How To Prepare Your Daughter For Her First Period

Puberty is great for boys as they only have to deal with the beard and growing body, but your daughters have so much more to think about AKA periods. It is vital to prepare your daughter for her first-ever period and for the next 40 years to come. It might seem daunting, but it doesn’t have to be like this, as being open, positive, and honest will make this experience positive for your girls. So, if you are confused about preparing your daughter for periods, we have some tips that might help!

What’s Your Opinion About Periods?

When we check out the history of discussing periods, words like suck and curse are commonly used by women, which is wrong on so many levels. So, first of all, you need to stop sharing this perspective about periods with your daughter. This is because there is so much more to periods, such as amazing fertility and the ability to bring another life to the world. It is important that you have a positive stance on periods to ensure your not-so-little girl has a good experience with periods.

You must tell her what it feels like to be a strong woman along with the body changes and how important it is to have a normal and healthy body. Not to forget, if you have hard periods, it doesn’t mean that your girl will too, so don’t scare them and use your storytelling skills to create a positive perspective.

Clear Confusions About The Physical Details

Many women have a perception that their life is limited only because they get periods, which is another reason why teenage girls hate periods. However, as a mom preparing her daughter for periods, you need to tell her that getting periods is not the disease. In addition, you must not call “that time of the month” to be a sick woman. Instead, you should tell her that she can do everything during her period that she can do on non-period days as it’s all about empowering your baby.

Also, many girls are scared of periods because they imagine free-flowing blood flowing out of their bodies. For this reason, you must tell her that it’s different from other forms of bleeding. It is suggested to teach about the uterus and how it’s the size of her closed fist and has the uterus lining inside. So, when she gets the period, this lining starts tearing and comes out of the body along with three tablespoons of blood. When you tell her these things and show how much three tablespoons of blood is, she will realize that it’s not too much, and she can handle it.

Explore Together

Yup, we are talking about exploring the period supplies, ranging from period panties to tampons and pads. In fact, you can also talk about the subscription services to help her track the periods. Even more, there are some special options available that protect her clothes from bloodstains. Having said that, you need to explore all these options together in the store. Even more, you can tell her about all the supplies that you’ve at home and let her explore them and choose what she likes the best.

Teach How To Use The Period Supplies

If your daughter hasn’t had her periods yet, it is evident that she will be appalled by all the period supplies but won’t know the best way of using these period supplies. It’s common for girls to be afraid of period supplies – girls are often scared of pads leaking or feeling gross. On the other hand, the tampons look terrifying as that’s something she will have to insert into her body. For this reason, you must teach her how to use different period supplies.

For this purpose, you need to teach them the “how,” the right time to change these supplies, and basic hygiene, such as proper shaving and cleaning up. In addition, if your daughter thinks that she is ready, she can opt for tampons, but it’s best to give them a guide for them (if you can show her how to wear a tampon, that’s ideal, but it’s the matter of your comfort). So, get them guides or show them whatever is suitable for you and her.

Teach Her The Logistics

Your baby girl needs to know every detail about periods and associated situations when you are teaching her about periods. Some of the things to teach include;

  • How to manage periods
  • How to be ready for periods and not get caught by periods
  • How to use pads or tampons
  • What to do if she gets her period at school
  • How to handle periods if she swims
  • How to make a pad from toilet paper when she doesn’t have pads
  • How to handle if the pad leaks

In simpler words, you need to prepare her for the mishaps. For instance, make sure that she has a clean pair of underwear, leggings, and extra pads in her bag (there are special pouches for this purpose). In simpler words, she needs to have an emergency kit ready. On top of everything, tell her that even if the pad leaks, it will be minor, and it will be a breeze to handle, especially when she has clean underwear and leggings in the bag.

Don’t Talk About Negative Symptoms

While cramps, breast tenderness, mood swings, and bloating are real, talking about them before they even happen can make your daughter uncomfortable. For this reason, it is suggested to address these issues when they occur rather than making them fear them. Also, when she struggles with these issues, tell her about the hot bottles and painkiller, so her symptoms can be eased. Not to forget, always tell her that it’s temporary and will go away (these symptoms only generally occur for the first two days of the period).

To summarize, girls are often anxious about getting periods for the first, and it’s best to prepare her rather than catch her by surprise. So, use this guide to ensure your girl is well-prepared for periods and is confident!

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