The unbeatable list for a mommy-daughter time

  • Mommy-daughter time is my absolute favorite time ever.
  • Being a single mom isn’t easy, but for every situation, there are positive and negative sides. As a single mother of two girls, with my daughter being almost a teen I realized that my daughters need me more than ever.
  • Not only that I need to occupy both parents’ roles, but I also have to get closer to my daughter to make her more comfortable and secure me.
  • To be honest I love the mommy-daughter activities may be more than she does lol.

What is a mommy-daughter time”?

Well obviously, it’s self-explained but to make sure it’s clear for everyone, I’ll just throw this definition here. It is the quality time a mother spends with her daughter, without distractions too, doing activities or talks to get closer to each other.

Notice that I pointed out two things, quality time and no distractions

To be honest, when I spend time with my daughter I totally forget everything I mentioned in this post.

Ps. if your daughter is a toddler then this post is awesome

What are the rules of this mommy-daughter time?

Well as a single mother, my daughters are my most precious gifts ever. And I’m sure that’s how any mother feels. So, to make this time counts you need to follow certain rules:

Quality time: the time spent by the mother and daughter should be quality time, in other words, should end up with benefits and counts for both the mother and daughter.

No distractions: nowadays distractions are around us and especially in our hands. Phones, tv, internet, books …etc. this mommy-daughter time shouldn’t be interrupted by any of these.

Your daughter is the only one on the planet: imagine that the human being was annihilated and the only one around is your daughter. No friends hanging around, no family calls, no visits. It’s you, daughters, time.

Your daughter is the boss: if you really want this time to count then your daughter is the one to choose the activities and what to do. She doesn’t want you to choose what to do because she sees things from her perspectives. She wants to do something she feels its fun with you.

You’re not her mother: if you want your daughter to get closer to you and look forward to spending the next quality time with you, stop acting MOTHERY. Don’t be protective or judgmental or applying virtues. You need her as natural as possible with you.

Throw the watch away: one of the most awful feelings is when you are with someone and they look at the time. It shows that this someone is doing a duty or bored or can’t wait for this time together to end. Don’t do it.

What might stand in the face of having a mommy-daughter time?

Trying to steal time to be with your daughter is challenging especially when you’re trying to be the one holding both roles, but I know you can do it even with the following difficulties:

  • Housework: you can set aside the housework for the next day or try to not have this much on that day. For example: use plastic dishes and spoons the same day and the day before, so you don’t have dishwashing.
  • Job nature: if you have a job I’m sure you must have a weekend at some point. Try to make this quality time happen on a weekend when you rested after a working day.
  • These are flexible jobs list for mothers
  • Online business: if you already have a business and trying to get things done then schedule it or do it early. For example: answer your emails in the morning or tell your readers that you don’t reply to emails on this day. If you are a blogger then schedule your post to be auto-posted ahead of time. Don’t have 1:1 session on this day.
  • Having another child: if you have another child then you have multiple paths. One the one hand you can ask someone to take care of the other child if she/he was too young.
  • On the other hand, if you have another daughter who is close to the age of your first one (that’s my situation) then you can include both in this family time.
  • One of you is ill: when people are ill it’s the most common time to want the care. Have a blankie cuddle on the sofa in front of the tv with a bowl of soup and a tv show on.
  • You can also make it for her on another day.

Common Questions/FAQ About mommy-daughter time:

What activities can we do to spend a mommy-daughter time?

There many activities that you can do with your daughter to spend quality time. These are some of my idea’s and you can use them the way it fits you. P.S.: My daughter was giving me her opinion too 😛

  • mommy-daughter Spa Time: All girl’s favorite. Face and hand scrub & mask. Hair mask. Nail polish. The list can go forever.
  • mommy-daughter Learning a new Language: Lately, my daughters are trying to learn Spanish. They are seriously trying to get me to learn it. So, having language learning sessions is one of their entertaining time spendings.
  • mommy-daughter Exercising: If you are trying to go on a diet or follow an exercising regimen, consider including your daughter in the plan. They love it. Besides, they are so lazy nowadays get them to move and be flexible.
  • mommy-daughter Shopping: Shopping is absolutely the winner of the female’s favorite activity. Going shopping and having a drink in a café is one of the most enjoyable things to do with your daughter. Tip: Give her a chance to express her opinion and follow it. It builds her confidence and personality.
  • On the other hand, you can have her as a companion when finishing some stuff around.
  • mommy-daughter Jogging: This is like the exercising part, but it happens outdoor. When the weather is nice to go jogging and enjoy the fresh air. It boosts the happiness and lifts both your moods up.
  • mommy-daughter Cooking for the day: My daughter LOVES cooking. If I ask her to cook with me she can’t hold back her excitement. An addition, to be honest, it’s nice to have assistance in the kitchen with you. Prove me wrong.
  • mommy-daughter Meal prep for the week: I know its cooking part too, but if you read my post about how to save time as a single mom, you’ll find that I suggested meal prep as a time saver. This can get frustrating if done alone. But when your daughter helps, she feels close to you and adding to that she feels she’s an important part of the family.
  • Let her suggest ideas and try new recipes with her. Ask her to search for meal prep tips online. After all, that’s gonna be her food, too right?
  • mommy-daughter Netflix & dinner: Netflix is taking over our lives and brains lol. All kids, teenagers, adults from all ages like to watch TV shows and movies on Netflix. Having pizza or burgers while watching something will blow her mind. Cuddle fluffy cushions and hug warm blankets. She’ll fly to the moon and back.
  • mommy-daughter Crafting: Just yesterday my little one told me that she wants to learn crochet. I told her OK we’ll manage that in winter vacation. She said: “But I want YOU to teach me. You’re a crochet trainer, right? You teach people I want you to teach me.”
  • Any craft will make your daughter happy. Papercraft, painting, needlecrafts… etc.
  • mommy-daughter Brain games: Brain games make you think a lot. This requires both of you to think as a team, discuss the possibilities, and get you closer. There are many apps and digital brain games that kids LOVE. <<< I love the games too lol.
  • mommy-daughter Swimming (beach/pool): Showering alone is stress relief. Swimming itself is amazing. If you don’t know how to swim, well it’s time to learn. You both will chill, relax and end up happily exhausted. I assure you, both of you will enjoy it extremely.

We reached the very end of our topic:

  • Spending time with your daughter can heal a lot in both your heart and hers.
  • Regardless of how busy you are, you must spend time with her.
  • There are many ways to spend quality time with your daughter and the more you do it, the closer you get to her.

Remember you are her hero, her model, her love. WIN HER AND KEEP HER CLOSER.

Now tell me, super mama, what other activities you advise me to do with my daughter? it’s always nice to try new ideas.

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