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Writing an eBook for passive income has been a popular goal for everyone who wants to gain extra income or even full income. Yet, when someone tries to sell this eBook and does not get the expected results, they get filled with disappointment and maybe stop selling this eBook at all.

I remember when I first searched about writing eBooks and read many threads, but I still struggled till I figured out some mistakes along the way. As a result, I had to redo the writing process properly to get my book worth the money my readers are buying it for.

In this post I will explain the mistakes you should avoid making your journey better than mine and what to do if you already been through these mistakes.

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Why do people think writing an eBook is hard?

        Many people think that writing an eBook is hard which is totally wrong. The idea of only authors who are educated in their field which is wrong. You do not need to graduate from biggest cooking schools to write a recipe book. Neither do you need to have courses that teaches you about raising your kids to write an eBook about your tips.

        Although what I said doesn’t sound convincing, If you took the times to think about the best selling eBooks and who are the authors, you will realize its just a normal person like you and me.

The most common mistakes you should avoid when writing an eBook.

eBook for a passive income mistake1: Not having a plan

Nothing in this world works without a plan. Even when kids try to convince you to buy them something, they plan for it.

Your plan should consist of having a big why, short term goals, long term goals, connected products or posts …etc

eBook for a passive income mistake2: Having a lot of editing mistakes

Possibly more difficult than writing is to edit. It can make you tempt to compose again and again and to rearrange sections. You don’t have to revisit every sentence except for grammar and typos. You cannot employ an editor or competent revision editor. If you are set to edit a segment, only edit it in part and then return hours afterward the temptation of changing what you have edited before will increase.

Regardless of how much we wish to save as much money as we can, you really need to have someone to revise your book. Unless you are specialized in linguistic field where you can revise sentence formatting, grammar, spelling…etc, you need to hire someone who would do it for you.

Always remember the more you invest in these details, the better your income will be.

eBook for a passive income mistake3: Trying to make it long

We always think that eBooks, or books should be long, and the longer they are, the higher the value.

I am so sorry to tell you this is not the case here. If you have poured your main ideas and important points in the book, you really do not have to add fluff just to make it longer.

The value is in the information you deliver not the number of words the book contains.

eBook for a passive income mistake4: The ebook IS ACTUALLY long

This is the opposite of the point above. If the information you got is a lot, and can make your fluff-free ebook very long then consider dividing it into smaller ebooks. Yes people will buy them all.

You can sell them as bundles, because people sometimes need part of the information but not all. In fact if you divide it, you can earn more.

For example, a long 300 pages ebook that you thought of selling for 60$ can be divided into 3 ebooks and selling each for 27$, you got 21 $ extra, right?!

eBook for a passive income mistake5: Not having market research

We always hear the word “Market Research” but what does that mean?

It means doing a good full accurate research for potential buyers for your book.

Are there buyers? Who are they? What do they need? Where will they find your book? …etc

Once you collect enough data and sure people need the book, start writing the book.

We don’t mean that lousy topics are usually bad, but they are bad FOR YOU. There are critical mistakes that authors make when choosing topics:

●      The choice of a subject by looking at social media trends is a major mistake, especially if the expertise to give isn’t adequate. You must be aware that the eBook you create must concentrate on providing precious and informative knowledge that is not only accessible through Google.

●      Choose themes based on what the audience feels it wants. You never know what the audience wants, and it can be misleading about your perceptions.

●      You don’t act like an editor, so you don’t even think about an ebook’s future sale. Focusing just on the contents and not thinking about how it is obtained will fluff the appeal of your eBooks and deals.

eBook for a passive income mistake6: Writing without passion

One of the biggest mistakes is trying to write and eBook or creating any product that you do not have passion about. You create it because it has better market, but you are not passionate about.

For example: A math’s teacher writes a crochet book because she’s passionate about crochet which is something, she’s passionate about. And that is fine. She did not write a cooking book “which has high demand” because she does not like cooking.

How can these mistakes be corrected after a failure launch?

Re-do a market study around the topic

If you have not done that before then do it now and figure out what are you passionate about and has high demand. Find out what your viewers want to learn about to solve this dilemma. This can be done by means of polls, surveys, and questions. After seeing the findings, you must determine if the subject is to be understood and reflected upon.

