list of profitable side hustle ideas

17 profitable on demand side hustle ideas

Aren’t we all looking for a profitable on demand side hustle? Having a job and getting paid for your job monthly is a really nice secure way of making money, however, the payment you are getting compared to the effort you are paying for this job makes you realize how little you are getting paid.

Not having a job at all and living on savings, or help or support ….etc is an awful feeling I’ve been through for a while, and hate to see others feeling the same.

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I know there are ALOT more side hustles but these are the hits nowadays and regardless of how saturated the market is, you’ll always find buyers.

profitable side hustle ideas
list of profitable side hustle ideas

Side hustles with almost 0$ start point:

1)Writing an ebook:

You don’t have to be extremely expert or an author to write an ebook. Ebooks are easy to create, easy to advertise for, and easy extra income if it holds great value.

2) Creating a recipe ebook:

Just like the one above, with a little tweaking and a slight pivot you can create a recipe ebook. The difference between the two is that for a recipe ebook you need to actually take photos of the meals to use the photos in the ebook.

Side hustle quiz
Side hustle quiz

3) Writing short stories:

Being a person with great imagination or storytelling abilities is great to start “short stories” side hustle. I’m not saying you shouldn’t write novels or long stories, but people normally prefer short stories that they can read online or on the go.

4) Ghostwriting (writing for other bloggers): 

If you have the talent of writing good content and unique pieces but don’t want to risk failing in the blogging road, you can easily offer writing for other bloggers in a niche you are interested in writing about (parenting – food- traveling – languages – marketing – pregnancy – ….etc)

5)Selling homeschooling content/schedules:

Many mothers nowadays are homeschooling and need guidance from mothers with expertise in this situation. 

Creating a homeschooling schedule, or content organizer, with tips and resources would be a great idea to make extra income.

6) Selling Tutorial ebooks:

We normally refer to them according to the type or purpose. For example, crochet book, how to… book, knitting book, crafting book, ….etc. These books are sold as ebooks nowadays because it’s easier. Some people sell patterns individually, but selling an entire book gives a no-brainer opportunity and a bigger desire to purchase it.

7) Selling social media captions templates:

Ever wondered how people come up with these captions’ ideas under their pictures on social media? All these captions, but how do they come up with them?

Many people don’t know how to write captions to attract their audience. And because of that, many purchase “captions templates” to update their feed with newer captions.

8) Selling Canva’s Templates:

Canva’s templates are popular nowadays because many people want to use Canva for their business but don’t have the talent to put together excellent designs or the patience of formatting. 

Taking this opportunity to create templates and selling them is great. 

9) Selling clipart:

Selling clip art is a substantial source of extra cash, especially nowadays when many are seeking for them to use them in decorating books, worksheets, …etc. 

10)Selling printables:

Selling printable is one of the easiest cash injection methods nowadays, especially when you make them editable. They are really easy to make, easy to sell, and bring good income.

list of profitable side hustle ideas
list of profitable side hustle ideas

11) Selling kids printable:

This is kinda similar to the one above however it has a difference that your clients should have kids to buy from you. 

It is a great way to make extra cash nowadays, especially with parents aware of the importance of educating their kids in fun ways out of school. 

12) Selling stock photos:

Who doesn’t use stock photos nowadays? You can see them used everywhere and anywhere.

Side hustle quiz
Side hustle quiz

 People use stock photos for blog posts, Pinterest pins, Instagram posts, ebook covers, courses, worksheets…..etc

Taking stock photos to sell is really easy and you can make easy money with as least equipment as your phone on a sunny day.

13) Selling Fonts:

As weird as it might sound, this is something that makes a lot of money and many people are looking for it. Nowadays, people know that using different fonts on a printable, ad, pin image…etc is essential to grab customers’ attention and gain more views. 

Fonts can come in different shapes and ways, you’d be surprised what fonts are sold out there. Some fonts are actually made from doodles or drawings, not only actual lettering.

14) Selling Procreate brushes:

If you are a digital artist, then this one’s for you. I’m sure you’re using procreate, or at least heard of it. Many people search for new and creative Procreate brush to illustrate. 

So taking this opportunity is great, especially when you’re familiar with it. 

15) Teaching a language:

Many people out there will pay a lot of money to learn new languages. If you can teach people how to learn a new language, then you should start your business now. 

list of profitable side hustle ideas
list of profitable side hustle ideas

It might seem a bit complicated, especially when you aren’t a teacher in profession, but believe me it’s easier than you think.

16) Sharing Your expertise “experience”:

Many of us put themselves down thinking we aren’t expert in anything or know nothing, which is totally wrong. We all have something that we can share with people and it’s ok to charge for. 

Our expertise can be taken from experience we’ve gone through or job. For example: because I’m a teacher I can teach mothers how to help their kids while studying, which is my field of expertise but not 100% related to my job. 

Also, because I’m a teacher, I have experience in attracting kids’ attention and know how to deal with them.

I’ve seen many people creating art videos or courses, although that’s a hobby, not a job, but they are experienced in such fields.

Side hustle quiz
Side hustle quiz

17) Proofreading:

Do you know how many non-native speakers out there writing eBooks and want to sell them but need proofreaders? I’m one of them.

There are many people who would pay for proofreaders to get their eBooks out there with the best quality and grammar. So if you can proofread and find grammatical mistakes, then go for it.

So you skipped to the end? That’s a summary:

Side hustle doesn’t have to cost money to start, but it needs determination to keep up with.

You can find out which type of side hustle fits you the most according to your life experience.

You don’t need a degree to make extra cash and believe me it’s possible to make thousands.

So did you try any of the above and worked well for you?