What do you put in a gift basket for girls on a budget?

Gift basket for girls ideas are always on demand for any mom of teen girls. Evertime I want to create a gift basket for a teen girl; an image of her opening it with ZERO excitement hunts me SAVAGELY! And even worse if IT WASN’T ON A BUDGET!

As a mom, aunt and a teacher of teen girls, buying gifts or putting together a gift basket is a thing I should face multiple times a year, so I thought of bringing my teen daughter with me on a journey to choose the best things to put together a gift basket for a teen girl on any occasion, most importantly: ON A BUDGET!

So let’s hop on a ride to some girly stuff shopping.

Before we start talking about the items you wanna buy for the gifts you need to consider a few things to make sure the gift is thoughtful and the receiver will use it:

  1. The occasion: someone who is recovering from a surgery or a major health drop is different than someone celebrating a birthday.
  2. The age: some items can be used “or allowed by parents to be used” for girls at the age of 15 but not 11
  3. The place: when someone thinks about giving my daughter a gift that needs 2×2 m from our room, it’s cool but tbh, being 3 people in 1 room, I wouldn’t keep it around long
  4. The health issues: Choosing scented candles, diffusers, or any scent related items can cause health issues with girls who have allergies so this is something to be considered.

Now then let’s start with the items:


Socks are always amazing and cozy, they can be cute socks or funny silly ones. As i said earlier check out the occasion first.

gift basket for girls idea 1

Eye mask:

Eye masks come in different designs and looks, some are fancy, some glittery, some cozy and some are funny. You can include them in any gift basket they go well with on almost any occasion.

gift basket for girls idea 2

Throw/ Blanket:

You can find plenty on a budget from different shops such as ikea. They come in different colors and patterns, Include a light through that matches the colors of the theme you’re going for.

gift basket for girls idea 3

Head Massage Tool:

This is an amazing piece for chilling/ pampering gifts. I use this personally and it’s EXTREMELY cheap.

gift basket for girls idea 4

Hooded Blanket:

Those blankets are super cute and cuddly. They come with a hood in one corner so the owner would put this hood on their head and wrap the blanket around them.

gift basket for girls idea 5

Cute Cushions:

Some fluffy cute cushions are sold in cheap asian stores like Daiso and such, Girls nowadays love having them.

gift basket for girls idea 6

Cute Face Sponge:

Girls at this age LOVE to take care of their skiing or copy adults’ skincare Routines. If you are creating a “spa” gift basket then a face sponge that comes in different shapes will go perfectly with it.

gift basket for girls idea 7

Cleansing Brush:

For a few years people started using Cleansing brushes with their face wash, so a teen girl will DEFINITELY love using it too.

gift basket for girls idea 8

Sheet Mask:

Sheet masks are amazing for any girl/teen/woman because they are cheap, fun and don’t cause mess. You can include some especially if they were the fun looking ones in a gift basket.

gift basket for girls idea 9

Compressed Mask:

All females “specially teen girls” love using sheet masks, and as young girls love to copy the DIY’s from youtube and pinterest; they’ll love using these masks in their experimentation.

gift basket for girls idea 10

Mini Hand Creams:

Regardless of the season, everyone includes a hand cream in their handbags or backpacks. Including a nicely scented hand cream in a teen’s gift basket will spice it up for her.

gift basket for girls idea 11

Wet Wipes:

Wherever you go, wet wipes are always handy, and having some that come in cute designs is a bonus. Find some nice scent + cute wet wipes to include in your gift basket.

gift basket for girls idea 12

Nail Care Tools:

Teen Girls love to have beautiful hands and neat nails, some shops sell cute looking nail tools like the image, these make great gifts to fill a gift basket.

gift basket for girls idea 13

Nail Polish:

All girls love nail polish, and you can find it cheap and available everywhere in different colors. Include a couple in a care routine gift basket.

gift basket for girls idea 14

Small Zipper Bag:

When girls want to keep a few things around in an organized way they use these small zipper bags. They can use them to keep some of the gifts we mentioned above.

Shoulder Bag:

Some of them come in small sizes or light materials so its easy to include them in a gift basket. 

gift basket for girls idea 16
gift basket for girls idea 16

Key Chains:

Many forget to include keychains although some are actually cute and beautiful. If your eyes fall on some fun looking keychains, don’t be afraid to get them.

Coins Bags:

We all got coins all over the place and want to keep them in one place. Some cute looking ones would make great gifts for teen girls.

Pin Button:

There are some cute shapes and recently teen girls have been using them to decorate their bags, backpacks, pencil cases and more. You can match a couple that go together well.

Launch Box:

There aren’t enough launch boxes in the kitchen where a teen girl lives. They love to have cute ones with powerful words or motivational phrases.

Mugs and Cups:

They are amazing for any occasion. You either choose a patterned one, or one with powerful words or even a joke. 

Chocolate/ Candies:

They are fillers and amazing to include especially when you want to include them inside the cup/mug from earlier.

Tea/Herbs bags:

These are the non-reusable items which the gift receiver can use once (tea/ coffee/ candies/ chocolate …etc) They always look amazing but always consider the health condition of whome you’re giving the gift.

Office Calendar:

It’s an essential piece for anyone to be honest and gifting a girl a cute looking one is an amazing idea. 

Stationary Supplies:

They can go with the office Calendar from earlier and match them together. They go well even if it isn’t a school season.

Notebooks/ Diaries:

For some reason, girls love to collect cute notebooks and diaries and I don’t know why but I even do the same LOL! So include a diary or note in your gift basket.

Motivational cards:

Sometimes you find shops that sell cute looking motivational cards. Try including them to make a person feel better with them by reading one a day.

Well with this we reached the ending of the post. There are unlimited ideas of what to include but these are some of the ideas I’ve got.

Please share with us more ideas to include in gift baskets for girls.

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