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Have you ever thought about finding a method to get your kids to do their chores willingly & enjoy it?



You are getting tired of asking them to do their chores, pick their stuff, clean where they were….etc and they don’t even listen.



What If I told you there is a way to remove this pain and make the kids do their chores before you even ask?

Ok let's take this step by step

* Chores will be your everyday gaming system.

* Your kids will do the chores willingly.

* You’ll finally have your “My time” peacefully.

* You’ll watch your kids offer help without


Don’t worry I got you and I’ll explain.

From “Chores to scores” is an eBook for mothers like us who are lost when it comes to kids not wanting to do their chores.

It follows the gamification system in a simple way to turn boring chores into exciting games.

It’s a step-by-step guide with ideas, diagrams, and examples to get you from “What is that?!” to the “AHA I get it!”

It is a system that turns chores into games and rewards into trophies.

You don’t need to be an expert to follow the book, It is designed for parents in general “new to the system or expert.”

But who am I to talk about the system with confidence?

Hi! I’m Athba. A mother of two girls, an educator, and a certified trainer by BITA.


I have always been excited about trying new things specially fun and games related methods. reading about gamification got me hyped and I applied it in my classroom. When I saw the amazing results in my Students’ performance I had this great idea of applying it on my kids to turn the boring chores into fun games.


I have seen many topics here and there online, but I haven’t seen any detailed explanation for MOTHERS in specific, which I feel is unfair. So I took the plunge to share with you this amazing system because I want YOU to taste the amazing results I had, and so we all have a virtual coffee break. *High Five*

What Others said about the ebook?

"Athba has given great tips and detailed suggestions for introducing fun, competition and resilience into the home. When designed and implemented well, these gamification systems are a good way to notice and develop the personality strengths of each child at home. I am excited about the outcomes for families who embark on this approach in their chores and other aspects of home life!"
Agnes Chong,
Mom and champion of strength based parenting
Love the gamification ideas and how they are broken down and easy to understand. Any parent can do these ideas and put into place. Take a weekend with your kids to set up and on Monday start the game. -
Deanna Kloostra has a Bachelor's degree in Human Services
She has worked in level 3 and 4 facilities with troubled kids.
She currently is a certified behavioral therapist and works with autistic children

Frequently Asked Questions

Most frequent questions and answers

Is this a course?

No. This is a pdf ebook that you’ll download and read on any device unless you want to print it out.

Does it include videos?

No it doesn’t include any videos, this is a full text with some picturs to help explain the methods and ideas in the ebook.

How many times can i download it?

You can download it infinitly as long as you don’t lose your information.

When do I get my ebook after paying?

Once the payment is complete you’ll be redirected to the download page and you won’t have to wait any second longer.

Is this ebook for kids of certain age or gender?

Not at all, the method used in the ebook is applied on kids from very young ages to workers in their workplace. However the ebook presents ideas for children in general and you adapt to the methods and ideas according to your kid’s ages and preferences.

Is there a refund system?

Sadly, as I wish there would be, but this is a digital product which will be downloaded and saved in your device, so If I can’t remove it permanently from there, I can’t accept the refund. Besides, this is a special discount price which will expire in few minutes.

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