List of evergreen content for bloggers

Crating evergreen content can help in bringing consistent traffic to your website and is the best and easiest content to create. It’s really important to have an evergreen post on every blog just to make sure that the website keeps getting traffic regardless of the season. In this post I wanted to share with you a list of 12 different evergreen content to create for your blog today.

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A list of evergreen content for bloggers to create posts about to grow organic evergreen traffic


1# Biography/ profile post:

Are one of the first and straightforward types of content which is evergreen. A biography about someone that people are interested in can’t be changed, for example, you can’t change where this person was born or change who his parents are or change what was his first job.

So basically when you want to write a biography about a person who your targeted audience is interested in, you know well that this post will always bring organic traffic because the main information can’t be changed. However, you can add to the information later on when this person has more achievements or his life changes on the go.

Let’s say this person passed away, you will need to go back to your biography post, change the information, to write about the date of his death..

2#Interview Post:

This post is one of the easiest posts that you can write. You can just choose any person who is cooperative in your industry and your target audience is interested to hear about or hear from. Try to contact them to make an interview with them. 

 Interviewing a person who is well known in your industry will help your content in ranking because you are basically writing content related to your niche, and because of that you are not researching for keywords or forming paragraphs from scratch, you will only form questions to ask this person and the answers of this person will be transformed into a blog post. 

There are many ways to interview someone:

 1# You can interview people by sending them a Google quiz which includes the questions and they fill in their answers then use these answers as a blog post 

 2# Another way is to contact them directly by emailing them or having a zoom call, then writing everything that person is telling you and all the answers to your question.

 In the end you don’t have to search for this post from scratch, which means you have less work to do.

3# Case study post:

 A case study post is easy, if you decide on one of the following ways:

1# The first method is by writing about a case study that you did yourself whether it is about an experiment that you did related to your industry or something that you use the help other people “like testimonials” to use it as a case study for a certain topic

2# Another case study which you can include in your post is borrowing some information by other people who did case studies to provide it to include in a blog post as a resource; linking back to these people’s posts.

Although this post is easy, you should be very cautious when you are writing the second type of the post, because if you copy literally from other website, it’ll be plagiarism and you will be sued for copying so in this case you can either contact them; telling them that you are going to borrow some of the information or include them in your post or you can write General information from your perspective linking back to the other post where you got your information as a study.

4# Resources Post:

Regardless of your industry, your audience will want to have some resources to help them reach the final goal which you are promising them to reach, or some resources that you yourself used and helped you to reach the point where you are now.

Resources post is easy to create and can live forever on your blog. People can link to it and go back to it whenever they need. Make sure that you are creating a blog post that includes resources which don’t change over time

For example, I can write a blog post about the best resources for English as a second language teacher on my other blog because some of the main resources in the post won’t die or change by time, for example “Oxford Dictionary” might improve but won’t die and I will recommend it for my fellow teachers because I know it’s a good dictionary to stick to.

Another resource would be PowerPoint in Class As a method for my presentation. This also is an evergreen resource teachers can use in their classrooms at least won’t change for a long time.

Try to find the list of resources that would be helpful for you or your audience and write a blog post about it, promote the blog post and create a freebie if possible and in this way this blog post will become an evergreen post people will link to and go back to whenever they need it.


5# Guide Post:

These posts are one of my favorite evergreen posts if you are a blogger or content creator. You are fully aware that you are writing for an audience who have a problem and your audience needs a solution for this problem. Now, the problem has many angles and you will need to guide them to the other side of the bridge, which is the solution for their problem.

Whenever you start brain mapping, the main problem your audience is facing and the smaller problems that are causing the bigger problem; you will find out that you can create at least one or two posts related to their need or problem, and this guide for example lives forever because your blog or website will stick to the topic “niche” that you are talking about. So a guide post related to this topic will be helpful for your audience now or after a year or even 5years.

6# Step-by-step Post:

we all have a procedure or a process to go through to solve our problems, which we suggest our audience follow to solve the problem that we are helping them with.

To solve their problems, they need to go through a process showing them how to go through this process step by step will help them a lot and this will make them go back to your post repeatedly or maybe link to it or recommend the post to other people facing the same problem.

 That’s why you will need to create a step-by-step post on how your audience can reach their  final goal.

 We can create this type of post in different ways:

1# You can either create a step-by-step post that gives directions with words only.

 2# Or you can create a step-by-step post which includes pictures you take yourself at home or outdoors.

Try not to make this post complicated or include a lot of information; as your readers are facing enough problems and struggles they need something simple and this process is supposed to be a way of simplifying the process they have to go through.

