Quality time with your kids and 5 golden tips

How to spend quality time with your kids

You will be surprised by the image your kid has about you both in his/her head and the reality you are offering right now

I’m a single mother and my kids spend most of the time around me and I’m so ashamed to say that going through my life struggles made things even worse when it came to spending quality time with the kids but I made 5 golden tips that made our quality time the best

Whether you are with your partner or not, whether your partner is their father or not, these kids came to life and deserve every beautiful moment in their life

Pull a seat and look at the image of kiddos, teenagers, adults or whatever age in there of people walking in the streets on drugs, drunk, thieves, rappers, ….etc

You would be surprised how these people grew and became like this, it’s all because their parents didn’t give them the time with harmony, warmth and parents attention

And most importantly Quality Time

If you are a mother of a girl then this post will help too

So what is quality time??

Quality time is the time given by a parent, partner, beloved, child …etc undivided, undisturbed, undetached by anything around.

No matter how much you work to gain money to feed them, the inner hunger for you won’t be filled with all the money in the world

If you grew old and you wanted your child to pay you the attention and spend time with you then you saw you are not the priority how would you feel? It’s the same

Now how do you know how does your child wants to spend time with you?

Use my “Picasso Day” trick

Give your child a piece of white paper then tell them that he/she is Picasso who can see the future, draw a picture of both of you next weekend doing an activity, ask your child to write down the details of time, date, location, duration ….etc

You will be surprised by what your child is drawing

If your child isn’t a good drawer or doesn’t like drawing, writing a story works the same way too

Now that you know what your child wants you can do a solemn schedule for quality time with your child following my golden tips to bring the best out of it

Why solemn? Because let’s be honest you would run fast out of that door to your meeting or job or invitation or or or solemnly leaving your own flesh behind cause this child “one day will understand” that mommy/daddy has to leave them behind for work but you wouldn’t do vise versa right?


They won’t understand

So, if you have a job then hurrah but your child worth more than going back exhausted and not in the mood to talk to them or hear about their day or spend the least time with them

These are the 5 golden tips:

1) Quality time tip: Time Commitment :

When you want to spend quality time with your kid you need to set a time with them “like a date” and commit to this time, no matter what happens “unless someone’s death or serious injury happened or you are in hospital” then you should spend this time with them solemnly

2) Quality time tip: Choose an appropriate start point:

You can’t say “let’s spend time together” at 6;30 pm and the kid’s bedtime is 7:30 pm, even a newborn baby will question your deeds if you really want to spend that time or you are intentionally running away from it. So choose a time that is enough to do activities leaving space for before bed shower, storytime and dinner

3) Quality time tip: Let your child be the boss:

Spending quality time means we are giving the kids our time lovingly to do what they love with them not to let them do what we want them to do (even if we think its fun). One of my kids loves monopoly, my other one is not so fan (or gets bored easily), we can’t play monopoly the 3 of us unless I made a deal, so I ask each one to suggest what she wants, and we all agree to do both activities equally, for you, you can ask your kid to choose the activity time ahead to prepare what’s needed to be prepared

4) Quality time tip: Go back in time to 1900:

Sounds awkward right? Well hear me out, if you take away your cell phone or mute it during meetings and important events, guess what is more important now?? YUP you guessed it, your child’s quality time. If an apocalypse is happening to, believe me, you will know but that’s about it. No WhatsApp, no calls, no messages, no “just one sec I’ll send this short reply to mine. Um, yup, I’ll be there. Uhh one sec”


It’s quality time please, the most precious thing is next to you hurt because of this. Would you like it if you are spending time with your partner and he suddenly replies to a message and smiles? Are you not good enough? This little blessing next to you is feeling the same so no!! cut off technology!!

5)Quality time tip: I-Pad isn’t invited to the party:

Your quality time shouldn’t include the i-pad cause let’s be honest, your kid wouldn’t want to share her/his iPad with anyone if it came to playing games on it so your presence means nothing. Quality time means playing something or spending time doing something entertaining and beneficial “Use this time to plant the seed of goodness in your child’s heart”

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To sum this up let’s revise what has been said up:

*Be committed to the time you spend with your child

*Choose enough time to spend with your child

*Let your child choose the activities to do with you

*Turn off/put on silent your phone and don’t message anyone

*Don’t use the i-pad in your quality time

If you have anything to add please I would love to know it and will read all the comments. May you please put it down so everyone benefits and gets ideas?

Appreciate the blessing of having a beautiful child, when many are going beyond the limits to have one

So how do you spend quality time with your kids?

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