Teen Girls Scavenger Hunt Ideas

When it comes down to the scavenger hunts, they are perfect for tantalizing adventure in one’s life, and it’s everything your teen girl craves for. This is because teen girls love the special rush that’s associated with scavenger hunts and surely sparks their desire to solve the riddles and beat the challenges. However, it’s not convenient to design the scavenger hunts for teen girls, but we have some adventurous ideas that will help and make them feel the rush of adrenaline!


With the pandemic going on, every mother is trying to keep her kids at home, but the teenagers just don’t listen. If you are in the same boat, it’s best to create the stay-at-home scavenger hunt, which is an amazing indoor activity that will spark their creativity. With the scavenger hunt, just hide some things around the lounge, write them down on a sheet, and ask your daughter to find the items with eyes.

Sight Word

If your teenage daughter struggles with vocabulary, nothing is better than a sight word scavenger hunt. This is because it will help her learn and recognize different words without needing worksheets and flashcards. In fact, it’s a great way of teaching her the difficult terminologies, if there are some in her homework.

Secret Code

The traditional scavenger hunts might be boring or too much for the teen daughters. However, you can create a secret code scavenger hunt with which your daughter has to find the hidden clues. For this purpose, you will need to create different hidden clues towards one goal, mix them up, and let them discover the secret message. On top of everything, it’s a perfect choice for bonding time with kids.

Art Scavenger Hunt

If your teen daughter is creative and has an artsy side, her budding artist side will love some drawings in the scavenger hunt. With this scavenger hunt, you can create different drawings as clues, so she can interpret the drawings to find the final goal. Chances are, she will make fun of your drawings, but anything to keep her busy, right?

Five Senses Hunt

When it comes down to the teen girls, they are usually lounging around and using their phones. However, if you want them to enjoy the perks of nature, create the five senses scavenger hunt, so she can hear, smell, and touch nature. It wouldn’t be wrong to say that this is a sensory scavenger hunt that will surely calm her down, and she will be able to enjoy some cloud-watching and grass-hopping.

Movement Scavenger Hunt

In case you are looking for another outdoor scavenger hunt, this is a sensory hunt that includes some movement. With this scavenger hunt, you can create a list of activities, such as climbing, jumping over, finding something to balance on the head, walking across, rolling, or finding different items that are touch, loud, soft, and tough. These are all the fun activities that your teen daughter might not like at first but will find it therapeutic at the end.

Reading Scavenger Hunt

With the constant use of phones, the teens have nearly forgotten how to read and creating the reading scavenger hunt is a great way of tantalizing their reading capabilities. There are various reading themes available on the internet, but it’s mainly about reading the book. Some of the prompts include finding the book that’s been made into a season or move, a book that’s non-fiction, a book that your friend loves, or a book that’s loaded with adventures.

Flashlight Scavenger Hunt

If your teenage daughter is outdoorsy and likes to move around, nothing will be better than a flashlight scavenger hunt. For this purpose, you have to create a camping-use flashlight. For this scavenger hunt, just ask your daughter to take her flashlight out at night and let her search for different rocks and leaves, along with other backyard staples.

Mandala Scavenger Hunt

If you have a muffin tray lying around in the kitchen, it’s time to put it to better use, particularly when your daughter is into plants and nature. This is an outdoor scavenger hunt with which your daughter will have to put together a mandala in different pockets of the muffin tray, and she will know how to put it together to create a wholesome presentation. All in all, it’s a perfect choice if your daughter has taken on the botany subject at school.

Things I Like Scavenger Hunt

If you have a teenage daughter, we are sure you have heard the words, “but mom, you don’t know me at all!” So, if you are in the same boat, make a sheet with the following statements and ask her to show them to you – it will help you know her better, and she will have a good time sharing her likes and dislikes;

  • A perfume that you love
  • Something you like to wear
  • Something that’s your favorite color
  • Something that makes you dance
  • Something that you are grateful for
  • Something you like looking at
  • Something you love to binge-watch 

Storage Room Scavenger Hunt

In case your girl doesn’t know about things that you are nostalgic about, nothing will be better than planning a storage room scavenger hunt, especially if you have a room full of old stuff. With this scavenger hunt, you can tell her to find the computer mouse with a rolling ball, some shiny Frisbees, or some video or audio cassettes that tells her what the world was like a few years ago.

Neighborhood Scavenger Hunt

Another way of motivating your teenage daughter to know the surroundings better is opting for the neighborhood scavenger hunt. This scavenger hunt will ensure that she gets to know the neighbor. In addition, you can ask her to find the hidden items around, find out the unique and hidden landmarks. Even more, you can give different clues to every neighbor, so your girl can knock on their doors, collect the clues, and find the final prize!

Can you think of more scavenger hunt ideas to share with us?

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