How to plan and host girl’s party easily

When your daughter hosts a party at home, the party preparation would be your responsibility, of course, and that’s why you need to have a full idea of what the party’s going to be about and what theme we choose for it.

Girl’s party can be fun or boring depending on the elements chosen to prepare the party, and if you have an idea what theme you’re going for, you’ll be able to prepare properly.

Now before going shopping for the party supplies, go through the planning because it’s more important than you think. Shopping for a party anonymously will end up with budget pain and headaches.

So, How to plan for the party?

Choose a theme:

When the party has a theme, you have a fair idea of the theme elements you want to include in the party, which saves a lot of headaches.

I have a post about party themes that girls love and make outstanding parties.

Brain dumb the ideas:

When you plan a party, you start by having a lot of ideas in your head that you don’t know where to start and where to end, or what even to choose. Brain dumb the ideas on a piece of paper and let it simmer in peace for at least a day. “It’s important”

Search for inspiration:

Go online on Pinterest or YouTube searching for ideas and inspiration, they might give you more ideas that you can add to your brain dumb paper.

Save some photos on your device or a Pinterest board for later reference.

Edit the brain dumb sheet:

Therefore, I said let it simmer, when planning for something we have loads of ideas and want to do many things. Being excited leads us to want to do many things without realizing the consequences.

If you let your brain dumb list simmer, you’ll think more clearly and can scratch the ideas that you think you don’t need anymore.

Create a shopping list:

Now that you know what you’re going to do, you can create a shopping list. And here I’m talking about a full shopping list. Do you want physical invitations to print at home? That needs cards paper, printer and ink “they are cheap but you need them”

Do you want items to decorate the place for the party that you don’t have at home? Did you write something and you already have it at home?

Are you going to make activities that require items which you have or don’t have at home?

Make sure to not miss anything and to check your house for items you can use.

Keep a budget and stick to it:

Buying party supplies can be entertaining and go crazy, so you need to keep a budget and try not to exceed it. I normally take a certain amount of money that I keep in hand with extra just in case then I stick to this budget.

This is because people get more ideas while shopping, which makes them want to buy more stuff than the list.

Now That we’re done for planning let’s go to the party and the activities included:

A party is always fun with different activities, even if they were the old classical games we used to do where we were little. It always surprises me how my kids throw jokes or trick me the same way I used to do when I was little, and the good part is they don’t know it’s an old joke.

So knowing the party is one essential part, so ask yourself these questions:

Is the party indoor or outdoor?

Are parents included?

Is my child “teen in my case” able to handle the entire party alone?

Do I need to be the one to present the activities?

Are there guests with chronic illness, physical difficulties or health issues? “Diabetes, epilepsy, fracture…..etc”

How long will the party take? 

Where to store extra items that would be used for the activities?

You should answer all these questions so you know what you’re planning for.

Now that you have a ground to stand on, let’s go shopping and see what are the essential things you need and you can add to that later:

Shopping list for girls’ party:

List 1: essentials


Plastic forks and spoons

Paper cups

paper/plastic plates and bowls


Wet wipes

Paper towels 

Table cloth

List 2: Decoration



Decorating lights



Photo booth / Photo frame

List 3: Activities requirements “all depend on the activities you are included and what they need”

Printing cards “if you want to print out activities”

Ropes “if you have activities where the kids need to hang stuff or remove stuff that are hanged”

White or chalk boards

paints/brushes/coloring markers or pencils/ papers/colored tissue papers/decorating items …etc

List 4: Food








Choco fountain

Rice cakes

Cut fruits

Chips and dips

Nuts and crackers



Now those lists are just general and you can edit them and change as you wish according to your party. But I also wanted to share with you a few tips I hope will help you manage the party easily.

Tips to manage girls’ party easily:

Keep a record of the kids’ parents contacting info:

Have a card, a record or even on your phone, save the numbers of the parents’ numbers or contacting info just in case.

Make sure you keep a list of the kids with health issues in hand:

Let’s say a kid has asthma, and you had a wizard theme activity and used something with smoke. The kid will collapse.

Or a kid with diabetes or allergy.

It’s best to have in mind which kid has health issues to avoid accidents.

Keep everything prepared before the party day:

I know I’m not the only one who thinks that she can manage finishing the preparation the same day of the party before the guests arrive, and I fail “OMG I can’t believe I said that loud”

So for keeping your sanity, just finish all the preparations ahead of time.

With that being said, I guess it’s time to recap this post for the sneaky ones who scrolled all the way down and didn’t read it:

Planning a girls’ party can be easy or frustrating, according to your methods of preparing.

To prepare a party, I normally follow these steps:

Decide on a theme

Brain dumb the ideas and let them simar

Look for inspiration

Edit my brain dumb ideas

Decide on activities

Make a shopping list 

Take a certain budget and stick to it

And to hold the party easily I always make sure to:

Keep a record of the guests’ parents contacting info.

Keep a record of the guests’ health problems.

Finish all the preparations ahead of time.

Now do you have any tips for planning a girls’ party?

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