Preparing A Teen Daughter’s Room For Spring

With the change in season, what is the best way to translate the feeling of freshness into your teen daughter’s room? It goes without saying that preparing and decorating her room is a special way to blend all aspects of life. Here is a complete guide on preparing a teen daughter’s room for spring.

The season of spring marks new beginnings. Things around us seem to come to life again. Days become longer, flowers bloom, and plants grow. Our surroundings begin to look colorful as we step out of the boring, mundane winters.

For a teen girl, her room is more than just her sleeping place. It is the place where she completes her school work, learns new things, has sleepovers with her girlfriends, discovers new hobbies, and so on.

With so many different designs, backdrops, colors, and themes, it can be a challenge to choose the perfect interior decor ideas for teen girls. Your teen daughter’s room space has to be a perfect combination for her sleep, entertainment, and study.

1. Spring Cleaning

Spring cleaning is the most vital step while preparing a teen daughter’s room for spring. This refers to the process of thoroughly cleaning the room and house in the springtime. It helps spruce up the room after winter, and clear out the winter wardrobe and accessories.

It also helps you to run through your cupboards, cabinets, and chest of drawers and accordingly get rid of things that you do not require. So, you can accordingly rearrange your daughter’s room to make space for things she’ll need during spring.

Decluttering and organizing will help you to create a room and a home that can offer you and your teen daughter some space and energy to boost your happiness and overall well-being.

Deep clean the windows of the room as clear window panes provide a perfect view of the outside world as the environment enters into spring. In short, spring cleaning is a start to how to prepare your teenager’s room.

2.   Freshen Up The Pillowcases and Bed Covers

Spring is the perfect time to pack away those boring bed covers and pillow covers. Switch to floral, lighter, and vibrant colors for your teen. Putting away those cable knit blankets and heavy faux fur throws will make your teen’s room feel bigger and brighter.

Add an oversized upholstered headboard as this will create a feeling of comfort in your teen’s room. Consider this to be a one-time investment as it can be used for several years as one of your spring-themed interior designs.

You also have the option of switching over to a full-size daybed as it can be used as a couch during the day and a bed at night.

3.   Bring In The Essential Oils

Diffusing essential oils is the best way to introduce fresh, springtime aromas in your teen’s room. A collection of fragrant essential oils will make your teen’s room smell like a garden. Use a diffuser to fill the air of the room with the fragrance of pure rose, lavender, lilacs, or pine forest. Such fresh scents add to the positive energy in the room and are one of the best interior decor ideas for teen girls.

You also have the option of adding a few drops of essential oil to the laundry while washing the linens. You can also use aromatic candles to add to the happy mood of the spring atmosphere!

4.   Add Some Flowers And Plants

Flowers are synonymous with spring. Adding fresh-cut flowers and plants in your teen’s room is one of the safest spring-themed interior designs.

Grow small plants in the little pots and place them at the windowsill of your teen’s room. Make sure that these plants receive enough water and sunlight.

Decorate your teen’s room with fresh-cut flowers, which can be arranged in a jar filled with water. Place this jar at the center of the study table or the nightstand. Is one of the safest

5.   Change The Curtains

Changing the curtains of the room is the best way to create an illusion that you have redecorated your teenager’s room. Use light and bright colored curtains that will coordinate with the existing furniture and with your interior decor ideas for teen girls.

Translucent curtains will allow some bright sunlight to enter the room, thus contributing to the positive energy.

6.   Displaying Childhood Photos

Print and display some of the favorite childhood pictures of your teen in her room. Your teen daughter can have a peek down her memory lane with these photo frames in her room.

Family, school, or travel photos or some inspirational quotes can be framed on the wall as a part of your  spring-themed interior designs. Such prints can be switched to other artworks in the future.

7.   Other Decor Ideas

Bold floral and colorful wallpapers on the ceiling and the plush area will add to the spring-themed interior designs in the room. You can also add a bright doormat just outside her room door. This will remind your teen of the spring season every time she enters her room.

Dos & Don’ts

  1. In case you are unable to generate ideas or unaware as to how to prepare your teenager’s room, do source advice from a designer or an expert for some interior decoration tips.
  1. While preparing the room for spring, avoid designing a cluttered room for your daughter. This will ensure that she has ample space to move around in her room.
  1. While discussing the spring-themed interior designs with your teen daughter, make sure that there is active participation from her. Allow her to express herself, as this will help you to add her preferences to the decor, and will also strengthen your bond with her.

to sum up

All teen girls prefer a free-spirited and delightful bedroom. Teen girls love to have their own space. Their room is their cocoon which is a display of their youth, individuality, art, and expression. For teen girls, spring-themed interior designs can range from being sweet and colorful to loud and expressive.

Your imagination about the spring interior decor ideas for teen girls should be focused on the room space that is fun-filled, stylish, practical, youthful, and most of all filled with love. Spring is a time for renewal, not only outdoors but indoors too.

so tell us how do you prepare your daughter’s room for spring?

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