Why should you start mommy time blocking Now?

Time blocking can save your time and stop the “Where did time fly?” wonders <<< admit it we all say that right?! In case you were like me and a bunch of other mommies, or even better than us and want to be even the best in time management and productivity, then this post for you.

For many years I felt that time keeps flying by without finishing my to-do list. I have seen many others feeling the same and with motherhood the situation got even worse. I am not saying that time shrinks, or this is unsolvable issue, I am telling you that plenty of us applied the time blocking system into our lives and the situation got way much better.


No more time waste.

No more lack of free time.

No more unfinished work.

No more missing opportunities because the lack of time.

No more chaotic system.

Let us dig deeper into the system to start implementing it ASAP.

What is time blocking?

I made a colorful free template for you in my free resource library


  Time blocking is the system where you divide your day into blocks of time instead of hours where you will finish a task or more within a set block. A black can be 1 hour or more depends on your capability or needs. In this system you decide how long you want your block and what do you need to do.

            Let me give you an example of how to shift from one block to another. Now let us say in a regular school day, as a working mother who has a meeting at 11 am with kids going to school at 9 am.

You know if you want to prepare breakfast and change, you must do it before 9 am. So, you cannot exercise, do yoga, stay in the bathtub, talk with a friend, watch a movie…etc before 9 am. You must wake up, prepare breakfast, change the kids, get changed, drop the kids at school, and go to work.

            When you are at work and you must preset documents in the meeting, then you must prepare the documents before 11 am, and at 11 am exactly you leave anything else, pick up those documents and go to the meeting.

            This normal-looking day example shows you how to change from one mindset to another within a given time. In this post, I will share with you everything you need to know so you can apply this system to your whole day and make your life way much easier.

The benefits of Time Blocking

Time blocking for making your daily tasks priority

            Many times, we have essential daily tasks that we do not finish in time, or not finish at all. Time blocking will help us in staying in the proper mindset to finish these tasks every day.

Examples of tasks that do not get done in time:

            Printing pictures or scripts for kids’ school projects in time {because it is easy and fast to do it even in the morning <<< not thinking what might go wrong}.

            Preparing tomorrows clothes {which might take longer time if not found next morning}.

            Checking on food expiry date before going to grocery shopping {which might make us think we got stock at home, but we do not}

Time blocking for working distraction-free

            When you know you are in a time block where you should prepare tomorrows school breakfast, school clothes, school bags…etc. You don’t go on social media or call a friend or watch your favorite TV show.

            Your distractions will be out of this block completely.

Time blocking for less mental burden

            As I mentioned in the example earlier, doing things in the last minute might go totally wrong which will put you in extreme brain burden. For example: one time my daughter told me she wanted pictures for science project and when I remembered I was in bed and thought {well I can print it in the morning before heading to school}

            As a teacher I have 2 printers at home so everything would be fine. My laptop decided to do that HUGE system update and I had to arrive late at work because of waiting for my laptop to update.

            I was so ashamed and never did it again.

Time blocking for increasing your focus

            Whenever you are in a time block knowing this is the only thing you’ll be doing for an hour, two, three…etc, your focus will be poured on this work until it’s over.

Time blocking for better productivity

            This point is related to the one above, when your focus is maximized while doing a task, you will be more productive. You know you must finish this task and not get distracted by anything else. When you focus and keep working, the task will be done, and no cluttered work would be there in your schedule.

How can you schedule your time effectively?

Time blocking tip 1: Prioritize

            Its difficult to divide the tasks into time blocks or even know how long the time is block itself without prioritizing the tasks.

Prioritizing the tasks can go this way:

            Write down all the things you need to do withing a day.

            Categorize them into: Urgent – important – can wait – extra

            Write down the unshifting obstacles in your day: {9-5 job – doctor appointment- after school classes …etc}

            Divide the tasks into the time block schedule accordingly.

            I highly recommend you start by deciding how much sleep you need then fill the other tasks with the rest of the day.

Time blocking tip 2: Set a template

            Now each one of us has different schedule and tasks. As a result, each one of us has different preferences for the time blocking system.

            Some people prefer to divide the day into 3 hours blocks, some people prefer to divide the day into 2 hours block. It all depends on you my dear.

            After deciding how long your time block should be, divide your day accordingly and start filling the template with whichever you need.

Time blocking tip 3: Give yourself {my time} block

            In addition to filling your template with life obligations, not having your {my time} will exhaust you and you will explode going the opposite direction.

            Your time can be as simple as doing nothing with fully laziness mode, or read a book, watch TV, sit alone…etc


            It does not have to be long, but you need time for yourself.

but If you want to add the time you want to spend with your kids you probably want to check this post.

Time blocking tip 4: Time blocks do not have to be equal

            Stressing yourself over trying to get all time blocks equal will stress you out and we do not want that boss, right?


So, as the previous points mentioned, whenever you know what tasks you wanna fill in your schedule and keep them simple and convenient to the tasks you need to finish.

I made full time blocking template for you in the resource library

Thats my example of normal working/school day

Time blocking tip 5: Be less emotional

            When you are trying to time block your tasks, do not be emotional when you set the tasks. For example, do not think if you do not answer your mom’s call, or playing monopoly with your kid to do meal planning is going to hurt their feelings.

            Whenever you let the emotions control your day, chaos will start to ruin your system.

Time blocking tip 6: Be realistic


            We all have limits, abilities, and powers. When you want to prepare breakfast, don’t set 15 minutes when you know you need 30 minutes. On the other hand, if you know 5 hours of sleep are not enough, give yourself more sleep to be able to do all the other tasks efficiently.

Try not to push over yourself and remember this system is to help you have easier life.

Time blocking tip 7: Test your schedule

            Now it is the moment of truth, testing your schedule will show you if its effective or not. Check if you finished your tasks as given, or there were some unfinished things within your time blocks.

Time blocking tip 8: Edit and improve

            After testing your schedule, you can edit it and improve it with time. Circumstances change and according to that you can improve your schedule and make it better.

Time blocking tip 9: Keep it visible

            If you are into the printing papers gang *cough* then you want to stick the time block schedule around. You can put it on the fridge or next to your bed, or even in your car.

On the other hand, if you are a tech person, you can put it in your laptop or as your phone/laptop background.

Time blocking tip 10: Use assisting tools

            Although we all think we can control our time and remember everything, we will end up forgetting a thing or two especially at the start. Start with using alarms to end a time block and start the next one {just like old school days right?}


            You can also use some apps to help you time block or set reminders which ill be mentioned in a bit.

Is time block scheduling effective?

            Yes, absolutely. Time blocking can be a life changer and with time you will adapt the system without the need of reminders.

Apps that help with time blocking

Google calendar:

Its a great app on mobile or laptop which helps you in time blocking your tasks and set reminds.

Available for: Web, iOS, Android, Chrome, Firefox

Forest App:

It’s an app I use on IOS which is a creative time tracker. It gives you a plant that grows within the time you give then it will notify you with and alarm.

You can check out the template I made for you in the resource library


As mothers specially and all people in general, we tend to struggle sometimes with finishing all tasks within the day.

Time blocking is a simple system that can turn your overlapping tasks into “done” ones.

Anyone can apply the time blocking system into their everyday life easily and simply.

Following the steps above will help you throw behind the overwhelm of not finishing your to-do list.

Can you tell us now what is the most thing you struggle with as a mother when it comes to finishing tasks within a given time?


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