How To Teach A Teen Daughter To Be Responsible At Home

Raising teen daughters can be an overwhelming and frustrating experience, especially when you have other things on your plate. However, being a mother, it is important to focus on your daughter to ensure she grows up to be a responsible human rather than you having to fix their bad jobs. Having said that, it starts at home, and we are sharing how to teach your teen daughter to be responsible at home so she grows up to be responsible out in the world!

Identify Her Responsibility Cues

Every teenager is different – this is because some teens are born leaders, and they love to pick up and complete what needs to be completed. When trained, these born leaders will do everything necessary to conduct the job right and lend a helping hand in emergency situations. On the other hand, some teens are hesitant and more thoughtful, which means they will need accurate guidelines and more structure to understand what is expected from them. Many moms think that such teenagers are lazy, but they are only hesitant because they want to do the right thing.

So, when you are training the teen daughter, you need to identify what cues and structures are needed for them to inculcate the responsible habits. In addition, it is important that you focus on her consistent growth rather than comparing them with others.

Model Responsibility

For the most part, parents expect to be lazy and hazy while expecting their teen daughters to become the most responsible person out there, which is undeniably a huge roadblock. This is because you cannot ask your teen daughter to start helping around the house, rather, you need to show them how to be responsible. It is important to find a balance between modeling responsible behavior and expecting help from the teenager.

If you are clueless about modeling responsibility, you need to create a consistent schedule for work and home. In addition, you must set the cleaning routine at home, create the money spending plan, and start being punctual for work. Consequently, seeing you responsible will motivate them to become responsible people.

Provide Training

Oftentimes, mothers look at their teen daughters and think that they should automatically know how to care for everyone, make a meal, or just care for the house. However, it is only selfish to expect something like that. So, rather than expecting them to do better, tell them how to do better. For instance, if they clean the bathroom and it’s not up to “your” expectations, it is suggested to keep your calm, change your approach, and tell them the better way. In simpler words, it’s suggested to provide training before you expect them to do a job to perfection.

Give Responsibility

It is important to give them a responsibility to raise them to be responsible teenagers. To illustrate, when kids become teens and complain about work, the parents just stop assigning tasks, but it doesn’t work like this. For the most part, the parents just back off and ask the teens to show up at school and clean their room, but it isn’t about making things easier for them. The drill is to give responsibilities and a timeline, so they know how to do better and complete the responsibilities in a given timeline.

In addition, while assigning the responsibilities, make sure that they are enough for them to balance the school, job duties, and activities. However, it is suggested to apply mild pressure, so they know that they have to work hard and utilize the time wisely. Not to forget, it is your responsibility to tell them their capabilities.

Utilize Reinforcements

When it comes down to raising a responsible teen daughter, you need to remember that it’s not a one-time deal. While many mothers try to instill responsibility, they don’t set a system for it. The majority of teens need proper routines, schedules, and habits. For instance, if you always clean the kitchen after dinner, your teen daughter will know that she has to help because that’s what is expected from them. To illustrate, you need to show consistency to make your parenting a breezy process.

For this reason, it is important to set the household expectations and create the basic routines to show consistency. To do this, you need to think about all the things that have to be done every day, the chores that need to be done weekly and monthly. Once you have created the list, split these duties and assign them to everyone in the house. In addition to this, you must create the basic rules, such as no dishes in the sink and room. This is because it reinforces the schedule and consistency.

Appreciate Them

If your teen daughter is following your instructions, what is stopping you from appreciating them?

Many moms think that appreciating them will make them lazy, but that’s not true. This is because many teens crave appreciation, and if they don’t feel appreciated, they think that nothing they do is enough. Having said that, when your teen daughter is sticking to the schedule and doing her job, appreciate her as it shows that you identify her efforts. As a result, she will feel better and will be motivated to do even better.

Instill Some Accountability

Teenagers need accountability for their actions. This is because once you create a timetable for them and tell them about the responsibilities, it is time to back everything with consequences. It is important to teach her about taking responsibility for her actions by having her face the consequence if she fails to complete the chores. For instance, if she fails to do laundry, just tell her that she won’t have pizza on the weekend. To illustrate, you must instill accountability and tell the consequences of her failure.

Some Chores Ideas

If you are struggling to find chores for teen daughters and don’t know what responsibilities to assign them, the following ideas can help;

  • Vacuuming the place and cleaning the bathroom
  • Picking up groceries
  • Unloading and setting up groceries
  • Sweeping the porch and raking leaves
  • Watching younger siblings
  • Baking desserts for dinner
  • Loading and unloading the dishwasher
  • Dusting the home
  • Washing the windows
  • Organizing pantry and wardrobes

So, are you ready to raise a responsible teen daughter who knows how to thrive in the world?

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