30 lessons in life learned from Disney


Hello my dear and welcome back. I’m really happy to share with you this stunning idea of using Disney magic to plant the seed of goodness in our kids.

Make sure you got a cup of coffee and pull a seat for I am going to give you “30 powerful lessons in life learnt by Disney” that will actually work in helping our kids to be their best.


And as a parent in your place, I thought of giving you a small cherish gift, a totally free printable version of the lessons’ list (with cheerful colours inspired from Disney princesses’ dresses IN TWO TYPING VERSIONS WITHIN ONE FILE). YAY!! Isn’t that amazing


The idea came when I saw my kids arguing about something then I reminded them with a situation from a movie, one of them replied with explanation and conclusion of how the situation works on them or not

I was thrilled by the answer and knew that those movies DO work on changing our kids so I did a little research and found other places writing about lessons learnt from Disney movies which inspired me but didn’t use them literally.

Why didn’t I take what’s online literally?

Social reason:

  • Coming from my region some stuff doesn’t apply to our life but reassigning the moral in roundabout words worked fine with me.
  • Also, I chose what fits with the situations my girls face in family, school, parents state… etc.

Psychological reason:

  • Let’s be honest you don’t want to bring up a lesson which includes parents deeply in love with each other when the kid is suffering from parents’ divorce. (my case)

Financial reason:

  • As much as those lessons are powerful in a positive way, don’t choose lessons that include money spending or over budgeting that you can’t afford then break the child from the inside.

The reason why we are using these lessons with our kids is to:

  • Raise their self-esteem
  • Give them a reason to follow their dreams
  • Build up reactions for everyday life situations
  • Strengthen their vocabulary in an argumentative way
  • Plant the seed of goodness in their heart and mind

To be honest they would be great as reminders in chatting with your daughter like this post.

What is the best way to use these lessons in your benefit?

If you are here because we both me and you plus every caring mom is seeking ways to be the most creative educator for our children. So you can’t stand there commenting on the child saying “ pfft … there comes Elsa the complicated head running from her troubles”

Big No No No…..

Use the clever way because what comes fast goes fast, we want them to re-read, re-listen, re-see the goodness so it will stick in them.

These are the few tips that worked for me and so excited to share them with you (comment below if you got any more tips)

Turn them into a keychain

  • Printing them on a paper then laminate it and cut it is one option.
  • Or perhaps printing them on cardstock then cutting them.
  • Pinch the corner of all cards then insert them in the key chain ring

Fridge Magnets

  • If you followed the same method above you can use sticky magnets instead of punching holes then stick them on the fridge.

Lunch bag/ secret notebook/ school uniform message

  • It’s self-explanatory, cut each lesson and insert it where you want your child to find it when you aren’t around to draw an adorable smile.

Hook & Loop

Similar to magnets you can stick these on the back of the messages with a loop piece on a picture frame or mirror or bathroom door.

Now it’s time to give you my version of the (30 powerful lessons learnt from Disney)

P.S. This post is AMAZING and I loved the points mentioned.

Enjoy ?

Beauty and the beast:

  • Reading, knowledge and intelligence are the most beautiful things in a girl
  • Never judge people by their appearance, for the beauty hidden within
  • Always be proud of your parents for they are doing their best to give you the best life
  • Don’t judge people’s aggressive behaviours if you didn’t walk in their shoes
  • You aren’t weirdo if you didn’t follow the crowd, you are unique, and they hate it
  • Don’t lose hope when many people walk away from you in your worse, who’s meant to be around will be there in time


  • What goes around comes back around for who mistreat you
  • Don’t belittle things around you, putting them together will create great things
  • Whoever wants to be with you will do the impossible to find you
  • No matter how much people try to take things away from you, what’s meant to be will be for you


  • It doesn’t matter if others call your stuff trash if they feel like a treasure to you
  • Don’t be open in the surface, the deeper you go, the fewer people hurt you
  • Parents set rules out of experience; they try to save you the time and pain
  • Parents mostly get mad at you when they are worried about you
  • No one accepts other’s opinions when they are upset, talk when you are calm


  • Girls are as powerful and dependant as boys, tbh most times even more
  • If your good people got mad at you, don’t throw away all the old goodness or turn on them
  • Nothing is too difficult if you have the determination to learn it
  • Keep trying even if you failed, you will reach your goal in time
  • Extreme strength and honour lay within an apology to people you did wrong.

Snow white:

  • Never trust any stranger, not all got good intentions
  • When people hate you, its because their heart is sick, nothing wrong with you
  • It’s good to have a gang of 7 or more to keep you up
  • The toughest people can fall when they see the ones, they care about hurt
  • Even the aggressive and rude people hide care in their heart


  • Sisters love shortens distances and melts icebergs
  • When the ones who care about you judge people you like, they are seeing the whole picture
  • There’s absolutely no reason in the world to hurt people we love even when we are mad
  • If you care enough about someone, nothing will stop you from reaching them and apologize
  • Love warms frozen hearts and some people are worth melting for

To sum up this post:

Always remember you can use the lessons or reuse them regarding your needs/goals

Bear in mind your child’s (financial-social-psychological) status before adopting the method

There are many ways to use these lessons in your benefit to transfer your child into a better version of him/herself.

Don’t forget to download your totally free, super duper cute coloured version of these 30 lessons.

Share this post please if you think it can help someone in reaching their children (or students or even for her/himself)

Can’t wait to see you around next time

With love

A mother just like you


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