If not, consider changing the subject or picking another. Write the sales pitch in the eBook itself to avoid the publishing problem. Through this process, you can better grasp and write the ebook’s key selling point.

Ask a professional to revise it:

Hire professionals to do their best. Healthy reviewers are not emotionally involved in the book, and they can edit/ recommend edits accordingly.

Often, proof-reading is the same. None of them are processes that are quick and need a high degree of focus. Be sure to set an editing schedule and obey it without excuses if you can’t recruit experts. In different environments, consider editing.

A brief pause from writing and editing is also advised to clear your mind and start editing again.

Unless you have a friend or family member who can do it for you for free, then you must invest in this step.

Change the look and the description:

Some people judge from the cover or description. Change the cover look to what’s trending now, try to change the description of the book and use emotional words that touch your audience’s pain point.

Take out the fluff and add value:

If you have a 100pages eBook and you feel that you can remove the fluff even if it meant the book will be shorter but to the point, then do it and do not be afraid.

Invest in yourself and your eBook

If you do not have enough experience, it is ok to invest in yourself and your eBook. You can purchase a course that teaches you how to write the eBook step by step. Or subscribe in membership with a community where you learn how to write your eBook.

If you wish to have a bit of fancier look book, pay someone who would design a good book cover for you “remember people judge the book from the cover”

Offer a beta-testing opportunity

You can offer an opportunity of having your eBook for free in exchange of testimonial and feedback. Make sure to have legal contract for the beta testers so no-one steals your book or part of the content.

How long will it take for my eBook to be successful?

        I cannot give you an exact time, but I can give you estimated time. If your book consists of 10000 words and you write 500 words/day, then you need 20 days.

        However, if you are a mother like me or have a tight schedule, then giving yourself 2-3 hours once a week to write down 2000 words, that will finish the book in 5 weeks.

        You can start from there and do your calculation to know how long you will need to write your eBook.

What do I do when I feel down when writing my eBook?

Tip1: Stop immediately

The worse thing anyone would do is trying to finish an eBook fast to put it out without having the motivation to write. This will make you write unrelated information, or weak language, or even fluff you do not want to have in your eBook.

The best solution here is to stop immediately and give yourself a break.

Tip 2: Find entertainments

Sometimes working so much or not spending good time with others or alone can put you down and take away the motivation for writing.

Try to go out, spend time with friends, walk your dog, jog along the beach, or even take your writing tools with you and write somewhere outdoor.

Watch something on TV or exercise or even read books to refresh your mind and hop back on writing again.

Tip 3: Think about your lifestyle

When your sleeping pattern is not well, or you are not eating well, this can shut your motivation and can put you in bad mood. I will not ask you to eat 100% healthy (although we all should) but at least have your 3 meals and a snack within the day to boost your energy. Also make sure you sleep well and enough hours, because your brain wont work properly if you did not have enough sleep.

I am going to give you my top activities that I do when I feel procrastinating when writing (eBook, blog posts, classroom preparation …etc)

My top 5 indoor activities to boost my writing motivation

Indoor activities to boost writing motivation

Sitting Upside down on the couch

Nature theme with scented candles

Dancing silly

Playing with colorful playdough

Soaking feet

My top 5 outdoor activities to boost my writing motivation

outdoor activities to boost writing motivation

Ice cream & walking along the beach

Writing in a café

Having dinner outdoor

Walking the kids

Stationary shopping

My top 5 in bed activities to boost my writing motivation

In bed activities to boost writing motivation

Planning next day

Revising my progress

Sticky notes for tasks

Listing my big why

The big win Reminder


It can be a grueling task to write and publish an eBook, and it’s not meant for everybody.

From the printing and marketing processes, the eBook needs to be prepared to the hilt. Don’t let the writing on your ebook go to waste.

Writing an eBook for passive income can be fun experience but even the expert writers can fall for few mistakes.

To have the eBook in the full image to be presented to your audience you must invest in the book and yourself.

All mistakes can be fixed and avoiding them makes the writing process easier.

Be sure you’re not making any of these basic mistakes, and it should be a success for your ebook.

Do not be discouraged by a failure launch and follow the given steps to correct it and re-launch it successfully.

Find your preferable activities to boost your writing motivation indoor, outdoor, or even in bed.

How about you share with us a tip of an activity that can encourage you to work better and get motivated?

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