The Juicy list of flexible jobs for a single mom

  • Finding flexible jobs for a single mom. Financial difficulties are part of these struggles.
  • I remember the first time I got paid and thought like “wow I got a salary to support my kids.” With bad financial management, I couldn’t fulfill this goal and ended up asking my parents for money “eek”.
  • I knew that I must earn money as a single mom even with having a job + the budget management needed here.

Why does a single mom need to earn money?

  • Single mom “is the self-explained term” depending on herself to raise a child or more alone.
  • Not all single moms get support from the father so mostly a single mom needs to find a way to earn money to support herself and her children.
  • Not all single moms got a place to live for free or someone to live with so that’s an extra.

What are the ways to earn money as a single mom?

  • A single mom can have a job related to a degree she has.
  • A single mom can have a job not related to any degree.
  • A single mom can try to find a side hustle that makes her earn money.

P.S. If you want to earn from side hustles then this post is for you

What are the flexible jobs for single moms?

If you are a single mom and looking for a job, then let me list down some jobs with the cons and pros of each. Bear in mind statistics differs from one place to another and the needs in your place.

  • Well if you got the capabilities to work then whichever job that allows you to drop your child at school and pick him up is a good job.
  • Let’s start with jobs that don’t require a college degree:

Single mom Teacher assistant:


  • Your working hours = you’re a child school day.
  • You don’t need a degree.
  • Because you don’t have a degree, the teacher will do the professional more complicated work.


  • Some teachers depend a lot on their assistance.
  • Some teachers treat assistance as if an employee for her.
  • When there are finals and loads of work, you will need to take some home or work late.

Single mom Call Centre advisor:


  • You don’t have to deal with people face to face.
  • Many companies/ agencies need CCA so it’s easy to find.
  • You don’t need a degree for it.


  • Some people are rude and difficult to deal with
  • You need to keep your temper regardless of how bad these people are talking to you
  • If some co-workers skipped work, the extra load will be on the others
  • Seasonal times, the job is frustrating

Single mom Nanny/ Child Care worker:


  • If you are a mother then by nature you got experience in dealing with children
  • Dealing with children “those tiny adorable creatures” gives you self-satisfaction and brings out your best
  • Babies aren’t bossy


  • Having multiple children crying at the same time is frustrating
  • Children get ill often
  • Dealing with the parents is the big responsibility

Single mom School bus Driver:


  • Your working hours = you’re a child school day.
  • You don’t need a degree.
  • You can drop your child and pick him up on your way picking/dropping the other kids.


  • You need to have a driving license.
  • You need to wake up early
  • You might arrive a bit late because you must drop all the kids first

Single mom Ridesharing or Delivery Driver:


  • Applications are online
  • People book online so you know your schedule ahead of time
  • You don’t need a degree


  • Some people are rude and difficult to deal with
  • Many people applied for this job so finding people who need drivers is tricky
  • The load and traffic on weekends and night when you want to take the day off

Single mom Chief:


  • If you like cooking, then you’ll never feel it’s a stressful job
  • Restaurants normally open in the morning after school starts and lunchtime is before your kid leaves school
  • It doesn’t need a degree


  • Some restaurant owners are bossy
  • In rush hours the cooking will be stressful
  • If a client complained about a meal, it’s your fault

Ok now let’s list some jobs that need degree:


You can start and end work with your child. You can try to manage and work in the same school or close enough.

Single mom Accountant

It’s needed in any company, corporation, business agency, hotels …etc. Most likely high paying and you can manage to pick your child up then back to work for an extra hour.

Single mom Graphic designer

It is one of the high demanding jobs nowadays. Even online entrepreneur needs graphic designers. In most cases, they are highly paid.

Single mom Computer Specialists

We are in a technology age, everywhere needs a computer specialist. The salary is good, and the job isn’t difficult if you are in love with techno stuff.

Single mom Market Research Analyst

Any corporation running a business will need a business plan. Your job is to analyze this plan and research. That makes you VIP

Single mom Translator

The difficulty in this job is not to mess up with words then get the opposite meaning. Most agencies, corporates, and international business owners need qualified translators. These are well paid.

Single mom Physician Assistant

Most medical centers and hospitals need a physical assistant. Doctors can’t do their job alone they need another pair of hands. You can choose to have only morning working hours.

Single mom Marketing Professional

No one can run a business without a marketing professional who can plan a marketing plan for a product to success. They are highly demanding and you can finish the work at home if its ok with your boss to be home with your child.

Single mom Interior Designer

They are high paying, high demanding, and needed everywhere. You can take some work home with you so you don’t be late for your child

This is a link for SAHM jobs but fits perfectly as jobs for single moms:


The Last Thing You Need to Know about jobs for single mom opportunities

With a degree or without, there are always opportunities to work as a single mom.

Don’t focus on the salary itself as you need to focus on taking care of your child as a priority. Any low paying job could be mended with a small side hustle.

Now, what do you do for a living? What ideas came to your mind?