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Being a beginner content creator or blogger not knowing where to start isn’t so different from blogging for a while yet still facing some difficulty in creating content.

From blank to content bank will take you from totally blank ideas, blank thoughts, blank content, to full content calendar with ideas you don’t know where to fit.

This product has all the details from point A to Z to hold your hands and get you started with keyword research to writing the post itself and hitting publish “YES IT HAS STEP BY STEP TUTORIAL” and it also has some pictures to demonstrate some mentioned points in the ebook.

In this product the ebook comes in a bundle with more stuff that will get you into higher level in content creating

This is a digital zip file, which includes:

  1. From blank to content bank ebook
  2. A pdf file which includes the access link to:
  3. From blank to content bank workshop
  4. From blank to content bank plan
  5. Google spreadsheet for all your content creating “which includes 12 months content calendar template”
  6. Where to use the keywords video tutorial
  7. Simple blog post template to fill in the spaces and get your blog growing fast.
  8. Bonus: Graphic designing tutorial to spice up your posts with 3 different graphics

This is not an SEO course or book however some essential commonly known SEO points are mentioned.

This is a digital downloadable product and you will not receive any physical product, as much as I wish to help you more but we don’t accept refunds as we can’t remove the file from your device, HOWEVER we are more than confident it is very beneficial and has a ton of nuggets that you’ll love and easily implement.


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