Why is creating evergreen content important?

Have you ever wondered how some blog posts thrive for years and never age? Have you ever searched for topics that are useful all year long? Well, that’s my friend is what we call evergreen content, and that’s what we’ll talk about today.

Note that I’m not degrading the seasonal content at all, it’s just the consistent traffic brought to your website by evergreen content can last longer and never age because it doesn’t fall under changing circumstances which makes it amazing for growing your website and keeping it up.

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But first let’s define what’s the evergreen content to make sure everything is clear.

Evergreen content is the content that can be helpful and useful for the reader, regardless of the time and topic. It helps your readers with their problem at any point and anytime during the year.

Evergreen content is important for any website or blogger for many reasons, and I often wonder why do people always say: Is evergreen content important for our websites? 

The answer is ABSOLUTELY YES and these are some of the reasons why:

1# Evergreen content brings consistent traffic:

As a result of creating evergreen content, the traffic you get will be consistent. Although the evergreen content isn’t bound by any season or time, people will keep searching for it and come back to it.

Some people will be interested in your evergreen content today while others can be interested next month or next year, so the traffic keeps increasing regardless of the time and date people are searching for it.

Adding to that, the more people read your evergreen posts, the more they’ll link to it and use it as a reference.

How many times have you seen people linking to other posts written by bloggers a few months ago or few years ago and using it as an amazing reference?

Exactly so make sure you create evergreen content.


2# Evergreen content doesn’t have to be only about searchable information:

Now in another post we discuss different types of evergreen content that you can create easily and fast. Now although articles and blog posts should be well researched regardless of the knowledge you have about them, there are some evergreen content pieces that don’t need that much research.

I’ll throw here a simple example:

Did you know that writing an article about books you’ve read and like giving the reason why you liked them and what they are all about, is considered evergreen content?

The books will still be out there to sell, your opinion won’t change, and the book content won’t change for the years to come.

So whether people read your article now or 5 years from now, the value doesn’t change.

And if you noticed, you don’t have to search for “what is my opinion about this book” because its a personal experience and will be created by you not by using Keywords from tools.

3# Evergreen content is easy to create and to edit:

Following the previous example, when you want to create evergreen content, you can just grab a cup of coffee “or tea if you aren’t a coffee person” and start typing blindly, which is supposed to be easy.

Just be original and pretend you are talking with your bestie and write down the things you would say naturally, and the piece of content will be done in no time.

Also, going back to the previous example, when you read more books, you can easily edit the content by adding more reviews, or when people ask you questions about the books you’ve reviewed, you can easily edit the post by adding your answers to their questions and make the post richer.

4# Evergreen content can be easily linked to outbound links:

Just because the content is created by your personal point of view or something general, it doesn’t mean you can’t find resources to link to. And that’s where you can find a ton of other pieces of content or references to link to.

For example, you can link to a review in a YouTube video by someone else, or found a fellow blogger talking about it. And that’s the beauty of evergreen content, you will find many people talking about it and link to them.

5# Evergreen content can easily be included in topic clusters:

Knowing the process of topic clusters will help you in creating rich content whether its evergreen or seasonal. And in our case here we want to make sure the topic clusters help us in creating richer and more valuable content.

Again I will go back to the point we previously discussed, books review. Let’s say the topics you want to discuss are: 

Spending free time as a single mom

Reading books

Entering books reading challenge

Bullet journaling

I know they look like they have nothing to do with each other, but let me explain:

When a single mom wants to spend her free time in something entertaining and fun, she would look for something that chills her and with her limited time, her “alone time” probably would be before bed time.

Here, we encourage her to read books as a way of relaxing. And this is where we suggest some books and write reviews about them to suggest them for her to read.

And as a way of encouraging her she can enter a book reading challenge and use a bullet journal to track what she is reading, linking to another post which explains how to start a bullet journal for a single mom and which pages should it include “mentioning the book tracking page.

See how easy it is to do topic clusters for your evergreen content.


6# Evergreen content can link to multiple related seasonal content:

Going back to the previous point, when you are doing topic clusters, you can link your evergreen content to other seasonal contents, and lets take the book reviews as an example AGAIN:

Now these are some seasonal topic ideas to link to your books review post:

#Halloween related books to read that’ve been turned into horror movies.

#of books to read with your kids in summer vacation when you’re camping.

#of books to read in new year’s eve with the sound of the countdown

# of last minute Christmas gifts for teenagers that they would love “include some books as gifts”

The list keeps going on and on, you just have to be creative.

7# Evergreen content can make AMAZING pillar posts that attract a ton of traffic: 

Because evergreen content doesn’t die with time or being out of season, you can create an amazing pillar post that would get you a ton of traffic all your long.

In case you don’t know what’s a pillar post, it’s a meaty long post that answers the what, why, how about a topic and doesn’t leave any question unanswered in the head of your reader.

Now choosing a topic that lives forever, including personal experience and some tips from your experience, would strengthen your post and get your post to be longer without fluff making a great pillar post.

Now the most asked question, should all my content be evergreen content?

Totally not. The variety in your blog attracts fresh streams of traffic, which keeps your website alive all year long, besides we’ve already discussed the importance of topic clusters and linking to your other posts to make your content richer.

Well, there you have it, now make another cup of coffee “or tea xD” and start planning your evergreen content.


You skipped till the end? No problem here’s a summary:

Evergreen content is the content that does age and isn’t bound by date and time, which makes it a great stream of consistent traffic for your blog.

These are the reasons you need to create evergreen content:

1# It brings consistent traffic.

2# It doesn’t have to be only about searchable information.

3# It is easy to create and to edit.

4# It can be easily linked to outbound links.

5# It can easily be included in topic clusters.

6# It can link to multiple related seasonal content.

7# It can make AMAZING pillar posts that attract a ton of traffic.

So now tell us your ideas for creating your evergreen content according to your niche?

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