.

In my opinion sleepover parties are good opportunity for our daughters to learn how to be responsible

Adding to that, sleepover parties are cheaper substitute to taking the girls out for few hours to have fun

You can prepare for a sleepover party by:

Preparing extra night clothes

Prepare important bathroom items

Be cautious about the medications

Prepare Different chargers

Keep extra money

Provide info about the sleeping arrangements

Pack some party food

Make sure to provide some games

Make sure to capture moments

Parents’ permission is important

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