9 things your tween daughter can do in spring

things a tween daughter can do in spring

When the weather warms up and the winter fades, there are things your tween daughter can do in spring. If you are like me and your daughter keeps nagging because she wants to do something new, then this list of things might help you. Tween girls are in a stage where they want to show they are grown up and for that you should use this opportunity to give her duties to do and get her busy.

The reason for the spring activities is that the transfer from winter which included many holidays would be slower and not as exciting as it was in winter. For that you should encourage her to do stuff that will polish her abilities and talents.

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Without further ado, let’s get started with the list:

Declutter winter stuff:

Having a tween daughter reminded me of the old days when mom used to clean my room and I used to get upset because I don’t want anyone to assume what I wanted and what I didn’t so In this case, giving your daughter the opportunity to declutter winter stuff will make her feel responsible and grown up, plus, it will take off some work as she is actually helping you.

You can give her boxes or baskets to declutter clothes, boots, socks, accessories, holiday wrapping leftovers….etc.

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Create outfit look:

Girls are obsessed with creating outfit looks to feel fashionista, so in this case suggest that she creates outfit looks that are spring related.

Those looks can include scarves, shawls, accessories, floral them or springy colors. She can put together the pieces and take a picture as a reference for when she wants to dress up and go out. 

Have a new haircut:

With the new season, a fresh look is something nice to have, so why not take her to have a new haircut? A haircut can change the mood to the best even for us, so giving the tween girl the opportunity to have a new one will refresh her and give her the “hello spring” mode.

Taking care of indoor plants:

Having indoor plants is good in general as they are a source of oxygen as long as there’s light. Nowadays many people started growing interest toward having indoor long lasting plants such as indoor cactus or succulent. Let her choose a plant to put next to her window or on a table in her room to take care of it and enjoy how it looks.

Craft hair accessories:

Now this can happen in different ways.

One: you can get her hair accessories kit which includes headbands, beads, ribbons, glue…etc and directions to create hair accessories.

Two: buy the items individually “not in a kit” and put together what she prefers and start creating nice looking hair accessories.

Three: Reusing items available at home to decorate older hairbands and scrunchie to look newer and cuter.

Tip: look for videos on YouTube or Tutorials on Pinterest that show the step-by-step guide and try to work with hair on 1 or 2 accessories.

DIY room décor:

Decorating the room can bring the spring mood and it can happen in many ways:

Decorating cushions with beads, glitter, fabric colors….etc

Creating a mood board with some pictures to hang on.

Coloring and decorating plants pots to use for real or fake plants.

Add bunting or garland on the wall, above the bed or on the curtains.

There are many ideas that can be found online and easy to make. If you want to take it to the next level, you can paint the room or at least 1 wall, unless you did that recently.

Exercise outdoor:

With the warm weather, It’s nice to have some time outdoors. Exercising outdoors even if it’s only YOGA will make her feel refreshed specially with the pleasant spring weather before the heat of summer.

If you have a backyard, maybe a yoga mat or some simple exercising equipment or even a walk in place, “many tutorials on YouTube” would change her mood.

Redecorate her bedroom:

If DIYing room decor wasn’t enough and you have the budget, then redecorating the room would be a good idea. Let her decorate one part at a time. There are many ways to decorate the room:

Changing the curtains and adding garland.

Painting the entire room or one wall.

Move the furniture and change the placement of the furniture.

Refurbished the furniture by dying it. “Search up refurbishing ideas”

Of course there are more ideas, and these are just some of them.

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Start creating “I’m Bored” jar for summer

I know you’d be wondering why I would suggest preparing things for summer when it’s not there yet. When summer arrives, the kids have holidays and the “I’m bored” roller coaster starts. As a result, It’s a clever idea to let your daughter create her own version of “I’m bored” jar. You can search for ideas to help her on Pinterest, but when she makes her own ideas, you make sure she sticks to them because she’s adding things she enjoys.

Did you skip till the very end? Well then, this is the summary:

Spring brings a lot of joy when it comes and for that our tween daughters should enjoy it.

Enjoying spring doesn’t have to be costly or always outdoors.

There are many ways for a tween girl to enjoy her time in spring such as:

Declutter winter stuff

Create outfit look

Have a new haircut

Taking care of indoor plants

Craft hair accessories

DIY room decor

Exercise outdoor

Redecorate her bedroom

Start creating “I’m Bored” jar for summer

Now that you’ve read my ideas, can you share some of your own to try with our daughters?

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