Parenting a tween girl who is facing school bullying

Helping your daughter who’s facing school bullying

Bullying is not normal but has been normalized by people in general. In common behaviors, people cannot identify bullying behaviors. It might be normal for adults at some point, but for the tweens, it is not that much normal.

We have to adopt some specific practices to end the tween bullying instead of making it normal.

Your tween girl may be facing issues in getting a bus, visiting her friends, going to school, being different and much more. Numerous activities and expressions cause your girls to face issues.

Eventually, the practical restrictions turn into psychological trauma for the kids. Things turn out as lethal as you can never imagine for sure. It complicates the situation for the coming years as well.

Bullying in an early age starts due to several reasons. It does not always come from the peer groups but siblings, first family, relatives, neighborhood and many other people around.

The practice involves some behaviors, comments and actions that are not socially acceptable and supportive as well. As a parent, it is integral to deal with critical issues such as bullying and help your child with the best resorts. Here is a guide that can help you about how to prevent school bullying for tween girls.

Identify bully from the behavior

Commonly kids are not encouraged with a thought of telling adults about the bully. It seems a kind of shame for them. Mostly, their complaints are associated with their mischiefs.

Therefore, to avoid and further blame game, they prefer to keep quiet about it. Here is the starting point where things grow wrong.

As a parent, you need to identify the solution and observe the behavior before taking any further step. Here are a few signs that indicate bullying with the kids:

One: Anxious behavior with some major changes

Two: Poor eating, improper sleep and mostly lost

Three: Having immense mood swings and lazy

Four: Reluctant to perform some activities, going to places special school, market, play areas and taking a bus

All these changes come forward in a kid when there is something wrong going on in life. However, the kid is reluctant to let you know about it.

Here comes the catch, if you are done with the initial observation then you need to investigate into matter softly. Asking about things with firmness from the kid will not do any help. All you need is to be lenient and take small friendly steps.

Talk to your girl

When you are worried that something is affecting the performance of your child in academics and other activities, then it is for sure due to bullying. Kids are not much voiced about it but getting caught up with depression.

The best way out to situation is to communicate with your girl. You need to be vocal and discuss with her the issues and problems. It is the best possible attitude that can let you have answered and find out solutions for sure.

Talking to the child is not about asking questions but developing her confidence to share everything with you. For the parents, it is a recommendation to evolve any of communication barriers with their kids.

 If you feel there are certain barriers, then come up with appropriate solutions to these issues. Be friendlier with them, so they can share stuff with you.

Once you are successful in making your kid share everything with you, it will be easier to resolve the problem.

Plan your strategy

After getting to know about bully behavior and practices, you should know the identity of the bully. Not all the bullies are seniors or strangers.

However, in exceptional cases, staff or teachers can cause the bully effect on kids. There is a need for a planned strategy to deal with every bully. Your strategy matters from the type of bully.

If it is, the classmate or senior student, then you can come up with a different approach. Bullying coming from a school staff requires different resolutions for sure.

 However, prepare yourself for anything to come up on boards.

Motivate the kid for every right thing

One of the common Defending steps that you can pick up is to motivate your kids for all the right things. Bullying can impact the capacity of a kid to perceive his or her performance as good.

When there is a continuous criticism on a kid for being in existence or doing anything, the confidence ends. Eventually, the kid is unable to stand on his or her own feet again.

The rejection from society and later from parents ends up with depression and anxiety.

In parenting your kids against the bully, it is necessary to appreciate their smallest efforts. Make them feel their worth and importance.

The kid needs to accept himself or herself as a worthy person who can do a lot on will. It is the best thing that keeps your kid moving towards success and stand against the odds.

Eventually, you will have some better outcomes of all the happening and will observe better self-confidence. Involving your kid in some activities other than routine will be the best in her interest.

Train the girl to deal with the situation

After boosting your girl with motivation and confidence, it is time to train your girl with some defense tools. It is not about learning martial arts or being fit for she can knock down the bully.

It is not a bad idea though. However, when you can work things with peace, then it should be a preference. Let your young girl understand the bully’s behavior and reason behind it.

Some kids can behave like a bully due to incompetency, jealousy, inferiority or bad behavior. It is not something that cannot be treated, but your kid needs to know the right way. Avoiding the bully and not getting afraid is the best option.

Next in line is physical fitness. There has to be self-defense training, in case a bully is getting hands on the kid. Lastly, teach them to lead the right way out of the problem.  

Let her make some good friends

Making friends and some good friends help your girl to deal with bullies. Remember, a bully always take on the kids who are alone or with no friends. Good friends are the best protection of all time.

They are the support system of each other emotionally and physically. When your girl cannot share something with you out of age concern, she can open up to her friends at least.

Encourage your kid to make some good and supportive friends. She needs to have friends with her in all the places where she can encounter a bully.

Do teach her to do the same for others at times. It encourages a healthy friendship among kids and makes them able to stand with each other to bring peace.  

Do offer her visit at school, but do not interfere

Commonly parents do make two extremes when it comes to school visits. They do not either visit at all or interfere too much in school life. In both cases, the behavior is damaging for the kids.

 You need to considerate with your school visits. If you are unable to find out what is affecting the performance of your child, then discuss it with the teacher and stick to that only.

Do not involve with the friends of your kids in a way to investigate about your kid. Just know them and their parents to be aware of the company but never point out the direct restrictions on them.

 It can be discouraging for the kid. Remodel their friendship preferences by having detailed discussions and setting out some behavior limits.  

Focus on anger management

Remember, your kid may be getting to anxious or angry all the time, out of bullying.

 The resistance against the wrong is genuine, and you need to tame that resistance. Many kids stand out against bully and get angry on the people. Even their anger turn into aggression and fights as well.

Here comes your role in the anger management of your girl. Anger will not only destroy her personality but social behavior as well. Ensure she can control her anger in the best possible manner that will not harm her and others around.

Keep an authority informed at school

Other than working on the bully safety on your side, you need to involve the authorities as well. Although taking strict actions against the bully can be an injustice, but warnings can work to make things better.

Moreover, informing the authorities about the unrest will help in any future occurring conflict among the students. The authorities have an idea about the issue and, they can communicate with the parents of bullies on the official scale.

It will not be appropriate to contact them in your personal space. Personal contacts with parents can cause you unrest and raise some personal grudges. To avoid such situation, school authorities are the right option.  

Now Then Have you noticed any sign on your daughter that shows that she’s suffering from school bullying?

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