7# Common mistakes/ Lesson learned:

We all make mistakes and we all learn from our mistakes. We all learn from the lessons that our journey teaches us and that’s why our audience wants to know what are the lessons learnt in our journey.

Our audience is fully aware that we are not perfect as much as we know we aren’t perfect. We didn’t reach this stage of our lives without facing difficulties, without making mistakes, or without learning some lessons along the way.

Telling our audience the common mistakes that we did and other people did will help them in preventing going through the same struggles we went through. Also it will give them a bigger picture about the process of the journey they are going to go through to reach their final goal and make them understand how difficult or easy it is to reach that goal.

All you have to do in this post is to list down the common mistakes people do then your experience with these mistakes and complete your post with some tips and tricks according to the lesson learnt when making these mistakes.

8# FAQ’s Post:

Frequently asked questions post is one of my favourite posts and I’m sure that many people out there prefer this type of post. People love to see their questions answered specially in one place and that’s why when you mention that this post is answering their questions they will stick around longer.

When the question is asked about something related to your industry, you find that people will go back to your post repeatedly, and probably will link back to it or even suggest it to other people.

All you have to do is to go to Google; type in the keyword and “I will highly advise that you use a long tail keyword”, see what (people also ask) which means your audience are asking the same questions. 

List 20 questions in a Google doc, try to answer them as well as you can, give your opinion and experience, then add an introduction and spicy ending for your readers and make them stick longer to your post.

9# Glossary Post:

 Now, if I give you the option to buy a glossary which explains every word in a certain topic you are interested in, with pictures to draw a glossary, or some simple words with their meanings that people normally know, which one would you prefer?

I am pretty sure that you would pick the first one because it will give you more information and it will help you more when you are on a project or on another problem related to your industry.

 Just imagine your target audience being in your shoes at this moment facing difficulties understanding some of the words you are using in your blog post and need some explanation, all you have to do is create a blog post writing down different stages that and list down some words explaining them and where they are going to encounter them during the process, you are giving them.

Did that sound complicated? I am sure it was so let me give you an example.

If you go to YouTube and search for “making stickers at home”, you will find many people creating tutorials about making stickers using some stickers machines such as cricut and silhouette.

Now for someone who has never used these machines, they won’t understand most of the terms of the shortcuts to use these machines.

If one of these people who created the videos has a blog, this person can write a blog post including all the shortcuts and all the difficult and new words that people will read everywhere related to these machines and explain what these words mean.

 In this way this person created a glossary post which will help people who want to make stickers at home understand the process and remove the confusion that people will go through or have while trying to create stickers at home.

Compare that your industry and find something that has a lot of words or keywords that you can turn them into a glossary post.

10# Reviews Post:

A review post is one of the easiest ones. All you have to do is grab some tools or products or experiences you’ve been through related to your niche and industry, then write a review about them.

In my previous blog post about evergreen content the example that I was using is books reviews and in this case you can grab a few books that are related to your industry and write reviews about them and this won’t change over time because the book won’t change, hopefully. 

So your opinion about the book won’t change and this is an evergreen content you don’t have to search for keywords for or format perfectly for SEO because this is something that will grab traffic repeatedly. 

11# Recipes Posts:

Recipes are one of the famous evergreen content people go back to repeatedly. And that’s why the food blogging niche is over saturated, because everyone wants to create blogs about recipes that they don’t have to go back to to edit or change because these posts are going to bring them traffic repeatedly all the time and easily.

Recipes don’t have to be only about food, there are other recipes that you can write about, for example: recipes for creating candles at home, recipes for essential oils’ mixtures for a certain purpose, recipes for hair mask….etc

 Therefore, people prefer to write recipe, they are easy to write and don’t need a lot of keywords research or blog post writing procedure


12# Top lists Post:

Let’s be honest, when we want to try something new or we want recommendations about a certain topic, we search for the top list about this topic, that’s why these posts are very popular, evergreen and bring a lot of traffic for your blog.

You can think about multiple topics related to your niche where you can make a list of the top things your audience can use to reach the final goal easily and fast.

 I will give you a few examples related to this post:

 Top list of drugstore makeup for “Night Look”.

 Top list of dictionaries for every English as a second language teacher.

 Top list of Herbs to keep around when you are cooking Mexican food.

 Top list of free online courses for new bloggers.

 Now just think about something related to your niche and try to create a post about the top list of things related to your topic.

To sum up:

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Creating content for your website needs planning, and your plan should include evergreen content.

Evergreen content can bring traffic to your website repeatedly, so it’s essential to have some evergreen content pieces on your website.

Many evergreen content types are simple to create in 1 day, and many of them are premade by other sources which makes your work easier “such as interviews and case studies.”

So which of these content ideas did you write about on your website and how can you describe your experience?

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