Bucket List Of Rainy Days Indoor Activities For Teen Girls

Being stuck at home on a rainy day can be a great struggle, especially if you have a super bored teenager who is done with homework. In this case, you can encourage them to spend their time exploring some exciting new activities.  If you’re looking for some out-of-the-box activities, here are some fun ideas to add to your teen girl’s bucket list of rainy days indoor activities.

1.Give Cooking a Go!

Does your daughter love trying crazy food combinations from different cuisines? Do food shows and food bloggers fascinate her? If she is a great foodie, why not add cooking to her bucket list of indoor activities and help her make a tasty warm meal!

You can check out some easy recipes like one-pot meals or instant snacks and recommend them to her for a start. Even if it sounds absurd, they can try a new variation in instant noodles or bake a cake with biscuits!

2.Have an At-Home Pampering Sesh

Cozy rainy days without the hurry of getting to school or college are the best, for your daughter can spend time on self-care activities. Even if you don’t have commercial skincare products to use directly, you can always use kitchen ingredients to make your own!

Try different scrubs, exfoliators, hair masks, or face masks made of coffee powder, milk, honey, curd, egg, coconut oil, lemon, or aloe vera. You can also lend her some secret tips that have been passed down in your family! For advanced self-care, they can also add pedicure, manicure, body waxing, or fancy nail art to the activity bucket list.

3.Don’t Miss Out On The Fun Of Online Shopping

If your daughter is old enough for shopping and the pouring rains are holding her away from malls, adding online shopping to her bucket list of rainy days indoor activities is the perfect option. Make sure to set a reasonable budget from her allowances and request her to make a checklist of essential things she may need to buy before she starts surfing.

Your daughter can visit different e-commerce sites, check YouTube reviews for popular products, or find new products on social media through influencers to fill up her cart. She can also “window-shop” and explore new products, clothes, and bags, which is also among some of the most fun indoor activities for teens!

4.Clean and organize your room

A rainy day is never an excuse to laze around as it’s the best time to add room cleaning to your child’s activities for a rainy day. They don’t have to labor around scrubbing and sweeping but can start with the simplest tasks.

Encourage her to clean out the clutter and organize her study table, bookshelves, wardrobe, and toiletries to make her room look tidy. You can also lend a helping hand if she wants to change her sheets or curtains or vacuum her room.

5.Indulge in dancercise!

If your daughter misses playing outside, an indoor physical activitycan cheer her up equally. Instead of starting any strenuous exercises or workouts, she can add dancercise to her bucket list of rainy days indoor activities!

You can help her make a playlist of her favorite songs and she can start grooving to the music. Check out different aerobics or Zumba workouts available online that are the perfect fit for your daughter. 

6.Start learning a new skill or course

Time spent indoors needn’t be a holiday to loll around, but you can encourage your daughter to make it a productive day and develop her academic and personal skills. Her activity bucket list can include reading various books, an online course like learning a new language, programming, or something related to her subjects.

7.DIY can be your new hobby

Crafty works are the best fun indoor activities for teens when coupled with effective development. DIY projects like knitting dolls, embroidery, painting pots, Mandala art, kitchen gardening, or making paper mâché objects, can introduce your teen daughter to new skills, or may become her new hobbies too! As the resultant products are priceless reusable goods, she can start the list of indoor activities with any project she finds.

8.Play family games

A day indoors for your entire family certainly calls for an hour or two of the electronic screens where you can spend time playing interesting games. You can try UNO cards, business games, Jenga, jig-saw puzzles, monopoly deals, chess, or carrom to engage in cheerful family activities for a rainy day.

9.Watch a new series or drama

Any movie buffs out there? Definitely, teen girls these days watch a lot of series and dramas online, and probably your daughter would also be a fan of a few. International series streaming on Netflix, Amazon Prime, or Disney+ are always available to stock up the bucket list of rainy days indoor activities anytime.

Even if you don’t have a subscription, there are plenty of free series on YouTube or TV that she can check out. Add this to her activities for a rainy day and she can binge on her favorite shows with some cheesy pizza! You could also have a movie night with your family!

10. Video chat with your gang

If your daughter is bored of everything under the sun, she can always have a virtual get-together with her friends even if she can’t meet them. Let her connect with her gang and join some sharable movie sites or virtual tourist or gaming websites that they can enjoy together. These common online platforms are trending among fun indoor activities for teens asmultiple remote users can view the same screen simultaneously.

To sum up

Rainy days can be challenging for active teen girls as it holds them back from roaming and playing around with their friends. However, this doesn’t mean that indoor activities are scarce, where they can easily find so much to explore and improve themselves.

The bucket list of rainy days indoor activities mentioned here is suitable for spending time alone or enjoying with a gang. They’ll certainly help beat boredom and also help enhance several personal skills.

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